Screw Up

I'm using the name Albert for Craig's father's name, b/c I think that is what I heard his name was. Correct me if I am wrong, please.

~~~ I own none of these characters ~~~

Albert cut off a car before speeding down the street in his car. His mind raced over the last few days. Seeing his son again made him feel happy. It was working out so well that Albert had to try and convince Craig to come back home.

"How could he choose Joey over me?" he asked himself with anger rising within him. "I am his father. I am! Not Joey!"

As his anger grew so did the speed of the car as he cut off another car and headed down another street.

No, Dad! You're the one who screws up!

His son's voice echoed through his mind. Albert thought back to when he had badly injured Craig in his dark room. At these thoughts, tears began to form in his eyes.

No, Dad! You're the one who screws up!

Albert sped up as turned onto another road. He cursed himself for everything he had down over his life and what he said. If only had been a better husband, Julia would have died being his wife. If only he had been a better father, his son wouldn't look in with deep hatred as Albert had saw in Craig just minutes ago.

"I've changed," Albert told himself as he began to sob. "I've changed. But, why did I hit him back? I've changed."

No, Dad! You're the one who screws up!

Ahead of him, bright lights began to shown. Losing his concentration, Albert looked away before realizing where he was driving.

No, Dad! You're the one who screws up!

His mind continued to echo Craig's words. Albert looked up to see that he was driving straight for a pick up truck. He swerved to the right before the truck hit him on impact on his side of the car.

Albert's head was leaning back against the seat. He couldn't feel his body as he looked out the car and saw red and blue lights from police cars and ambulances. A man was at his window, flashing a light into the car.

Tears began to trickle down his cheeks as he looked back at his son, him moving out, the last three days with him and minutes.
Albert closed his eyes and whispered, "Screw up."

Hoped you liked it. I felt like I needed to get it off my chest, you know? That episode was so sad.