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Chapter Twenty-Five

Telling the Others

Logan stiffly trekked down the stairs, Rogue's legs straining to keep up with his extreme pace.  She leapt off the steps, landing smoothly at the landing.  "There are benefits to flying," she commented, smiling up at him.  When he reached her side, she slipped her slender hand into his much larger one.  "Now slow down, Logan.  Xavier's office isn't going anywhere."

Logan grunted, but slowed his strides.  He really wasn't looking forward to telling the professor and his fellow X-men, but they had to be informed sometime.  Damn, I need a cigar.

They hesitated outside Xavier's door and glanced at each other.  It was time.  Logan took the lead, bursting through the door, pulling Rogue in behind him.  Six pairs of eyes flashed their attention to the couple, peering down at Logan and Rogue's still clasped together hands.  Xavier gave a slight nod, understanding immediately.

Cyclops crossed his arms across his chest.  "What's this about," he demanded.  He tried denying to himself what was coming, but he feared the truth he felt crawling around in his gut.

Logan grinned smugly at the leader and brought Rogue closer to him, pressing her against his side.  "Rogue and I aren't here seeking permission – not even a blessing."  He glanced between the faces of Xavier, Cyclops, Storm, Iceman, Kurt, and Beast.  "Rogue and I are getting married."

Everything went dead silent.  Rogue bit her lip nervously.  Cyclops and Storm exchanged looks. 

Finally, Kurt stepped forward and wrapped his arms around them.  "I am happy for you."

Tears pricked at Rogue's eyes and she squeezed the blue transporter in return.  "Thank you, Kurt."

Bobby shuffled over.  He smiled at her awkwardly and then embraced her.  "I always knew.  Congrats."  He shook Logan's hand.  "You too, Logan.  I mean it."

Beast came over and beamed.  "You two were meant to be."  He hugged them both.

Cyclops, Storm, and Xavier were all frowning.  Rogue looked at them anxiously.  She had known these three would try to play 'the voices of reason.'  Yet, she knew she wouldn't be dissuaded.  This was the first time in her life when she truly felt confident about her decision.  With this in mind, she approached the three leaders and shrugged.  "I know you guys don't necessarily approve.  And I know what your arguments are.  Yet, I love him and he loves me.  I feel right about this.  It's what I honestly want."

Xavier gently grasped her arm and gave it a soft squeeze.  "I know you do, Rogue."  He sighed and glanced up at the other two.  "I just wish it weren't like this."  He looked at Logan.  "You take care of her, Logan."

"I will, professor."

"Yes," Xavier replied somewhat distantly.  "I know you will."

Scott huffed.  "This is ridiculous.  He's twice your age, Rogue."

"I know.  But what does it really matter?  His real age is impossible to determine anyway."  Rogue smiled at Cyclops reassuringly.  "Don't worry, Scott.  He'll take care of me.  You know he will."

Scott clenched his teeth and looked away.  "I know," he muttered, unhappy with the turn of events.

Storm sighed and wrapped her arms around Rogue.  "I understand, Rogue.  We've had our talks.  I'm not comfortable with it, but I will support you."

"Thank you, Storm."  Rogue stepped back, wiping away loose tears.

Logan made his way over and reached out, taking Rogue's hand.  He looked blankly at Scott.  "I know your worries.  I understand them.  Yet, don't expect me to feel guilty about it.  We're getting married with or without your approval."

Cyclops nodded, knowing Logan was true to his word.  "Just know that if you ever hurt her I will kill you."

Rogue threw her arms around Cyclops' neck.  "I love you, too, Scott.  You're such a big brother."

Scott chuckled and rubbed her back.  He hadn't really thought about it, but over Rogue's time in the mansion he had begun to see her as a little sister.  "What are brothers for if not to look after their younger sisters?"  He drew back and stared her in the eye.  "I'll always be here for you, Rogue."

Logan cleared his throat and Rogue jolted.  "Oh!  We'll be late!  Thank you everyone!  Really.  But we have a meeting with a jeweler."  She snatched Logan's hand and dragged him out of the room.

Logan chuckled, allowing her to lead him away.  "You really want that ring, don't you?"

"Damn straight, mister."

End Chapter Twenty-Five


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