Warnings: unwanted scenario's, deathfic, m/m relationships (nothing to hot, this is my first fic of this type)

Basically this is a prison scenario, and most of the prison cliché's are here. Consider yourself warned.

Disclaimer: ff8 characters belong to Sqaresoft; 'Alive' belongs to P.O.D. (shuddup, they're a good band, ok?)  the computer I'm using to type this belongs to my step dad, my socks belong to my sister, and I think I belong to the government…or at least my dog does.  ~shrug~

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Ahem, okay, fic time….



            Music blared from giant speakers as sweaty bodies ground against each other in a drunken imitation of dancing.  People wandered around the house, leaving puke and urine in their wakes.  A very smashed Zell Dincht staggered between the partiers dragging behind him his girlfriend of three years, Selphie Tilmit.  The alcohol he had consumed had him seeing double. He swerved to avoid a table and smacked into a couch, and flailing his arms wildly he landed up on the floor, laughing madly.  Selphie tugged his hand.  "Zell, can we please get out of here?  You've had way to much to drink."

            Zell tried to focus on her. "What thinks you make that?  Wait, that not right…"

            Selphie scowled down at him.  " Give me the keys, Zell, I want to go home now."

            Zell stared out her outstretched hand stupidly before answering.  " Aight Seffy, let's go then." He stood up and took a couple steps back as a wave of dizziness washed over him.  Standing still for a moment, he shook his head and made his way to the door.  Selphie followed closely behind him, making sure he didn't fall again, or do something else to injure himself or the poor fools in his path.

            When the door was opened a huge freezing gust of wind blew into Zell's face.  Rain came down in sheets, obscuring most of Zell's vision.  Music could still be heard behind them, and the blonde rocked his head to the faint beat as he searched for his car.  Rain plastered his hair to his head and ran down his face in rivulets.  Behind his Selphie hugged herself to keep warm.  Zell located his jeep, and was trying to figure out how to put the key in the lock.  Selphie tapped his shoulder.  "Zell, why don't I drive? Yu aren't in the best condition…"

            Zell managed to open the door and flashed a big grin at his girlfriend.  "I'm perfectly fine Selph, don't worry about it."

            Selphie shook her head at his recklessness.  " I think I'm just going to walk home, kay? It's not too far from here."

            " I swear I'm good Seffy, just get in. it's too cold and wet to walk, and you can't drive." He stuck his tongue out at her.  "Somebody doesn't have their license."

            With a sigh Selphie got in and put on her seatbelt.  Zell grinned at her left the driveway, leaving about half the tires on the pavement.  He swerved to avoid a parked car and scowled at it.  "Stupid mother shoulda parked his car closer to the curb.  Hey Selph! Turn on the radio, will ya?"

            Selphie leaned over and scanned the stations until the beginnings strains of P.O.D.'s 'Alive' could be heard.  She was going to turn again, but Zell grabbed her wrist.  "This is a great song Selph! Sing with me!"

            Selphie shrugged and leaned back, listening to Zell sing along as only a drunk person can.

/Every day is a new day, taking forth for every step I take/

/I won't take it for granted, so I learn from my mistakes/

Zell began driving faster. "Come on Seffy! Sing!"

/It's beyond my control, sometimes its best to let go/

/Whatever happened in this lifetime, so I trust in love/

/You have given me piece of mind/

The car was nearing 100 now.  Selphie pressed herself back into the seat and shouted at Zell, "Slow down! Zell, please! You're scaring me!"

            If Zell heard he didn't show it.  Rain pounded on the windshield, and Zell went faster.

/I feel so alive, for the very first time/

/I can't deny you, (I feel so alive)/

/I feel alive for the very first time, and I think I can fly/

            Zell never knew what happened next.  He heard Selphie scream, a scream of fear. He looked at her, taking his eyes off the road.  Suddenly the car spun out on a patch of black ice.  He spun the wheel hard and slammed on the brakes, which only caused the car to lock.  It slammed into the guardrail, which snapped under the sudden force.  The car was hurled into oblivion, and they rolled down the cliff onto the merciless rocks below.

Authors complaints: okay, well here was the prologue, tell me whether you liked or hated it, or not. (shrug) you wouldn't believe how many tries it took before I came up with this. I know it sounds rushed, but I figure, why bother putting in a lot of stuff no ones gonna read anyway? Hn, with my luck…