'Finally our journeys over.' Thought a silver haired, dog eared, half demon boy as he sat on one of the highest branches of a giant tree.

His head tilted up slightly, ears flicking back peacefully, as a breeze ruffled Inu Yasha's hair and the leaves about him. Two clawed fingers lifted to his neck as the hanyou played with the prayer beads sitting there. What was he to do now?

Inu Yasha had spent so much time and energy.Now his quest was complete. The Shikon Jewel was in one piece again. And Kagome was letting him use it as he wanted. Finally! His chance to be a full fledged youkai, to no longer have to endure the boastings of other demons! But.Had that been a pain, a pleading, in Kagome's eyes as he had left?

'No,' he thought, 'I only imagined it; Kagome said she didn't care what my decision was.' And yet.

On the one paw, he could be demon. Powerful. He could protect Kagome until the end. But would he go blood crazy? Would he be able to rope and tame the beast he knew would be inside? Better yet, would Kagome still like him? And, one day, she would die.And he would live on.

On the other paw, he could be full human. Kagome would like him then, right? But he wouldn't be able to protect her as well. He would loose what power he already had as it was.

A sharp sting at the hanyoukai's neck brought him back to the present. He plucked a flea from his neck, and squashed it, an extremely annoyed look on his face.

"Myoga.Why do you always go to do that?!"

The tiny demon staggered on his masters shoulder for a moment, then held as still as he could. "I cannot help it, me Lord, you have an excellent blood line."

"I thought I said I wanted to think Alone." Grumped the inu hanyou, eyeing the flea.

Myoga wrung his four hands together. "I am sorry, Lord Inu Yasha, but Kagome grows restless, or so I can tell, to know what you have decided."

"Go away, pest. I'll come when I want." Without warning, the dog eared boy flicked the insect from his shoulder, not even paying attention to where his servant landed.

Kagome sat in the hut that had once belonged to the old priestess, Kaede. The girls dark eyes gazed down at her faced up palm. A large, round, object balanced there, a pink, marble sized, Jewel. The Jewel of Four Souls. But, she wondered, how would he use it? Would he do what he had always planned and become full demon?

The whistle of a boiling kettle made her jump, her hand clasping around the jewel so it would not fall to the dirt. After putting the round object in her pack pocket, she poured herself a cup of' tea. This place was lonely now. Kaede gone, dieing while doing something brave, probably protecting the village or something ((Or so Kagome believed just to honor the old lady's memory)).Miroku, Sango and Shippo away.Inu Yasha off 'thinking', even Myoga had gone off somewhere.

The flap of a door brushed open. Inu Yasha stepped in, his eyes firmly on the ground. 'I don't care what might happen, I'm doin it..' he thought.

"You're going through with it then?" Asked Kagome.

He answered with a nod. Both sighed, but the hanyou spoke first after that. "How're we supposed to do this?"

"Uh.Maybe if we say it together.?"


"On three.One." Started the teenage ningen. Inu Yasha swallowed, it was now or never.

"Two." Kagome sounded nervous.


"Make me a-"

"Make him a-"