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~~~~- scene change, time change

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"What would you ask of this Sesshomaru?" The words, somewhat strained, were simple, yet they still made me jump.

"What, Sesshomaru?" He looked even more annoyed for a second, "I mean, Sesshomaru-sama!"

"You aided me with that youkai when you could have run to ensure your own safety. What would you ask of this Sesshomaru to pay this debt?" Still, he didn't look very happy with what he was saying, but I guess it was a manner of pride. That's usually the case with Sesshomaru, isn't it?

I had to think a moment on this. "I don't know...Wait! I know! You can help me and Inuyasha find the stone we're looking for!" At this he looked even more displeased.

"If you would give no other task, I must accept this one..."

"Thank you, Sesshomaru!" I yelled. Sheesh, having him on our side would be better then not, attitude and all!


'I cannot believe I just offered my help to this human. The human wench of Inuyasha, no less!' "If you would give me no other task, I must accept this one..."

"Thank you, Sesshomaru!" I let her slip. Even though she was human, and I deserved her respect whenever she spoke to me, she had proved herself enough for me not to threaten her life when she forgot every now and then.

Besides, I thought it would be pretty simple to help her. That wench Komo had known about the stone, as much as Seiryuu did, anyway. And, as an added bonus in this case and ONLY in this case, she seemed to have an infatuation with me. She could be used to gain information...


"Komo!" Seiryuu growled, his hand around said youkai's throat, claws poised high and ready to dig into her skin.

"I-Seiryuu! You-Stop this!" She spluttered, not knowing how to talk at the moment. "You can't kill me! Kiminari will hunt you down, force you to get the stone alone, and then kill you!"

At this point, her threat of their boss looked pointless. "I don't care. You have been nothing but a bother since you were assigned to accompany me! You've told a grand total of six people what our plan is, where we are going EXACTLY and why! One of those people being someone who recently agreed to help Kagome and Inuyasha obtain the Stone!"


Seiryuu slunk in the shadows. He heard Komo speaking with someone in the forest, and who this someone was, he didn't know, but he planed on finding out the stranger's identity. What he saw surprised him for an instant, then he was hardly able to stifle his growl. Komo was sitting with a Sesshomaru that was trying to keep his annoyance from his face.

"And that's about all we know. We know that the Stone should be where I told you, and that we're the only ones that know it. Not that stupid hanyou or that girl of his knows what I told you." Komo said, staring dreamily at the taiyoukai.

Sesshomaru just nodded, no sign of a smirk on his face, though a soft gleam of one in his eyes. He had what he wanted. He stood, having been sitting on a fallen tree with Komo, but paused before leaving. "Thank you, Komo." The words sounded so forced, that Sesshomaru hardly choked them out, to Seiryuu, but Komo had swooned and just smiled.

Then the Lord had left. Seiryuu had come from his hiding spot, and pinned her by the neck up against a tree.

~End Flashback~

"You told Sesshomaru EXACTLY where to find it! You are whore who does nothing but get in my way! This job could have been over by now, had I not had you to slow me down. Well, no more..."

Komo could only let out a small squeal before Seiryuu's claws came down and into her chest. They sliced past splintering bone, through major arteries, and only stopped when the hard and scratchy texture of bark from the tree behind Komo blocked their way. Komo's eyes were still wide with shock; life had not yet left her. Seiryuu drew his hand away, looking from the blood that stained up to his wrist, to the female demon sliding down the tree to the ground.

She stuttered once, then the light left her eyes, and she stared unseeingly before her with a dull expression. Seiryuu looked at his hand again, almost tempted to lick the blood off. Then he remembered who's blood it was, and started toward the stream instead.


"That is what was told to me." Sesshomaru said in his monotone voice.

Kagome nodded, her eyes downcast in thought. Then she looked up with a slight smile. "Thank you, Sesshomaru-sama! Can we start in that direction tomorrow? Please?"

Sesshomaru only nodded, and stood, walking from the little camp. Rin and Jaken were already asleep, and Kagome just settled down, by now used to the fact that Sesshomaru did this a lot by now.


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