Loud whirring noises. Unable to sleep. He was cranky, awoken by the noise. He shook his head and tried rubbed his eyes... wait a minute, his arms feel heavier somehow! There was also something protuding from his right eye. He opened his eyes to see what was weighing them down, but what he saw nearly gave him a heart attack. His arms were covered with a black metallic substance, and so was his body. And... he realized everything looked a bit green and weird... and artificial. His hands went to his eyes again, and what he touched felt like metal. He then realized he woke up standing, and that meant he slept upright. How could that be? Suddenly, as he spotted more aliens, who were familiar but he could not remember, walking around, their movements stiff like robots, their bodies also covered with metal, he had a flashback.

On a starship. Afraid. Watching helplessly as his fellow crewmen were assimilated one by one. Trying to hide. Too many of them. Trying to edge away as they slide the assimilation tubules up his neck. Feeling unhumanly calm as he heard, "We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile," spoken by a few billion voices, echoing in his mind. Blacked out.

That was all he could remember. Suddenly a twinge of fear and panic struck him. This is a Borg cube! Those were the Borg who assimilated him! As he edged back into his regeneration alcove, several Borg drones changed their direction and walked toward him. Instinctively, he proceeded to activate his personal forcefield, but... it was too late - the Borg drones were already standing next to him. They grabbed him by his arms and brought him through endless labyrinth of corridors and pathways, and after what seemed like twenty minutes, his legs aching, he was finally brought into a big chamber. In the middle of the chamber, was what might have looked like a scrap metal pile if it had not been separated properly by mechanical arms holding them apart. "That must be the Borg Queen," he thought. "What have you done with me?" he asked, disgusted. "We have simply made you more efficient," said the Borg Queen, as a platform rised. On the platform was the body, onto which the mechanical arms assembled the body parts. She was speaking even with the head unconnected yet. "Why am I brought here?" he asked again. "You are sufferring from a disease. You will be assimilated again to ensure you are efficient," came the reply from the Queen, as she advanced toward him. In an instant, he blacked out and... he was re-assimilated.

The next day, he had no memory at all of what happened the other day. He continued assimilating every new species for the Borg. Without remorse.