Rating: PG–13 (Rated for character death and very minor sexual references)

By The Crimson Lugia (Fanfiction to be used ONLY with her permission)

DISCLAIMER: "The Fairly Oddparents" and all characters included in this fanfic (except for Mr. Mederv, Linka, & Romja, and I wouldn't really CARE if anyone ever used them anyway…) are copyright to their respective owners – Butch Hartman, Viacom, Nickelodeon etc. TCL owns squat-nada!

Genre: Humor/Suspense

A mostly serious FOP fanfic, but I tried to add some humor in there somewhere. It is slightly morbid however, so stay away if you don't like that kind of stuff. Also, the fic is Timmy/Trixie oriented, so I'm telling you Timmy/Veronica and Timmy/Tootie fans right now- driving a pitchfork through my spine isn't going to change anything!

This chapter mostly describes the setting in the story, which is important to know, as everyone has aged three years (meaning Timmy is thirteen, and in the eighth grade).


"Pay attention, son. In a couple years you'll be on your own!"

13-year old Timmy Turner sat on the couch with his parents. He had just had his thirteen birthday the day before. It was time for his 'growing up' lecture.

"A growing boy like you needs additional responsibilities!" Mrs. Turner piped up. "It says so right here in the 'Growing Up for Precious Gifts from Above like Yours'  handbook." She pointed at the outrageously large tome in her hands.

"We let you off the hook easy when you were a clueless 12-year old boy." Mr. Turner acknowledged. "But now you're a not-so-clueless 13-year old boy and every time you do something wrong we'll have to punish you more severely!"

"I know, dad."

"And Timmy, whatever happened to your goldfish?" His mother asked.

Timmy looked over at the empty goldfish bowl on the table by the couch. It was funny, he couldn't seem to recall ever having goldfish at all. In fact, a lot of things were confusing him. Like, why did he still wear pink hats and shirts? He was far too old to be doing that, and now that he was in middle school, the other kids were starting to make fun of him for it.

"I don't know." He stated, simply, and that was that.

He boarded the bus the next morning, feeling indifferent- at least, until he saw his crush of three years, the ever-popular Trixie Tang, smiling up at him. His eyes fell on the empty seat next to her. It was practically calling his name…

"Timmy… Timmy…"

Oh, wait. It was Trixie doing that.

"Hi, Timmy!"  She called out, breaking the silence. Timmy felt his blood pressure skyrocket as he made his way over to the empty seat next to her.

"Hey, Trix'." Timmy greeted, taking the vacant area beside her. "You hyped about Ms. Waxelplax's big test?"

"Not really. Her tests are easy… unlike some teachers' I could mention, like that horrible psychotic Denzel Crocker that we had a few years ago." Trixie replied, manicuring her fingernails evenly and with a scary amount of precision. Timmy cleared his throat, twiddling his thumbs nervously.

"Yeah… I'm glad we have a new teacher this year. Ms. Waxelplax isn't exactly what I'd call a perfect teacher, but she beats Crocker by a mile. But isn't it weird that we got our elementary school principal as our eighth-grade teacher?"

"You can say that again! …Hi, Veronica!"

Timmy winced in displeasure upon hearing that name. Trixie's slightly eccentric friend always had to interfere whenever they were striking up a good conversation.

"What-ever." Veronica scoffed, her nose in the air.

"What's her problem?" Timmy asked once the blonde was out of earshot.

"She just doesn't approve of my hanging out with you… That's all." Trixie responded haughtily, starting to sigh sadly, gazing out the window. "It's raining." She announced, blandly, for lack of anything better to say. Timmy could tell she was suddenly put down.

"Are you guys even friends anymore?"

"I don't know. She sure doesn't act like it." Trixie pressed her face against the glass of the bus window, watching the rain gather into little puddles on the side of the street. "We've been best friends for four years. You'd think she'd show a little more respect towards people I like, even if she doesn't think the same of them..."

Timmy nodded, barely standing to see her in a gloomy mood. "I know what you mean. Chester and AJ don't always like it when I hang around you all the time. They think someday I'll abandon them and all my old friends just because I finally get to be friends with the girl I really like! I mean, sometimes it's…" He paused, realizing what he had just said. Trixie was looking at him strangely. "Uh, I mean… It is raining." He murmured, glancing out the window with faked interest. His company nodded, slightly disappointed that he had strayed away from the subject.

'This is it! It's now or never.' Timmy took a deep breath, gathering up his courage.

"Listen… Trixie?"

"Yes, Timmy?"

Heart pounding, the boy began… "You know, we've been friends for five months. And I know you're probably not interested in me in anything but a friend. But… uh… you see… There's something I wanted to ask you… That's been building up for a while…"

Trixie saw it coming. She didn't know what gave it away: His shaky stuttering tone of voice, his crimson cheeks or the fact that he'd had a not-so-secret crush on her for years.

"You're asking me out, aren't you?" She asked, interrupting him. He closed his mouth, first letting out all the air that had built up inside of him.

"That's… basically it." He managed to squeak, his voice small and his eyes on the ground, awaiting her response.

"…Oh, I thought you'd never ask!" She couldn't help blurting, a giddy smile starting to form on her pretty face. "I'd love to! How's tomorrow night sound?"

Timmy's eyes snapped open. "Really?" He asked, his voice barely finding its way out of his throat. "Really really?"

"Of course! …You know, I've… kinda liked you for a while, too." She admitted. It was her turn to shift around nervously. "I, uh…  I… Er, anyway, um… We can make plans over the phone! …Or in history class, when everyone else is asleep…"

Timmy chuckled, remembering the dullness that was the history of Dimmsdale. "Great!" He exclaimed, not having anything else to say. He suddenly gulped and took off his pink hat, staring at it blankly. "Uh… You'll want me to look cooler for then, won't you?"

"Believe me, it's fine!" Trixie argued. "If you want to know the truth, I couldn't care less. So what if Tad, Chad, or Veronica find out? I'll always be more popular than them." Though Trixie had gained many better qualities in later years, she still had an uncanny fascination with popularity.

"I just can't believe it! You've been rejecting me since the fifth grade!" Timmy was saying.

"Oh, come on! That was three years ago!" She protested in self-defense, giving him a friendly shove on the shoulder. "You're so judgmental!"

The boy huffed in response. "Oh, come on!"

This soon broke out into a playful poking fest, which of course, made several stop to stare. Veronica watched from a few seats down, right beside an equally baffled Tad and Chad.

"I still can't believe Trixie likes to associate with those loser creeps…" Veronica mumbled, trying to think of a way to get back at her ex-best friend. Finally, she stood up in the aisle, waving to get peoples' attention. "HEY! Resident geek Timmy Turner and formerly popular Trixie Tang are officially AN ITEM! You heard it from Veronica! START GOSSIPING!" She shrieked. Everyone else fell silent as they watched Veronica confusedly.

"Heyheyhey! Sit down while the vehicle is in motion, young lady!" The bus driver snapped.

Veronica reclaimed her seat as she glared spitefully over at her ex-best friend and ex-crush, oblivious to the world around them as they talked quietly… And she wasn't the only one who disapproved of what was going on. Chester and AJ, Timmy's best friends for as long as they all could remember, watched the scene from afar, frowning.

"And if he falls in love with her, it can be assumed…" Chester began.

"His very days with us are history!" AJ chorused.

They both joined in for the final line. "In short our pal is doomed!"

The bus slowed to a halt outside Dimmsdale Jr. High, as the kids filed out of the bus and walked at their own pace towards the school.

It was lunchtime the next day. Timmy collected his daily mush and sat down at his table with Chester and AJ. It was his first 'class' with them, so they hadn't had the chance to note his change-of-clothing yet.

Chester glanced upwards casually at Timmy, then gaped and dropped his spoon in shock. "Dude! You haven't worn those clothes in forever!"

Timmy looked down at his attire. The white shirt with the red jacket, the jeans, and the actual sneakers, although they were a few sizes larger. He'd even found the shades and the pinky ring, which didn't need replacing even with his growth spurt.

"Don't be getting popular on us again!" AJ reminded him. Chester nodded.

"I kinda miss the pink hat, though. It made Timmy… Timmy." His blonde friend pointed out.

"Oh, come on, PINK?" Timmy demanded. "You know how many awkward questions I get about that?"

"Hi, Timmy!"

Trixie Tang took the seat on Timmy's right. She set down her tray and stared at him hard, as if trying to remember something.

"Haven't you worn those clothes before?" She asked.

"You like 'em, Trix'?" He asked in response, a lovesick smirk on his face. Chester and AJ rolled their eyes. Same old Timmy.

"I was just fine with your old clothes, thank-you." She replied, opening her lunchbox. She wrinkled her nose in disgust. "…BROCCOLI? SPINACH?"

"Trade?" AJ offered, holding up his liverwurst.

"Done and done! Ewww…" She thrust her greens on his tray. "I can't bear to look at that horrible stuff."

"I can." The black boy smiled. "Mmmm… Good for your colon!" He dug his fork into the leafy green mountain of spinach.

The other three tried their best to ignore him. "Anyway, Trixie, about tonight… It's still on, right?"

"Definitely, Tim." She replied quickly. "I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

She pecked him on the cheek and returned to her lunch.

"Earth to Timmy, Earth to Timmy! Come in, Timmy!" Chester repeated. Timmy was hovering in midair above his seat, little hearts circling around his forehead.

"We've lost him." AJ sighed.

"Why does this always happen to me?!" Chester demanded. "Why?! Why?! WHY?!?!"

By this time Chester had gained the attention of the whole cafeteria, but sooner or later everyone forgot about it and turned their attention back to their lunches.

"…Hey, I should've signed up for drama." He grinned, exposing his straight, brace-less teeth.

The instant Timmy stepped through the door that day, his parents ran up to him, sporting binoculars, a giant styrofoam finger and baseball caps.

"Oh Timmy!" His dad called. "Your mother and I are going to a baseball game and are going to test your not-so-clueless 13 year old boy skills by leaving you here alone-"


"With Vicky!"


The 18-year old herself barged through the door, looking overly sweet and innocent.

"We'll have fun, won't we, Timmy?" Vicky asked him, her voice cracking upon the word 'fun' and her smile transforming into a teeth-baring snarl.

"Nooo!" Timmy sprawled out on the floor, grabbing his parents' ankles. "TAKE ME WITH YOU!"

"Sorry, Timmy, but we only bought two tickets." His dad explained.

"Besides, you get to stay with Vicky!" His mother added.


They both pranced out the door without a care in the world. The door shut and Vicky's faked innocence melted away.

"Listen up, Twerpo. I've got a lot of homework to do tonight…" She explained through clenched teeth. "Which means, you've got a lot of MY homework to do tonight! START WORKING!"

"You can't boss me around like that anymore, Vicky!" Timmy declared. "I'm thirteen. I'm in the eighth grade now!"

"Well, guess what, dork? I'M STILL THE BABYSITTER! Now get me a chocolate shake!"

"Okay, okay… Sheesh."

He returned a few minutes later and handed it to her.  "May I PLEASE go sit upstairs and my room and not do anything now?" He asked sarcastically with enunciation on the 'please'.

"Lemme think… NO!" She pointed to a HUGE pile of books. "That's my homework." She aimed her finger at the TV. "That's my program." She balled her hand up. "This is my fist!"

"But… I have something to do tonight!"

"Don't care!"

Timmy closed his eyes, trying to think of something that might work.

"I'll do your homework when I get back!"

Vicky ignored him.

"Come on, please?"

Still no reply.

Timmy fell to the floor on his hands and knees. "PLEASE VICKY! You gotta let me out!" He begged. "I'll do anything! I've got a date with Trixie Tang! I've been looking forward to this all day! PLEASE!"


Timmy hung his head and walked over to the pile of Vicky's homework.

"…Anything?" She suddenly asked, slyly.

He bit his lip and turned around to face her. What's the worst that could happen? "Uh… sure."

Vicky pulled out a pink flamingo suit out of nowhere. It just seemed to materialize from her suspiciously small pockets. "Put this on."

He sighed in relief. "Ok-"

"And these."

She handed him a bag full of cosmetics and makeup. His relief faded. "…?"

"And then prance around the room – oh, oh, swinging your hips!" Vicky doubled over in laughter.

"You can't take any pictures-" He warned her.

"Sure, sure, whatever-" And she burst out into more ridiculed laughter. He sighed, and swiped the pink flamingo suit and makeup bag out of her hands. "Gimme those!" He growled, and stomped up to his room to change.

He got a better chance to look at the flamingo suit while he sat on his bed and laid it out over the bed sheets. It was very poorly sewed in some parts, especially the chest, which stuck out too far, looking like… some kind of… incorrect growth. He mumbled at the thought. Ever since Vicky came into his life, it seemed like it went right down the drain. Where did it all start to get better? He couldn't remember. He searched his brain for an answer, but there was none.

I mean, his life was better now, right? Even if he still had Vicky as a babysitter, everything else about his life was golden… He had lots of friends, some popularity, and best of all, THE Trixie Tang as HIS girlfriend. What was missing? WHAT?

Maybe it was Mr. Crocker. After all, he hadn't had that crackpot for a teacher for two whole years! Him and his crazy theories about FAIRY-GOD-PARENTS!!!

Timmy chuckled to himself as he thought about that. He knew one day he'd look upon his memories of that lunatic and laugh.

'In the real world, two plus two equals four. But who cares?'

'If they wanted to, a fairy could make two plus two equal… FISH!'

'If they wanted to, fairies could make it so HUMANS were the dominant species!'

What an idiot.

Timmy laid back on his bed and stared at the ceiling, Vicky and the flamingo forgotten.

"I almost miss Crockpot, even if he was a lunati-"

He stopped himself in mid-sentence. Rewinding his thoughts, a quote re-played itself in his head.

'If they wanted to, fairies could make it so HUMANS were the dominant species!'

Where did THAT come from?

He shook his head. He couldn't remember. So weird. Lately he kept remembering things with no explanation. It was almost like someone had deleted some of his memories as if by magic.

Mumbling under his breath, Timmy welcomed an early sleep, filled with non-copyrighted movie parodies and some strange green-haired idiot.