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Chapter Ten - The End of the End


A silence reigned over Dimmsdale. The only sound was the beeping and sputtering of the few cars still sauntering about the streets. It was very, very early. Few people were awake.

And a certain twelve, soon to be thirteen-year-old boy had set his alarm for just the occasion, for he wanted to be up when the big time came.


Timmy's fist came into rough physical contact with the opposing alarm clock. Yawning groggily, he turned over in a half-asleep state, rubbing his eyes, all events prior to the present forgotten.

"Well, Timmy's still asleep." Wanda pointed out as Cosmo rambled something about the importance of cheese factories to the country's national identity. The two of them had also just woken up, only a few minutes before the alarm ringing. She looked her husband in the eyes irritably. "Look, sweetie, don't get he impression that your strange interest in cheeses is annoying me in any way, but…"

"You're hinting at something, aren't you, lambchop?" Cosmo inquired, interrupting Wanda's request. "Oh! So I suppose cheddar and mozzarella just aren't good enough for you! Is that it?!"

"Pipe down, guys, I'm trying to sleep." Timmy mumbled without comprehending anything they were saying. He flung the pillow over his ears, trying to block out the sound.

"You know, I think I really like coconut pie, too." Cosmo continued, ignoring Timmy altogether. "…Oh! And bagels! Especially the little ones with the pizza sauce and-" 

"WAKE UP, SPORT!" Wanda yelled, tired of waiting. Cosmo's prattle was driving her out of her mind.

"I'm up, I'm up!" Timmy sat up in bed immediately, eyes wide. Wanda could really elevate her voice when she wanted to.

"Well, Cosmo? Isn't there anything you'd like to say to Timmy?" Wanda asked.

Cosmo thought for a moment. "Not really."

"You sure?"

"Uh… Good morning?"

"No! I mean, considering what day it is?"

"GAH! Is it Father's Day already?! I'll get the net!"

"NO! Look at the calendar!"

Timmy stared at his godparents uneasily. "What is today, Wanda? Thursday? I can't seem to remember." He rubbed his eyes and focused on the calendar again. "Huh. That's funny. It says today's my birthday, but that can't be right. That was a few weeks ago."

He sat there in silence for a moment, his eyes gradually getting wider, his memories all flooding back

"AAH! Where's Anti-Cosmo?! WHAT HAPPENED? Are we still doomed?" 

The two fairies gave each other confused, slightly worried glances, which is unsurprising on Cosmo's behalf but certainly not Wanda's.

"Uh… It… I-It must've been a bad dream, champ." Wanda stuttered. "Anti-Cosmo's in Anti-Fairyworld with the other Anti-Fairies. You know that. We haven't even seen them since Friday the 13th."

"Yeah!" Cosmo agreed. "And it definitely wasn't your birthday two weeks ago. Otherwise, I'd have rotting cake crumbs in my head."

"What are you talking abou-" Timmy paused for a moment. Maybe… it was all a bad dream. But that means… It meant Trixie wasn't his girlfriend, and it meant that he never lost Cosmo and Wanda… heck, because I'm out of examples, it meant everything described in the last 9 chapters was completely false. But how was that possible? It all seemed so real…

Timmy shook his head. "That doesn't make any sense… But… I guess it all was a bad dream…" He chuckled slightly, but it was a hollow laugh, definitely not resulting from amusement. The events he thought he'd suffered were going to haunt his memory forever. 

"We all have nightmares, sport. It's okay." Wanda assured him. "In the meantime… happy birthday!"

With a wave of their wands, a giant birthday cake assimilated out of the sky and landed on the bed beside the pink-hatted lad. With candles that glowed with magical fire, it truly was a sight to see. Unfortunately, it only brought back the terrible memory of those blazing purple fumes. He winced visibly.

"Are you okay, Timmy…?" Wanda asked gently, floating down next to him with concern. Timmy looked up at her, wondering if she truly didn't know what had just happened.

"…Wanda? I'm reliving my thirteen birthday, aren't I?"

The pink-haired pixie sighed, as if his words left a cruel aftertaste. "…Yes. All of the fairies and Jorgen debated for a long time about what to do after Anti-Cosmo resurrected us all and retreated back to his home. We were all worried about the possibility of him rising to power again, so we used a good portion of our magic to strengthen the door between Fairyworld and the Anti-Fairyworld. It would take another three centuries for any amount of black magic to tear it down. As for you…"

Timmy gazed at her, expectantly.

"…We all know how much pain you've been through. You died. Twice. But worse, you watched, without being able to do anything, as Anti-Cosmo destroyed the ones you cared about. None of us were put through such horrible fates as that."

"What… about the game? I… I was horrible." He stared down at his legs in shame.

"You were fooled. It wasn't a fair game at all. The odds were twisted in his favor. Don't worry about it, sport. Please…"

"But… Why did Anti-Cosmo surrender? He had us all."

"Well… Timmy…" Wanda thought for a moment on how she was going to phrase her reply. "It's… Well, I think it's just… a matter of how lonely he was once the world was deserted."

"He restored the whole world!"

"He returned to his home to be with his kind. I think he saw what he did wrong." Wanda gave a small, sly smile. "Besides, life without a wife is only a blissful wonderland for so long. He must've missed the way his life used to be, and long to have his old existence back."

"Or he could just be even crazier than we thought." Cosmo pointed out. "But what Wanda said sounds better."

"By the way… whatever happened to the Anti-Fairies after the world returned to normal?" Timmy asked. "Did they get locked behind that big barrier again?"

"Well… not EXACTLY… See, the giant locked-up space behind the barrier is called Anti-Fairyworld, but it's really a very dull place indeed. There isn't anything there at all. It shouldn't even be called Anti-Fairyworld. So, we fairies created a parallel universe, for the Anti-Fairies to live."

"We called it, the 'Parallel Universe for the Anti-Fairies to live.'" Cosmo pointed out helpfully. "But some people just like to call it 'Anti-Fairyworld', because it replaced the old one."

"Now, there's an Anti-Timmy, too! And the Anti Cosmo and Wanda are his fairy godparents." Wanda added.

"Does that mean he has a babysitter who's sweet, caring, and nice?" Timmy asked.


"Darnit, he's lucky. Anyway… I'm… so glad that you guys are back." The boy enveloped his godparents in a bear hug. "I was afraid I'd never see you again. Cosmo, life's just not the same without your idiocy, dude."

Cosmo's eyes watered up. "Aww, thanks Timmy! That's the nicest thing anyone besides Wanda's ever said to me!"

"And, Wanda?" Timmy turned to her. "Thanks. For everything. I think the whole reason I survived this mess was off the support I always get from you."

Wanda hugged him back, her eyes shut tight. "Anytime, sport."

Timmy chuckled lightly. "Yeah, I love you guys… But today is my day, and I have to get to school. I'm glad this crazy mess is over. Now, if you'll just wave your wands and dress me in my normal, cool attire, I'll be on my way. You guys can be my hip-hop medallions again, and accompany me as I receive countless praise for making it to my thirteenth year of life!"

"There's one way of putting it!" Cosmo said, grinning.

Wanda, however, looked unsure. "Well, uh… You see, sport… There's something else we gotta tell you." She admitted, rubbing the back of her neck with her wand. "See… Today's your thirteenth birthday. You're reliving it, as you've already figured out. Everything that happened after it is gone. Meaning, you still have us, but… only for… one final day."

Timmy's face fell in seconds. His world seem to come crashing down all at once.

"You're… not serious."

"I'm afraid… we are. Look, Timmy, out of all the godchildren we've ever had, you're the only one who's ever treated us as your best friends. Being your godparents was the coolest experience Cosmo and I have ever had. About us leaving… We don't want this any more than you do, but this time comes for everyone, and you have to learn to accept it." 

"Well… at least… I'll get to have one more day… with you guys…" Timmy murmured, his voice quiet and his speech impaired with the choking of his throat. "I just can't believe… I'm losing you for real…"


"NEITHER CAN I." Jorgen boomed, glaring down upon Cosmo and Wanda with anger. "You two have messed up one too many times. This puts the icing on the cake of your noticeable history of failures as fairy godparents! You know what that means?"

Cosmo and Wanda looked at each other nervously.

"A verbal reprimanding?" Wanda offered.

"A cookie?" Cosmo guessed.

"Try 3,000 years at the Fairy academy, puny fairies! Your countless failures disgust me, and everyone in Fairyworld!" Jorgen thundered, glowering at the three. "You knew this was coming, it should not be a surprise. I'll be taking you away now!"

"Wait a minute! You can't do that!" Timmy's cried, as he pointed an accusing yet trembling finger up at the massive fairy.

"GASP!" Cosmo and Wanda exclaimed simultaneously.

"It may be their final day with me, but there's still 6 hours and 32 minutes until my thirteen birthday officially begins." Timmy pointed out. "You can't take them away from me like this!"

"What makes you so sure, tiny, completely irresponsible human boy?!" Jorgen bent down to be at eye level with his opposition. "You know, once I wipe you of your memories, it won't seem like much of a tragedy at all."

"But putting them back in the Fairy academy isn't what they deserve! It's mostly my fault. I'm the one who… who failed to defeat Anti-Cosmo. And… I did some pretty bad things."

"Ridiculous! From where I see it, it looks a lot like ALL OF YOU are to blame! But, you're right in one way. I've changed my mind about the fairy academy. I don't want to put up with both of you for another 3,000 years. Instead…"

Wanda decided to speak up. "Jorgen, you are aware that we got the Anti-Fairies out of your hair forever..."

"Which means, all the more time to watch your favorite soap operas!" Timmy continued, grinning.

"AH! You're right! Speaking of which, All My Biceps is on! NO!" Jorgen looked at his watch, eyes wide. "GAH! I must depart! Much as I hate to do this… Timmy Turner, you may keep your godparents, whatever, but on one condition – DON'T EVER BOTHER ME AGAIN!!!!"

He hit his staff on the ground with a powerful force, and vanished away into thin air.

"Wow. Jorgen went easy on me that time…" Timmy sighed with relief.

"I think he's starting to warm up to you! He knows us very well, you know." Cosmo grinned.

"I think he's just happy to never have to get on our case again. Come on, Cosmo. Let's go be Timmy's 'cool hip-hop medallions' and stay with him while he goes to school, you know, so we can ensure he has a better thirteenth birthday the second time around."

"Oh, I think it'll be better, all right." Timmy agreed. "After all, if I play my cards right, then tomorrow I've got a date with Trixie Tang, and I have a feeling Vicky won't be around to ruin it for me. I hear Yugopotamia's especially dangerous this time of year…"


"How long are you going to stick around, you demented child!?"

It was the shriek of Anti-Mama Cosma, growing sicker of her son by the minute.

"Why can't you be more pleasant and social, like Anti-Wanda? I wish she was my daughter!"

"Silence, mother… Please." Anti-Cosmo felt his eyes strain with pain as he looked over his doomsday blueprints one final time. "I'm trying to concentrate."

"Errr… sweet stuff?" Anti-Wanda interrupted his thoughts once again. "How long is you gonna work on that fanshy-panshy doomsday machiner?! You ain't been payin' all that murch attention to meh lately!"

Anti-Cosmo nodded. "Yes, I know dear." And with that, he picked up the blueprints, crumpled them up, and casually tossed them over his shoulder. "I'm sorry."

She blinked, and finally spoke up after a long silence. "Errr… You just destroyed your greenprints, yer know that?"

"Well, they're actually called blueprints, dearest… and I'm not going to waste any more time slaving over them. I really don't care. A doomsday device isn't what we need. If we Anti-Fairies blew everything up, there'd be nothing left at all. It'd be dreadfully boring. Absolute destruction, to me, sounds like a fate beyond death."

Anti-Wanda blinked. "Gawrsh… Ah didn't understand a word'a that. Was I s'pposed to?"

Her soulmate paused a brief moment to stare at her, awkwardly, before suddenly bursting into laughter. It wasn't evil laughter, just genuinely amused. So none of his wicked, complex plans would ever work out. But at least he had his life back. "Definitely not."

He glanced out the window, wondering what young Timothy was doing, as he watched the other denizens of the Anti-world prank and chide each other, just like they had used to do.


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