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The sun was peaking up over the horizon and Sanoske was yawning loudly, trying to get himself out of his futon. Normally, he would try and sleep in as late as possible, especially when spending the night at the dojo. But Kaoru had refused to give him any food last night when he had laughed at her cooking. He was going to make up for the lack of food this morning.

"Food..." he sighed to himself, hungerly sniffing the mouth-watering sent drifting into the room.

He slowly made his way out of the futon, out of the room, and was almost to the kitchen when he heard a loud crash from inside. He paused near the doorway to listen and make sure the coast was clear. He didn't want Kaoru taking out her anger on him again.

For a few minutes there was complete silence. Then Sano heard Kenshin's embarrassed voice echoing through the doorway.

"Gomen ne, Kaoru-dono. Please excus--"

"Argh!!!!" He was cut off by Kaoru's anguished cry.

Sano then heard a set of feet hurrying out the door of the dojo. Another set followed close behind the first. He determinded that it was now safe and eagerly stepped into the kitchen. He grinned when he saw the breakfast Kenshin had left cooking. It suddenly didn't matter to him why Kaoru was chasing Kenshin out of the kitchen.

"Look at all this food...."

It was all his now.


It was now late afternoon. Since that morning, Sano had been gambling a bit, visited some friends, and bummed some more food off Tae at the Akabeko. He would have considered it a pretty average day, except for that fact that he hadn't seen Kenshin anywhere. Though he would never admit it, he was starting to worry a little. He wondered if Kaoru had hurt him for whatever he'd done that morning. He shook that thought from his mind and started back for the dojo.

When he finally got there, he slid open the door violently.

"KENSHIN!!", he shouted. "Are you here?! I better not find out you've been hiding out here all day! You could've at least said good morning or something. I'll wring your neck--"

"Sano?", Kaoru's voice carried across the grounds. It sounded like she was back in the kitchen. "Is that you Sano? Come on in..."

The ex-ganster quietly slid the door shut and walked in the direction of Kaoru's voice. When he finally spotted her, he found out he'd been right. She was in the kitchen. Now, understand... Sano being right isn't something that happens every day. And he would have been quite proud of his accomplishment if he hadn't been so shocked about the sight greeting him.

Kaoru was standing at the stove, holding a frying pan over the flame with blood-stained hands. Inside the pan, was something looking remarkably like the back of Kenshin's head. Sano took a closer look and clutched at his stomach. It WAS the back of Kenshin's head. Kaoru suddenly began cackling evily.

"I think I'm gonna be sick..." He moaned to himself. Louder, he said, "Um, Jou-Chan...."

Kaoru didn't bother turning around. She stopped cackling and replied gleefully.

"I'll be making dinner tonight, Sano. Would you like to stay and eat with us?"

For the first time in his life, Sano felt appalled at the thought of food.

"Um, no thanks."

Kaoru shrugged and continued frying the pan. Sano watched her rocking it slightly, making sure she didn't burn his best friend's face. He really was gonna be sick...

For a long time, the two just stood that way. Kaoru cooking the head and Sano looking at her with a mixture of horror and nausea on his face. Then Kaoru suddenly blurted out, "Well, I guess I'd better go take care of the rest of it...". She set the lid back on the pan, and casually left, whistling as she went. Sano was beyond shocked.

After a few moments spent trying to recover, Sano followed Kaoru out of the dojo and stalked her from a distance. It was starting to get dark out, but he could still clearly make-out her outline. He saw her walk in through the back door of the Akabeko and decided to hide behind a nearby tree. He heard Kaoru's cheery voice ringing through the darkness.

"Arigatou for letting me keep this in your freezer, Tae-san. I don't know what'd I'd do without you."

"It wasn't a problem, Kaoru-chan."

Kaoru picked up a heavy looking bag and hauled it over her shoulder. She then took a shovel, tucked it under her arm and started to walk away.

"Konbanha, Tae-san"


Sano stayed in his hiding spot and watched Kaoru walk past. Close-up, he saw that the bag had splotches of blood staining the top. It was big enough to carry a body, and the load looked heavy enough too. He was positive of what it was. Once again, he felt sick.


Sano fell to his knees and resisted screaming. He could not believe what he had just seen. He pinched himself hard, and winced in pain.

"Kuso... this isn't just some twisted nightmare..."

His brain was slowly processing the day's events. After a few minutes, it was suddenly clear to him what he should do. Kaoru had obviously killed Kenshin. He must have done something horrible that morning. Really horrible. Kaoru seemed to be getting some freakish pleasure from torturing his already dead body. It all seemed so sick and twisted... but he was sure she was going to bury his body now. Somewhere private, where no one could find the evidence of her crime. Yes... that must have been what the shovel was for...

He suddenly jumped up and ran at his top speed for the dojo.

"No place like home for burying a body..." He thought glumly.

He had to stop her.


When Sano arrived, once again, at the dojo enterance, he slid open the front door violently, for the second time that day. He was running through to the back of the dojo when he heard Kenshin's voice call to him from the sitting room.

"Sano? Daijobu ka? Why on earth are you running?"

Sano was so shocked to hear THAT familiar voice, he collided with the wall two feet in front of him.

"K- Ke- KENSHIN?!"

He ran over to the sound of the voice, and reached him almost immediatly. There, sitting on the wooden floor, was Kenshin Himura. Someone he never thought he'd see again. For the umpteenth time that day, Sano was shocked beyond words. When he finally managed to speak, he was stuttering badly and speaking rather softly.

"Y-You're... You're n-n-not-t a g-gh-ghost? Are y-you?"

Kenshin now looked rather shocked as well.

"Sano... what are you talking about?"

Sano couldn't manage anymore complete sentences. He ran over to his friend and hugged him so tightly, they both had trouble breathing.


Kenshin was even more shocked at the sudden show of emotion from the ex-gangster. He was now speechless as well. For lack of anything better to do, he patted Sano softly on the back.

Suddenly Kaoru walked in, a bright smile on her face.

"Dinner's almost ready Kenshin! We'll have it all to ourselves tonight. Yahiko is staying with Tae and Sano--"

She cut herself off, noticing the rooster-headed man knelt on the floor.

"Oh... nevermind. Sano, what's wrong?"

Sano looked up at her and abruptly stopped heaving what looked like sobs of relief. He glared at her and stood up, moving between her and Kenshin. He protectively put up two arms to block her way, incase she decided to attack.

"I'm fine, Jou-Chan. Now please step back a bit... slowly..."

"What?!", Kaoru was starting to look ticked. She looked at Kenshin for an explanation. If anything, he looked more confused then ever.

"Don't you look at him like that! Don't you dare think about killing him again!"

Kenshin fell over backwards in shock. Kaoru didn't waste any time with shock. She looked utterly pissed.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'KILL HIM AGAIN'?! WHERE THE HECK DID YOU GET THE IDEA THAT I'D DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!" Kaoru calmed down a little and said, in a matter-of-fact tone. "Besides, for me to 'kill him again', I'd have to have killed him in the first place. He looks pretty alive to me."

Kenshin finally got over his initial surprise enough to join in the conversation.

"That's right, Sano. Kaoru-dono hasn't killed me. She hasn't even yelled at me yet today. Why did you think I was dead?"

Sano took a deep breath, and sat himself back down. Sensing a story, Kaoru sat down too. Next to Kenshin. Sano took another rather deep breath and told them exactly what had happened to him since waking up that morning.