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"Say it again for me."

"I love you."

Isis, daughter of the Pharaoh, reached up and placed her hand on her lover Akur's cheek.

"I love you so much." Akur said as he buried his hands in her long hair.

"You must leave before my father comes." Isis said.

" I hate this sneaking around like a commoner. Just let me lie with you for tonight."

"We shouldn't. You know the law."

"I don't care about the law."

"But my father will kill you."

"It doesn't matter. My love will not be suppressed by Pharaoh's law."

Isis smiled and linked her arms around his neck. "You would die for me?"

Akur cupped her cheek and inclined his head." And so much more." He leaned down closing the space between them and kissed her. Suddenly the door opens and Hokhar, Pharaoh of all of Egypt entered. "Isis I –" he stops.

Isis broke their kiss yet held fast to Akur. "Father…"

"Akur how dare you lay your hands upon my daughter."

"I love her my Pharaoh." Akur said pleadingly.

Isis released her lover and walked to her father, grabbing his hand and dropped to her knees. "Father….please. I love him with all my heart."

Hokhar looks down at his daughter and says coldly "You knew the law. You knew the consequences." He turns and yells into the corridor "Guards, take Akur to the dungeons."

Isis runs to Akur, tears flowing down her cheeks. She embraces him tightly and sobs into his clothes. "No! Father please make an exception." She pleaded.

Akur gently removes her hands from his neck and pushes her back slightly. He tips her chin up with his finger and says, " I took the risk. I have no regrets but Pharaohs law is the law."

Isis sobs and says "No!"

Akur leans down and whispers into her ear "I'll always love you. Never forget my love. Look at the child and remember me and my love."

Hokhar crosses the room and grabs his daughter's wrist pulling her away.

The guards grab Akur and bind his hands behind his back. As they take him away he calls out "Remember. Never forget." With those words he was gone.

Isis stares up at her father through tear filled eyes and says coldly " How could you?"

"It had to be done. One day you too will understand."

"I will never understand." She stands there tears pouring down her cheeks.

"Darling please don't cry. It's for the best." He reaches down to brush her tears away but she jerks away.

"For the best? How would you know what is best? Leave me."

Hokhar sighs and turns to leave. At the door he pauses and says, "You are my daughter and I will tell you what is best. Akur will be executed at dawn tomorrow as the law states. I will not permit him to soil you anymore." He leaves the room.

Isis leans up against her bedpost and placing her hand upon her abdomen and says, "You may be able to take away my lover but I won't let you take away the fruit of our love."

The next morning Akur was executed under Pharaohs command. Little did he know that his daughter had long fled the palace during the night.

Isis dresses in commoners clothing entered the local tavern in a workers city outside of Thebes.

"I'd like a room please."

The tavern owner eyed her and said, "Name."


He held out his hand in a gesture for payment.

"Oh. Is this enough?" she asked as she placed a golden coin into his outstretched hand.

"This will get you a bath in your room as well as a meal. Would you like your bath drawn now?"

"Yes. That would be lovely."

Kali stayed in the tavern for two nights crying herself to sleep over her lost lover. On the third morning since her flight from the palace she left in search of a place to have and raise her child while hiding from her father. Her search brought her to the city of Cairo.

Nine months later she held a baby girl in her arms.

"What will you name her?"

"I will name her…."

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