To Find and Keep the One You Love.

By Jodea Moondreamer

Disclaimer: I do not own Inu-Yasha.

Summary: AU Lord Sesshomaru receives Inu-Yasha as a gift for his 21st birthday. Sesshomaru instantly falls in love with him. Inu-Yasha isn't very trusting due to his life. Also Lord Sesshomaru's advisors are falling for the half-breed. Pairings Main Sess/Inu minor Jak/Inu, Koga/Inu, Nar/Inu, Mir/Inu, Koga/Kag, and Mir/San. May or may not have sex scenes. No female characters will be main except Kagome and Sango. Also Sesshomaru and Inu- Yasha are not related.

Author's Notes: This is much different then anything I have ever written. Warnings: Swearing, Yaoi, maybe sex scenes (most likely but not till much later), mention of rape, and nude men. Also Jak is not Jaken! Major OOC.

Chapter 1: The Meeting

Lord Sesshomaru sighed. Today was his 21st birthday. Most would count the young demon lord lucky. He was handsome, rich, and powerful. Ruling over a peaceful but large land. But sadly, he did not count his-self lucky. He had noone to share this life with. He walked down the long corridor to his rooms. He was told the human lord, Tjuko, had sent him a wonderful gift begging for a peaceful trade among their lands. He doubted this present was worth his time. What could a mere human give him that he already didn't have?

He walked into his bedroom and looked to see a large litter covered in blood red hangings. So a human slave girl was his present? He had two faithful slave girls who served him as his closes advisors already. He could tell from the decorations the slave was meant for pleasure. Maybe he would kill her off the bat? He drew back the curtains and gasped. On cushions, chained to the floor was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen!

The creature's smell had been covered by perfumes. He could now see it was a male and half-demon at that. The boy was fast asleep with a small graceful simile on his lips. Sesshomaru glanced over his body which was nude. He had white hair pulled back into a braid so not to hide his nearly female but well defined body. On top of his head where two dog ears.

Sesshomaru thought back to his earlier sigh. Was this boy what was missing in his life? Most likely yes, thought Sesshomaru. He reached down to stroke the boy's cheek which caused the boy to waken. The boy's face showed fear and anger as he drew back as far as he could. Sesshomaru only drew himself closer to the boy.

"So your Lord Sesshomaru?" said the boy with a voice like uncut jade, rough yet still beautiful.

"Yes I am," said Sesshomaru with a calm, clear tone. "What is your name and age?" he asked curiously.

"My name is Inu-Yasha and I am 17," he answered staring at Sesshomaru with intense gold eyes.

"Well Inu-Yasha, you are my new pleasure slave but are not quite ready to be taken yet that doesn't mean I can't have fun," he said with a simile. He then took Inu-Yasha's head in his hand and gave him a deep kiss. Inu-Yasha gasped allowing Sesshomaru to enter. Sesshomaru had never tasted anything so delicious. After breaking for air, he continue his assault on Inu-Yasha's mouth. After serval minutes he stopped and said, "Now is time to rid you of your bindings.

Inu-Yasha's POV

I now lay in Lord Sesshomaru's bed with him holding me tightly near him. It always starts out smooth and gentle, but soon all they want is you as their fuck toy. Lord Tjuko was the worst. Started fucking me right away. Yeah he was such a bastard. Now I have been sent to a new master. Bet before the week is out he'll have me screaming under him or one of his friends. They're all the same. I just wonder, why the so called arrogant cold bastard, Lord Sesshomaru is suddenly smiling all the time?


I can't believe I just wrote yaoi. I will do my best to continue. Sorry for the horrible spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. Reviews of any sort are welcome.

Jodea Moondreamer.