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Chapter 5: What Dreams are made of..

Sesshomaru's POV

Inu-Yasha is still asleep. I am furious! Who could have harmed my little angel! He is mine! I could tell from his wounds that he did not give any consent. Someone in my staff raped my precious treasure. I will have their balls for this!

I am too angry to stay indoors. I need to go hunting. But I don't want to leave Inu-Yasha alone. I am afraid I might take my frustrations out on him and scare him even more. I do not want that. I want him to love me like I love him, but he has such sorrow in his eyes. I wonder what has happen to him over the years?

Someone knocks at my door. I go and answer it. To my relieve it is Kagome, one of the only people I can trust.

"My Lord, I have brought you breakfast," she says with a bow. "Can I be of any other service?"

"Yes," I answer, "Please watch Inu-Yasha while I am gone. I will be out hunting all day. No one is to disturb him."

"Of course my Lord," answered Kagome, a little worried. She knows me to well. She knows I only go hunting when there is some problem I can't handle. I leave the room and go outside. Catching a whiff of a bear I am off.

Kagome's POV

Something is very wrong here. Lord Sesshomaru is very level headed, cool, and collected. But when I came here he was fuming with suppressed rage. And then he went hunting. He only does that when he has a problem he can't solve. The longer the hunt, the bigger the problem. Since this is the first time he will be gone all day the problem must be a whooper.

"I wonder what it is," I say to no one at all. I walk over to Inu- Yasha and see he has a worried look on his face. I need to wake him up. He looks like he is in pain.

"Inu-Yasha! Inu-Yasha! Inu-Yasha!" I scream his name. Why won't he wake up!

Inu-Yasha's Dream/Flashback told in Third Person (a reminder, my lemons suck!)

A seven year old naked inu hanyou is whimpering on a large bed. A middle aged toothpick of a man walks over. The man slaps the hanyou, hard.

"Shut up you whore!" the man screams as he grabs the boys wrist roughly, "You are good for nothing else but pleasing me! Do it or you will die."

"NO!" the boy screams. He rather die then go through the torture.

"Stubborn are we? How about I restate that, do it or I will do it to that bitch slut of a mother of yours." he smirks seeing the worried look in the boy's golden eyes. He has found the boys weakness. His mother. The boy nods his head in agreement and bows it in shame for what he is about to do. The man smirk widens. He breaks the small boy to his lips and gives him a sloppy kiss. He demands entrance into the mouth. The boy gives it to him. What chose does the boy have, either him or his mother? He must protect her. The boy is crying silent tears as the man taste him throughly. The man soon grows tired of kissing the boy's mouth and moves up to nipple on his ears.

"Don't that hurts," cries the boy. His ears are very sensitive to touch. The man laughs as the boy's pain and bites down on the ear causing the boy to scream.

"Aw the poor little puppy doesn't like pain?" he says in mock sympathy. "Too bad." The ear is now a bloody mess. He goes down to the boys chest and bits on his nipples, smiling when the boy cries out in pain. He kisses his way down the boy's chest and stomach to the belly button. He dips his tongue in and out of it, tasting the salty substance inside. He moves down lower to the boy's limp member and sucks. Hard. The boy will not come. He sucks harder and faster. He grows bored with it.

"Now is the time the real fun begins," He stands up and undresses. Though he is small, he has a very large member. "Get on your hands and knees Inu-Yasha."

"No Lord Tjuke, anything but that, please no!" whimpers and begs the poor Inu-Yasha.

"I am losing my patients. Maybe I should see what your mother is up to?" he says. Inu-Yasha sobs loudly and turns over and gets on his hands and knees. "Much better my pet." The Lord positions himself at Inu-Yasha's entrance and with one thrust is in. Inu-Yasha screams out in pain.

"NO! NO! PLEASE STOP! IT HURTS!" pleas Inu-Yasha. This causes the Lord to go faster and deeper, but not deep enough to give Inu-Yasha any pleasure. He goes in and out as quick as possible, the screams just making him harder. Soon Inu-Yasha anus to completely torn and he is bleeding heavily from his entrance. The Lord finally comes and Inu-Yasha feels even more pain. He is beyond tears by now. The Lord finally pulls out of him. Inu-Yasha curls up in a ball.

"By the way, your mother died just before I came in," said Lord Tjuke.

Inu-Yasha's POV

I awake with a start. Kagome is looking worriedly at me. I start to cry remembering the worst night of my life, the night of my mother's death.

"Shh, don't cry, everything will be all right," cooed Kagome which just made me cry even harder.

"Inu-Yasha, what did you dream about?" Kagome asked looking me straight in the eyes.


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