Title: Fragile

Summary: Naruto gets a later night visitor. Shonen-ai, Sasunaru, fluff, angst, and chapter 5.

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~Naruto POV~

I cannot stand this. How can he ignore me so completely, like I'm not even there? It's pissing me off! Well, it's not like I'm paying attention to him either. It's not like we've never done this before, just ignoring each other, but this time it feels different. A little more tense. And it hurts a little more this time. That's another thing that makes me mad: he gets me to thinking like those stupid girls that are always slobbering over him. I mean, sure, maybe he is good-looking, and he isn't weak, and he isn't too stupid, but a lot of guys are like that. He barely talks. I don't see what's so attractive about that. In fact, he's a lot like Shino. Why don't girls like Shino? Why don't girls like me? Oh wait, it must be the bugs that keep the girls away. I think they're a bit creepy myself. Anyway, Sasuke is being a jerk, now more than ever. I don't know how long this is going to last, but I think Sakura's noticed something; and Kakashi definitely has (you just can't keep anything from that guy). I'll show them all. I don't need any of them.

Well, maybe I do, or else I wouldn't be able to finish this mission on time. Another stupid D-rank, weeding some old hag's garden. And it's a big garden! Of course I'd use Kage Bunshin and do it in a snap, but she said if we use chakra it'll screw up her plants or something. Kakashi wouldn't even let me go home and change after Sakura pushed me into the paint. But he didn't say anything! Not one little curse, not one "dobe" or "usuratonkachi" or anything, He didn't even swear, didn't say anything at all. I never thought I would want him to say those things to me. He's such a jerk! Why couldn't he just stay home and leave me alone? If he did things would be fine. I thought it was what I wanted, someone to ease the pain of being hated my whole life, someone who'd make it a little better at least. I thought it might have been him. I feel even more lonely now than I did before. I hate how he's always better than me; how he can be a rival and still make me feel like maybe I am important, to someone. It's not nice to make someone feel like that and push him away the next day. It just isn't cool.

There he is, pulling up weeds, but still managing to look cool. How does he do that? No, no, stop. I'm not going to look at him. Got to ignore him. See how he likes getting the silent treatment. Ah shit, he caught me looking at him. I just want to wipe that damned smirk off his face (and I know how I'd do it too..heh heh).

"Naruto! Stop staring at Sasuke and get to work!"

Arghhh! How does he DO that? Kakashi is so annoying. He doesn't even look up from him book, but he knows. Well, I'm not going to give him the satisfaction of hearing me complain, oh no. Not today. 'Cause Sasuke's not going to hear me say anything that relates to him in any way. No one else is, for that matter. Ha ha ha. He might be tough and ignoring me now, but he'll miss me, and he'll come back one night, but I won't let him in. He needs to be taught a lesson: he can't just take what he wants and drop it the next day with no regards for anyone's feelings. He can't shut everyone out when he wants and expect us all to be there when he needs us. He has to learn that you have to give as well as take. I'm not going to be used. Not now, not ever.

"Oi, Naruto! We're only pulling up the WEEDS, stupid!"

Crap. Now Sakura's on my case. They're all after me today. Even though he hasn't said anything (why would he break his silence now?) I can feel that smirk. He's not even looking at me but I feel it. No. Stop thinking about him. I have to stay focused. Focused. Or at least think of something else that won't distract me so much. Hmm, weeds make me think of plants, and plants make me think of vegetables. Like the vegetables in ramen! I think I'll have beef ramen for lunch today..if Kakashi ever lets us go. I hope this paint doesn't screw up my clothes, but I hope it screws up Sasuke's clothes. It would serve him right too. I'm not the one who fell into the paint; he did, and it's not my fault I fell into him either. Sakura pushed me. She thought it was funny too. But that's girls for you. I'll never understand them. Why couldn't they like me instead of him? I bet they'd like Thickbrows better than me. All people see when they look at me is the demon. They don't see me. Hang on, was that a flower I just pulled up? Maybe I wouldn't screw up if I could just stop thinking. That's an idea. Just clear the brain. Don't think of anything but weeds. Yes, I am pulling up weeds. But I see no weeds. Did we get them all? Sakura seems to be done so he must be finished as well. Maybe I'll get to go home now, before another mission. I think we might have another one to do today.

Or maybe I'll wake up, and find that it was just a really, really bad dream and nothing has really changed at all. ********

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