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The Sweetest Addiction

Chapter 1: Work and Coffee

The clicking of a keyboard could be heard from inside the exquisitely designed office overlooking the city. She sat there, with her dark black hair tied up in a low ponytail. She held an innocent yet elegant beauty that no man could overlook. Her blue gray eyes were locked on her screen as she continued to type away. Her hands were fast barely making any mistakes at all, as she typed out the reports that were due two days from now.

Work…the only thing she had to ever think about. To exceed in life, one must be determined and work hard for things instead of sitting back on your butt and being lazy. And that's exactly what she did…she worked her butt of to get to where she was today! Sure…she hated every little bit of it…but she had to do it anyways. She wanted to go out…to live her life…to get a vacation!

To her friends she was a little uptight, a person that hardly gets out enough. But to Kagome she was merely working hard to provide herself with the necessities that life offered her. Her job gave her just that. And she was nowhere near uptight…she maybe a workaholic…but she was definitely not uptight.

Sure she may have been a workaholic…but no one said she was unsocial…in fact, she was far from it. Whenever anyone was in her presence they would feel comfortable relieved…and strangely she could even make the grumpiest person smile. It was a gift…how she got it she would never know. However, it would be rare if she ever graced you with her presence. Not that she thought too highly of herself. Oh no…that would never happen…Kagome was a humble person…her only problem was she was too caught up in her work to realize the more important things that life had to offer.

"Done…at last." Kagome let out a sigh of relief as she finished printing out the latest ideas for commercial ads. Working for Shikon Inc, was a job that any one would love to take. After all it gives you the best benefits. Not only that Kagome was privileged, being one of the best in the company.

Kagome stood up and stretched her arms. She could feel her back crack and the sensation of finally sitting up for the first time in hours was overwhelming. She quickly grabbed the files from the printer and put them into a manila folder. Swiftly she headed for her boss's office.


The door creaked open and he peered over his computer screen to see his employee approach. She was a great girl, nice, sweet, smart, and most of all not annoying. Brushing his thought's aside he smirked at the thought of the coming events…the arrival of the co owner of the company…his partner…another boss for Kagome…this should be fun.

"Sesshoumaru, hello? Are you in there?" Kagome waved her hand holding the files in the air trying to get her boss's attention.

He was a handsome man…tall, with silver hair, and piercing amber eyes. However…he was her boss…and too bossy for her taste. She merely thought of him as a friend. Though all the other girls in the company seemed to disagree with her viewpoint. To them…Sesshoumaru was a god…a strong youkai boss, who had no flaws whatsoever. It was funny to see him walk by his secretaries and watch them fawn over him. One of her co-workers, also her best friend Rin, completely adored him. Kagome hoped she would succeed one day in winning his heart.

Yes Sesshoumaru is a youkai…he always was and always will be. In her time…youkai and Humans got along fine with each other. So species distinction was no longer an issue…unless either one was to harm each other…then that's a whole different story. Though they got along well…didn't mean that humans and youkai mated often. In fact it was the opposite. It was rare for it to occur…but it did. Kagome knew that if a human mated with a youkai it would in turn give them as long a lifespan as their mate. Hardly any human knew about this though. For Kagome she was special. At the age of 10 her grandfather had already started to train her and make her read ancient scriptures and things of the sort. He, hoping one day that she would grow up to be a miko. Although she seemed reluctant, she did do what he told her to do. And thus she earned her knowledge of demons. But she was glad she finally moved out of the shrine her family once lived in. Although she did miss her family dearly, work was too overwhelming for her to have time and visit them.

Kagome smiled and handed her boss the files. Watching him merely arch a perfect eyebrow and look at her with amusement in his face.

"Oh come on Satan, just take the files already…after all…now that I'm finished with my work…I can go home and sleep!" She smiled at him, joy written all over her face. Sleep…something she lacked, and she had the baggy eyes to show for it.



"You do realize that its only 12:00 PM right?"


"These files aren't due until next week."

"…Oh…I…darn it! I must have remembered the wrong date!"

Sesshoumaru merely chuckled. He wasn't one to smile or laugh…but what can he say…the girl amused him to no end! She was sort of like a little sister to him.

"Okay…so…you mean I came here…at 7:00 this morning worked my butt off until now…for absolutely nothing?!"

"…Yeah…you can pretty much say that."

"Great." Kagome mumbled under her breath. "I need coffee!"

"Don't worry…it will all go away soon…just go back to your office, yell at how unfair life is…and you'll feel better after a while."

"Thanks…sounds like superb advice." She remarked quite sarcastically.

Sesshoumaru merely smirked. "Oh by the way Kagome…it seems my half brother will be joining our company…he is my partner after all."

"The brother you were talking about who wasn't at all interested in having any part in the company?"



"Father made him."

"OoOoh, so this means I have to put up with two of you?"

"It's seems like it."

"Great." Kagome shook her head and started to walk out. She really needed her coffee now.

"Oh and Kagome? He's coming today"

"Oh? When today?"

"In about two hours."

"Oh joy…I think I'll take my coffee break now…after all it seems I've finished all my work and am free until…next week!"

"That's great." Sesshoumaru started the smirk slowly forming on his face again.

"Oh no…your giving me 'the look'…I don't like 'the look' wipe it off your face dang it!"

"Oh come now Kagome…there's no need to get all…nervous…I just want you to be here for the week to show my brother around. Besides…I don't want to have to deal with him. He has quite an irrational temper."

"Hah!" Kagome snorted. "And you don't?"

"I'll just ignore that." Sesshoumaru frowned.

"Ignore it all you want buddy but…you are probably just as bad as he is."

"Whatever…you still have to show him around."

"But why?!" Kagome whined. "I want to stay home next week."

"Oh come on…please?"

"Will you give me a raise?!"

"Do you really want one?"

"What do you think oh wise one?

"Okay then. It's a deal."

"Why do I feel like I'm selling my soul to the devil?"

"You're just paranoid."

"Whatever." Kagome began to walk out of the office.

'The perfect girl to knock some sense into his head. Inuyasha's never going to know what hit him…until it's too late.' The corner of Sesshoumaru's lips curled into a small curve, hardly passing for a smile.

He and Inuyasha never got along when the were younger. In fact it was the opposite, sibling rivalry dominated the two. But as years passed the two half brothers matured…and came to terms…eventually even became best friends.

Realizing how much help his brother needed to get on with his life and stop moping over his ex girlfriend, Sesshoumaru decided to put a little light into his younger brother's life. It's worth a try right?


Instead of walking into her own office Kagome stalked up to the office next to it and knocked on the door.

"Come in." A girls voice called from inside.

Kagome opened the door and stepped inside to greet her best friend.


"Yep…aren't you happy to see me? Anyways, I was just about to go get coffee, want to join me?"

"Sure." Sango got up from her seat grabbed her purse and followed Kagome out the door.


"Come on Inuyasha…I'm sure it's not THAT bad." A young man with raven hair tied into a small ponytail looked at his friend. He took a sip of his coffee and looked over at the door as two pretty young women walked in.

"Not that bad! Not that bad! I don't want to go to the stupid company and work!" The young man by the name of Inuyasha growled.

He had long flowing silver her and natural golden glowing amber eyes. His features were that of his brother's except…more…masculine and handsome, and less…beautiful.


"Yes Inuyasha?" Miroku asked but his gaze however was not on his friend but on the two girls sitting at the table across from theirs.

"I don't want to go to the company."

"Uh huh."

"I broke up with Kikyou two months ago."

"Uh huh."

"Aliens from outer space are going to land here and capture you to make you their love slave."

"Uh huh."

Inuyasha slapped his forehead and mumbled something about good for nothing friends.

"Well…I have something to do Inuyasha…I'll be right back." Miroku stood up and made his way over to the two girls.

"Fine! Go! I don't need you!"


Ah…the wonderful aroma of coffee, the stimulant that helps one to wake up in the mornings and stay awake. The one thing that helps you go on day after day. Or at least that's what Kagome thinks.

"COFFEE!" Kagome squealed as she gulped down her cup of HOT coffee. "AHH!!! Hot! Hot! Hot!"

Sango merely shook her head and stared at her friend. Oh the embarrassment!

"Hello?" a smooth voice of a stranger made Sango's head turn.

She stared at the man up and down and found that he was quite the looker.

"Yes?" Sango asked.

"I was just wondering…do you have any…uh…sugar?" 'Smooth Miroku smooth.'

"Oh yes…here you go." Sango handed the young man the sugar that was on their table, she felt a little nervous when she noticed his gaze was one her the whole time.

"My name is Miroku." He said finally after taking the sugar but paying no attention to it whatsoever. "May I have the privilege of knowing both your names?"

"My name's Kagome!" Kagome chirped as she continued to sip her coffee.

"I'm Sango."

Miroku gave them a charming smile and took Sango's hand. Who was by the way sitting in the seat nearest to Miroku.

"Ah…how nice to meet you miss Sango." He took Sango's hand and kissed it. "May I ask you another favor?"


"Will you-"


"You hentai! When will you ever learn?"

Kagome looked up from her coffee to see a hanyou?! And he looked like her boss too! Except to Kagome maybe he was just a bit better looking them Sesshoumaru.

"Sorry about that…my friend over here has the tendency to ask every girl he meets to bare his child!" Inuyasha growled.

Sango had tick marks in her eye.

"I think it's time we should go Miroku." Inuyasha dragged his reluctant friend away and disappeared out the door.

"Well…that was weird." Kagome remarked.


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