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No one knows what it's like
To be hated
To be fated
To telling only lies

But my dreams
They aren't as empty
As my conscience seems to be

-Behind blue eyes


Chapter 9: Starting Over




            "Dr. Tai are you sure this experiment is safe?" A young human  male's voice wavered as Dr. Tai Inuyshiro strapped him to the bed.

            The middle-aged youkai hesitated before replying. "I have told you many times before, Onigumo, we can never truly be sure of anything in life. You have volunteered for this experiment, and your money will be transferred to your bank account soon. The contract was set before you, did you not read it? If you have any second thoughts, speak up now, because once we start…there's no turning back."

            Onigumo glanced at the faces of all the scientists occupying the room, before his eyes glazed over with an unsure look. True, he did have cancer, and either way was going to die. He didn't want to go by a slow and painful death, so then why not attempt an experiment that can most likely save his life? Slowly he nodded his head at the experienced scientist.

            "I'm ready."


End Flashback


His cold russet brown eyes stared at the ceiling of his home as he lay on his bed. A red silk sheet was the only thing that sheltered his currently naked body. Sweat covered his pale skin from his forehead to his chest. His dampened black hair lay sprawled over the silk coverings of his pillow. The spider scar on his back glowed as it heated up like a spinning vortex of pain. Naraku clenched his fists, and gritted his teeth as the stinging sensation finally hit its peak.

            Twenty years…years of pain…of nothing but waiting…and for what? It took all the restraint in the world to not just give up and commit suicide, especially with what he had to go through everyday of his life.

            Each day, the scar that marred his back twenty years ago would glow and the throbbing would return, never leaving him be. It was a remnant of his past, a hideous reminder of his stupidity…of his greed.


            The name haunted him, taunted him, and willed him to live on. Each day he would wake up to the same consistent pain, to continue his morbid pathetic excuse of an existence…waiting…for his revenge.


            It was that one, sweet, delicious word that filled his mind with sinister thoughts. It went as far as making all the pain in the world seem fairly bearable. It was his salvation, the last piece of hope and reason he clutched onto. And his clutches were those of steel; never will he let go, But how ironic life turned out to be, pulling his life together to set out for vengeance, only to find out your wrongdoer had died. But a head for a head they say, after all, he had a score to settle. 


            She narrowed her eyes at him, a solemn and serious expression on her face, as she looked him straight in the eyes.


            A beautiful deep shade she's never noticed before. Quickly shaking her head to rid her thoughts she looked down at the one thing that could determine her fate.

            "Do you have any Aces?" Sango asked calmly.

            Miroku quickly cursed under his breath and reluctantly passed her the ace of hearts. Sango smiled and plucked the card from his fingers happily.

            Miroku sighed in response and asked. "Do you have any Jacks?"

            "Nope, go fish." She couldn't help but want to change the words to 'go grope' it would've suited Miroku much better anyways.

            Before the two workers could get back to their oh so hard work, Sesshoumaru entered the lounge.

            "And just what are you two doing sitting around here? Isn't their work to be done?" He asked icily. Sending chills down both spines.

            "Why I was merely enjoying lovely Sango's company, would you like to join us Sesshoumaru?" Miroku chirped happily as his hand moved dangerously to the seat where Sango sat right next to him.

            Sango, being too nervous with Sesshoumaru around, had not noticed the hand reaching for her bottom…that is until it was too late.

            Five minutes later Sango walked out of the room with a smug look on her face. Sesshoumaru followed rolling his eyes and chuckled lightly as he made his way to his office.

            Miroku laid alone in the lounge room sprawled out across the floor with a red slap mark marring his once handsome face.

            "Ah, aggression is a sign of love." He sighed happily as he gazed longingly at the space Sango once occupied.

            He knew he felt an attraction towards her, but his fear of commitment blocked his true path to happiness, and Miroku knew that. One day he'll be rid of his infamous habits, and find true happiness with a woman he can call his own. But until that day, groping random beautiful women would just have to do.


            Kikyou peered into the room, only to see Naraku tossing and turning on the bed. Her hand flew up to push away a few strands of hair in front of her face. Her dark brown eyes grew soft as she slowly closed the door and walked into the living room.

            It hurt her deeply to see him like this. Almost every week the pain came back to torture him. She felt deep sorrow seeing the one she loved in such anguish…and yet there was nothing she could do about it.

            A solitary tear rolled down the side of her eyes as she lay on the living room couch.

            Maybe someday…they could be happy. As impossible as that thought sounded, it gave her hope…and that was all she needed.


            Her blue gray eyes shifted their gaze from the waterfall painting on her wall to her office door as a soft tapping was heard.

"Come in."

The door creaked on its hinges as it opened.

            A young man with dark black hair tied into a ponytail stepped into her office. He was tall with a masculine physique, and sharp wolfish features. His alluring green eyes stared at her intently before she broke the gaze.

            Somehow Kagome couldn't help but shake the feeling of de ja vu…have they met? He seemed so familiar, and yet she couldn't quite point it out. When her memory started to jog, and she had a flashback of the first night she danced with Inuyasha at the club, only then did she realize who he was.

            "Ookami-san I believe? It's nice to see you again, Sesshoumaru told me about your situation. Please have a seat." Kagome smiled happily at the young man.

            Seeing her happy face made him melt. Kouga quickly picked up his composure and sat down as he grinned up at the young beauty.

            "Why so distant Higurashi-san? I believe we have met before, we are not strangers, please I insist that you call me Kouga."

            "Very well Kouga, then if we have an agreement, I also insist that you call me Kagome, I hate formalities anyway."

            "Great, let's get down to business then Kagome."

            Idle chitchat took place some time later as they both laughed lightheartedly before the door to her office opened. Kagome saw a flash of silver before Inuyasha stood before her.

            "Kagome I need to-" The hanyou started but cut himself off as soon as he noticed another presence in the room. He recognized that face from the club; he had to save Kagome from that guy once. Why was she so chummy with the stranger now all of a sudden? Hiding his anger and jealousy behind a mask of indifference and annoyance Inuyasha huffed. "And you are?"

            "Kouga…Kouga Ookami."

            "Oh where are my manners? Kouga this is Inuyasha, my second boss, Inuyasha this is Kouga, our new client. We'll all be working together for the next couple of months."

            "Feh" Inuyasha glared at Kouga with pure distaste before crossing his arms and sitting down on a seat in the corner of the office. He came to apologize to Kagome for the other night…but she was obviously to busy entertaining their new 'client'. This was definitely going to make things harder.

            Kagome looked at Inuyasha with a pained expression on her face before turning her attention back to Kouga.

            "You were saying Kouga-kun?" All three people were shocked at her what she called him.

            Kouga grinned.

            Kagome paled.

            And Inuyasha was plain furious. He didn't like this…he didn't like it one bit.

            "Well Kagome, it's been nice being in the company of someone so wonderful such as yourself. But I am afraid I must leave you; there are things that need to be taken care of. Maybe we could…go out for coffee sometime?"

            Kagome smiled at the thought of coffee, her smile soon faltered as she heard a growl coming emitting from Inuyasha.

            "We'll see Kouga, we'll see."

            Kouga took Kagome's tiny delicate hands in his own and lifted them to lightly brush against his lips.

            Kagome's cheeks turned deep red as he released her.

            "Farewell beautiful, I'll see you soon." Was the last word she heard before he left the room.

            Kagome sighed and sat down on her chair. Although Kouga could make her blush…it was nowhere near the effects Inuyasha had on her…speaking of Inuyasha…She couldn't help but feel her anger beginning to bubble inside her because of what he did to her.

            "Kagome I need to talk to you now!"

            "What would you like to talk about Inuyasha? The weather? The sky?" She asked cynically. It wasn't like her at all to be cynical…but then again…Inuyasha released emotions inside of her even she didn't know she had.

            "Kagome I-"

            "I'm sorry Inuyasha, I don't have time for this. I have to…hand these files to Sango." Lifting up a manilla folder Kagome stood up from her position and moved toward the door.

            A hand on her shoulder stopped her as Inuyasha spun her around to face him.

            "Dammit Kagome! Just listen to what I have to say for a moment will ya?"

            "There's nothing that needs to be said Inuyasha…" She said sadly as she stared at the carpeted floor…funny how it became so much more interesting now. "After all…I'm nothing but your employee…and you're my…boss, our relationship is strictly platonic, so theirs nothing to worry about." She smiled falsely at him, but Inuyasha didn't buy it for a second.

            "Look Kagome…what I'm trying to say is…wait did you say our relationship is just platonic?" He asked in shock amazement. Wearing a slightly hurt look on his face.

            "Yes…after all you still haven't gotten over your ex yet…and…I just thought."

            Inuyasha held her shoulders firmly in place with his hands before sighing. "I'm sorry for walking out on you the other night…it was my fault…I was, a little confused that night…forgive me Kagome?" He gave her a pleading look.

            Kagome frowned a little before looking up at his face. Amber clashed with blue. It's funny how his eyes always seemed to mysterious to her…so alluring and exotic, she could feel herself being pulled…drawn to him like a magnetic force field. She quickly broke the eye contact before she got too far.

            "Of course Inuyasha, no problem, I don't hold grudges anyway." She smiled up at him, but he could still see the evident hurt on her face.

            "No…you don't understand…what I mean is…can we start over again, a fresh new beginning? But this time…let's put boss and employee labels behind. Can we start over as…friends?"

            "A new beginning?" Kagome scrunched her eyebrows together cutely making Inuyasha chuckle.

            "Yes, a new beginning…Hello their, my name is Inuyasha, would you like to join me for dinner tonight?" He asked, as their faces magically appeared closer to each other.

            Kagome hesitated for a moment before rewarding him with a bright smile. "Why yes, dinner would be great." Her breath caught in her throat as she realized their close proximity. If it weren't for that inch in-between them their lips would have already met.

            Both held their breath as they leaned in closer to one another…their lips almost connected…the slow movements were painfully unbearable…so…close…

            "Kagome where are the…files." Sango stopped and raised a questioning eyebrow at the couple that had jumped apart like they both were allergic to each other. She mentally smirked as she saw the blushes crossing their faces. "I see I came in a bad time, I'll leave you two be."

            "NO SANGO WAIT!" Kagome yelled quickly. "I…I have the files…I'll come with you to revise them." She said trying hard to wheedle herself out of the uncomfortable situation. "Inuyasha, we'll talk later then?"

            "Yes…later…" He trailed off as Kagome smiled warmly at him, before following Sango out of the office.

Perhaps starting over and forgetting about the past was a good thing. At least now he had another supportive friend on his side, he couldn't help but be a little irritated at Sango for walking in at such an untimely moment. If she hadn't walked in on them…maybe they would've gotten a little further…but then again…who knows…as time passes by…friendship can turn into a lot more then you expect.


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