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                        Rogue watched them all from the balcony. Her 'team mates' were having fun. So much fun no one even noticed that she was not there. It's jus' a pool party. Not like Ah'd have any fun with mah poisonous skin.

                        Scott walked around in the pool with Jean on his shoulders, Kitty complained about all the blue fuzz in the pool, while Kurt just laughed and splashed the meowing Kitty, Amara sat on a towel next to Bobby who made ice sculptures to try to impress her, Four Jamie's were playing marco polo with Jubilee, Tabitha, Rahne and Roberto were seeing who could hold their breath the longest under water..

                        She brushed a white strand of hair out of her eyes and sighed. Ah feel like Ah can't even trust anyone anymore. She glanced down at Ororo, the Professor and the Beast who loitered by the pool talking while keeping an eye on the students. How do Ah know everythin' Ah've ever been told ain't a lie..

                        Rogue walked away from the balcony and sat down on her bed. The only memories left in her head started from when Mystique posed as the X-Men and attacked her. Sometimes she would wake up in the middle of the night and forgot where she was. There was even a time where she had even forgotten who she was. During those times one thought remained in her head: Ah can't trust anyone.

                        She was a mere teenager and had been betrayed so many times that she was actually afraid to trust anyone. She just didn't want to get hurt again. During the past year she had found out so much about her, and had found out how many lies had been told to her.

                        There were things left untold in her life. Her real name was a mystery, Her parents were unknown and her past was even more of a mystery than her name. She wasn't even sure of her last name.


                        Rogue Darkholme. She hated the thought of it. She hated the thought of being Mystique's child. But she wasn't in so many ways. She had been adopted. Did her real parents not want her? Did she frighten them or had she harmed them with her 'power'?

                        "You know, Stripes, You have every reason to be out there. Everyone out there is a mutant. Just like you." Rogue looked at Logan who stood in the doorway surprised. Her conscience told her that he was wrong. Everyone out there could touch one and another.

                        "Ah really don't feel like havin' otha people's memories in mah mind ta day." She said in a low voice. It was true. The last thing she wanted were other personalities scattered around in her head and having other mutant's powers. Then again, Right now she probably wouldn't mind having Kurt's teleporting power so she could bamf out of the institution.

                        He said something else to her but she didn't care to hear. She just turned her head and stared at the ground. Within minutes she looked up to see the door close and him gone. She never realized that she worried anyone at the institute or that she scared them. When she woke up that night and forgot where she was, she went ballistic and scared Kitty so much she phased right through the floor. It took the Professor, Ororo and Logan to calm her down.

                        She ended up spending the day in the infirmary just laying there, pretending to be asleep and at the same time she had to block Xavier out of her head. Rogue hated when he tried to get inside her head. As if there weren't enough people already in there.

                        With the laughter and splashing sounds coming from outside, Rogue got up, closed the doors to the balcony then climbed in bed and fell asleep.


                   "Ohmigod, That's totally crazy! I, like, can't believe he said, that she said, that her brother's girlfriend's little brother's friend's sister was going out with him! He wouldn't cheat, like, would he?" Kitty rolled around on her bed with the cordless phone attached to her ear.

                        Rogue groaned and pulled her pillow over her head. This was how it was every single night. Kitty was an okay person but her 'Valley Girl' personality was as annoying as nails scratching a chalkboard.

                        Rogue was clueless to why she actually stayed at the institute. She hated the rules, she barely got privacy and she still couldn't control her power. The Professor helped others but never her. Of course he'd help her when she put others in danger or when she would have a seizure. Her mind was so messed. She knew Xavier couldn't help her with that. The only thing he could do was clear her mind. But that didn't get rid of the memories and personalities locked into her mind that were in so deep that not even the strongest, most powerful telepathic power could get rid of.     

                        The only reason she stuck there was because she had nowhere to go. No relatives. No parents. Sometimes she'd make herself believe that Kurt was the reason she stayed but he wasn't. He wasn't a relative. He was Mystique's child. Rogue wasn't Mystique's child.

                        "Will ya-" Rogue bolted up in the bed, ready to scream but she felt herself fade out. The personalities in her head were fighting for control. They wanted out. She looked at Kitty who looked as surprised as she did. "Who are you?" Her voice was as low as a whisper and didn't have the usual Southern accent to it.

                        "Professor!" Kitty yelled, getting up from her bed. She phased out of the room and came back with Logan besides her and Xavier behind her. "Something is wrong with Rogue again." She heard her say to them.

                        "Something is wrong with Rogue again."

                        "Rogue, Are you alright?" The Professor wheeled next to her bed. Rogue just stared at him wide eyed. She looked scared more than anything.

                        He thinks you're crazy. Voices she barely recognized floated around in her head. He wants you out. He lies to you. He uses you. He knows your true power. Don't trust him. Get away! Run away!

                        "Get out of mah head!" She screamed then stretched her arms out at Xavier as if she were to choke him. Logan came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist, and picked her up, off the bed.

                        "Calm down, Stripes." She struggled to get out of his grasp but he was physically stronger than her so in the end, he won. But it wouldn't stay that way.

                        See what they're doing to you? This isn't home, this is prison. They're out to get you Rogue. Everything is all a lie. Look how weak they made you.. Fight back! In the end, you will not lose.

                        "In.. the end.. I will not lose." Rogue mumbled without her accent. Her eyes rolled back and her body went limp in Logan's arms.


                        "What's happenin' to her Chuck?" Logan asked staring through the fiber-glassed window into Rogue's room. Her frail body laid on a neatly made bed inside a sealed room.

                        "It seems as if her powers are trying to take control again." He stated the obvious. "And I don't think her body or mind can handle it."

                        "Ain't there anything you can do?" He asked, looking at him from the corner of his eyes. The Professor just shook his head.


                        I know I've hurt you, but I only posed as your friend so I could be near you.

Really? Well, they deserve each other. And you my girl can do better.

                        I got too much power even for you. You can't hurt me. I'm the Blob!

                        You are like an angel, Kate.

                        Where's your allegiance kid, us or them?

                        Hey, that's not true. He doesn't treat me any different than you.

No one gets left behind.

But Scott knows. He won't touch you.


                                He's gone to track down our loving mother.

                        I understand. And I'm sure it has nothing to do with avoiding Logan's training session.

Admit the truth Rogue. I adopted you when you were four. Search your memories. You are my daughter!

                        Rogue's eyes popped open. What was happening to her? All the voices.. All the memories. They were invading her mind. They were taking over. They wanted control over her.

                        "No." She cried out, sitting up. She looked around the room. They locked her in there. This was how they planned to help her? She got up from the bed and ran over to the door. Rogue pounded on it hard with her fists. How could they do this to her? "Let meh outta here!" The walls were closing in on her. The voices, in her head, were screaming. "Please, Let meh out!" Tears flowed down her white cheeks.

                        She suddenly thought about Kitty. Katherine Pryde. The sixteen-year-old girl from Illinois. They would never do this to her. They couldn't think that she could get out. The mutant power of corporal intangibility.

                        "Ah want out!" Rogue screamed then pounded her fists against the door again. This time, instead of the loud banging noise that came from the hard blow from when her fists came in contact with the door, her hands went through the door. She blinked then realized what had happened and she stepped through the door.

                        "She escaped!" Rogue heard Jean yell to the Professor. Jean Grey. The innocent, popular, social red head with the power of telekinesis and telepathy. Jean made a dash for the door.

                        "No!" The southern girl yelled, reaching her arm out. The red head was suddenly thrown against the wall. She slid down it, unconscious. "Jean.."

                        "You risked so much to save her. What made you do it?"

"It was nothin'."

"Yes, it was. Tell me."

            "Meh and Ms. Popularity there, we're worlds apart ... galaxies. But then Ah realized somethin'."


                        "That she'd do the same thin' f'r me."

"Believe it, Rogue. We all would."

"Calm down, Rogue." Xavier said slowly as he wheeled into the room. "Just clear out your head. Take control of your own body. Your own mind."

"That's easy for ya to say!" Rogue shouted, rubbing her temples. Don't listen to him. It is easier for him to say. He doesn't have to go through what you do. He doesn't understand. No one does.. Expect for us, Rogue. We understand. Listen to us. Trust us. Get out of here! "Mah head.." The room started to spin. She instantly thought of Kurt. He could touch. So what if he was blue and fuzzy. At least he could touch. Whoever he wanted. Without absorbing their power and memory. "Ah have ta get out of here." Using Kurt's power of teleportation, Rogue bamf'd out of the institute.


            Rogue ran down the dark alley. It was a humid night but she felt cold. Freezing cold. As long as Ah don't use mah powers, The Prof won't be able ta find meh.

                        She leaned against a brick building then slid down it. Her knees were brought up to her chest, her elbows were rested on her knees and her palms were at her temples. You made a good decision. Great one. You can never go back. Don't trust them. You can't.

                        "Ah don't even trust ya." Rogue whispered then blinked. "Ah don't trust mahself. What a life Ah have. Can't touch.." She coughed. "Can't trust anyone." She choked on a soft sob. "Ah hate livin." She took her hands down from her head and wrapped them around her knees. She was wearing her usual boots, black pants ripped at the knee and a black long sleeved shirt. The ensemble didn't help with the humid weather. Beads of perspiration popped out from the pores on her forehead. She closed her eyes and slowly drifted off to a dreamless sleep. The teenager had been so exhausted she had not realized the stranger walking up the alley.


                        "Mon merle a perdu une plume.." Rogue let out a soft groan. Who was singing in French? Especially when she had a migraine. She opened her eyes and blinked several times to get rid of the blurriness. When her eyesight came to focus she sat up quickly. The room she was in wasn't familiar. At all. It was a small room. The walls were dirty, there was a dresser near the bed, holes in the ceiling, clothing thrown around, playing cards were scattered about and a metal staff leaned against the door.

                        Where am Ah?" She asked, rubbing her temples. She turned to her left to see a young man, possibly a few years older than her, sitting in chair shuffling cards. He was wearing sunglasses, a trench coat and had long copper colored hair.

                        "Remy voit que vous êtes éveillé." Rogue stared at him as if he were mad. And as if he were speaking another language. In which he was.

                        "What?" She blinked, crossing her arms against her chest. The young man blinked back at her then just smirked for several seconds before responding.

                        "Remy sees y' have awakened."

                        "Who's Remy?" They both blinked in unison. This was going to be interesting. Rogue wasn't even sure she heard correctly. She concentrated on the fact that voices were invading her mind. "And where am Ah? Kidnappin' is against the law, y'know."

                        "Y' can leave any time, chére, 'derefore dis ain't a kidnappin."

                        She stared at her reflection from his glasses and sighed. This is so confusin'.. How did Ah get here an' who the heck is Cajun boy ovah there? "Chére? Mah name is Rogue." Rogue stumbled out of the bed. "An' Ah'm gettin' outtah here." She walked to the door but fell to her knees halfway there. Why am Ah so weak? She felt strong arms wrap around her waist and carry her back to the bed.

                        "Y' are not goin' anywhere." Remy said setting her down. "At least 'till y' can walk."

                        "That's kidnappin'!"

                        "Non, fille. 'Tis lookin' after y'." The Cajun corrected. A small smirk was planted on his face. "Nothin' like lookin' after a damsel in distress, non?"

                        "Ah ain't no damsel in any distress."

                        He patted the top of her head. "Would y' like some water, Rouge?"

                        "Rogue." She shifted in discomfort. Her mouth was dry.. "Yeah, Ah guess."

                        "Don' look so worried, chére." He walked towards the door. "Trust Remy."

                        Her head snapped up and she ignored the stiff pain in her neck and shoulders. "Trust Remy." He walked out of the room whistling a tune. Ah don't trust nobody, Cajun.


                        A few minutes later Remy walked back into the room. In his hand was a glass of water. He handed it to her then sat himself back down next to he bed.

                        "Thank ya." She stared at the glass of water that had been placed in her hands. She could feel the coldness coming from it. She shivered then carefully brought the glass up to her lips. She inhaled the moisture then exhaled. Ah hope this ain't poisoned. Bah, Ah'm so thirsty that Ah don' even care. Ah'll just risk gettin' poisoned. She slowly sipped the water enjoying how the coldness of it felt going down her dry, itchy throat. After she finished it, She noticed Remy was staring at her. "What?"

                        "Not a thin' chére." He said smiling. She shrugged her shoulders back and placed the empty glass on the floor next to the bed.

                        "Why are ya helpin' meh"

                        "Can't a mutant help a fellow mutant out?" He asked. She looked at him surprised. Chére did not know Remy was a mutant? She must not remem'er me.

                        "Ya're a mutant?" He nodded solemnly then took off his sunglasses to reveal his red on black eyes. She recognized them immediately. "You! Ya're the one who tried ta blow meh up!"

                        "Not a great thin' to remem'er a person by, non?" Remy asked but Rogue quickly got up from the bed.

                        "Ah should've realized it when Ah saw all the cards. Ya're the enemy." Enemy of the X-Men at least. Ah don't even really have a reason ta hate him 'cept for when he tried to blow me up.

                        "Gambit had no choice den. Now 'dere are better t'ings to blow.." Before Rogue could answer, there was a knock coming from the other room. "Remy will be back."

                        He walked out of the room, closed the door behind him and answered the door.

                        "Hey mate!" St. John said walking into the apartment. A lighter was being hold in his hand and with each flick of his wrist, the lid opened and shut.

                        "Now is not a good time, mon ami." Remy said regretting that he had opened the door. Mags won' be happy if he finds out Gambit took an X-Man in.

                        "Ya got a Sheila over?" John raised a brow with a small smirk planted on his face. Remy just glared at him. Enough said.

                        "Jus' go."

Rogue opened the door a crack and looked down the hallway. Pyro. She recognized. That swamp rat mus' be riskin' a lot f'r bringin' meh here. Why would he risk it? Deciding to be quiet, Rogue carefully and slowly walked back to the bed, laid down and closed her eyes.


            Rogue woke up to a soft humming noise. Remy sat a few feet away, humming to a song. He sat at a desk playing with cards; he was building a card house.

Who trusts a guy who builds houses made from cards? The voices began. Rogue grabbed the sheet and clutched it with her fists. Not now! Get away now. He works for Magneto. While you still can.

"The voices.." She whispered. Remy turned around surprised. She had startled him so much that he accidentally knocked over his house of cards. "They're startin'. Ah hafta get outtah here."

"'De voices?" He asked, standing up.

"They made me run away from the institute." She started shaking. This actually started to scare them both. Remy now questioned what kind of institute. "Mah powers.. They want ta be released. The people in mah head want ta take control. Ah can't let 'em!" The cards that were lying around in the room floated into the air and encircled around her and the bed. "Ah can't take this anymore."

"Rogue-" Remy tried to get close to her but the cards stopped him. They were going around so quickly that if he tried to get through, they would cut him. "Y' wouldn' have been given 'dis power if y' couldn' handle it." The words made sense to her. The cards slowly stopped going around then came to a stop and fell back to the ground.

"Ah can't even trust anyone." She whispered, rocking back and fourth. Remy sat down next to her but made sure not to get too close. This girl had so many powers running through her veins that he didn't want to upset her or anything. "Even you."

"Y' can trust me. It's not like Remy bites." He tried to joke but the look on her face was much too serious. "Listen t' your heart, chére."

Don't listen to him. He's a thief. He lies. He steals. Do what your mind says. Release. Keeping us in will only lead to your own defeat.

"Mah head." She cried out as the throbbing pain increased. Ah wouldn't have been given this power if Ah couldn't handle it. GET OUT OF MAH HEAD! She looked up at the dumbfounded Gambit. He had taken her in. He knew she was his enemy but he still took her in. He wasn't like Magneto. They know Ah don't like ta trust people. They use it against me. They are the ones lying to me. The prof was tryin' ta help me. Why is everythin' so confusin? It's not people Ah don't trust.. It's mahself. You're wrong. All wrong. Rogue shook her head. "In the end, Ah win." Rogue fell forward into Remy's arms after she felt practically all of her energy leave her body.

"Y' have one messed up mind, Rogue.. But Remy likes 'dat." He whispered stroking her hair. She looked up at him, half smiling. "Trust me?"

"When haven't Ah?" She joked, laying her head on his chest. At least the voices were gone.

For now.