*~*~*~*~* Foaly's Carrot *~*~*~*~*

            ~ Mage Kitty




            ~ Excerpt from Foaly's Log, Disk 104 (Encrypted, far better than that Mud Boy)

            ~ (Translated: Gnommish to English)

            My Super Ship is complete.  She is completely brilliant, if I do say so myself.  Completely aerodynamic, smooth, far more advanced than what anyone has done before.  My baby is every fly-boys dream.  She can go through magma, air, water, space.  You name it, she can do it!

            I've bragged enough about my beautiful ship.  You already know everything about her, don't you?  Holly and Julius think I'm crazy, talking to a 'diary' as if it were real.  Ha!  You are real!  I know it!  Stupid elves…

            The 'stupid elves' are going to try out my baby today.  I wanted to go instead of Julius.  He said, I quote, "Foaly!  You made the ship.  Be happy with that.  You know that you can't fly worth shit.  I can't fly well enough, either.  But I have to be on the ship.  You know the rules.  Short is our best pilot, she gets to drive.  I know you want that, anyways.  We have no choice.  It's either you or Holly.  That is no choice."  Stupid.  I should have built that ship for three instead of for two.  I would have, but, no, let's cut the budget in the pony's department!  So instead of Holly, Julius and I testing my baby, it will be just Holly and Julius.  Stupid elves…


            Well, they left.  The elves marched their way onboard, with big grins on their faces.  Even Julius.  Damn them.  They had the nerve to say that my baby looks like a carrot!  Sure, she's orangey and carrot shaped.  And the blaze behind her is green.  But really?  Calling my baby a carrot?!?  Holly even christened her 'Foaly's Carrot'!  Julius made a few remarks about not working when I'm hungry and that I'm as bad as the 'convict.'  Though, technically, Mulch isn't a convict anymore.  I don't know how he did it, but I'll find out!  I would suspect Fowl, but he's no longer a threat.  Mind-Wiped.

            I half-wish that that mud boy wasn't Wiped.  He's the only one who understood what I was talking about.  Holly gets the idea, but Fowl understands it all.  And asks very lovely questions that are welcomed, unlike Julius'.  Fowl is entertaining.  I know Holly misses him.  She took a liking to punching him.  Julius half-misses him because there was always something going on with him around.  If only Fowl could have seen my baby.  He'd appreciate her!  Stupid elves…

            Oops.  Something is flashing.  Better check on it.

            ~ Foaly


A/N:  And that was the beginning of my Holly/Root story.  I noticed that in a lot of the H/R fics, Holly has long hair and Root is all buff and handsome like.  So I am making Holly and Root how they are in the stories.  Sorta.  There will be a few changes, but mih.  Please leave your thoughts in a review and tell me what I could do better.  This fic is another of my fics without Artemis.  Man, I really have something against him.  I have a grand total of two fics out of six with Artemis in it.  And one fic is a little more than a page long and the other one is mainly making fun of Artemis.  I have no life.  I'm done rambling now.  Almost.  My prologue was one page long.  Damn that's short.  Short…  Hee hee hee…  I'm going to leave before I scar your minds anymore!

            ~Mage Kitty ^^