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Julius – Entry Five

Taken from Cmdr. Julius Root's written journal

Bottom of Pacific Ocean

Inside Foaly's Carrot

Staring vaguely off into space


Just. Wow.

I am amazed. Really amazed. Who would have known that Holly would have fallen for me. And this is Holly we're talking about. A little while ago, she was obsessing over Ash Vein.

I just realised that I won over Ash Vein. Crazy. Very crazy.

I think I'll rub it into his face. Well, I would if it wasn't for the fact that Holly and I agreed not to inform anyone about our relationship. It would create too many problems.

Of course, we have to get out of this bloody ocean before we even have a chance to talk to anyone else. Ugh. Where is Foaly? Shouldn't he be able to track this ship.

Holly: Nope. He made this stupid thing untrackable. And, for security reasons, he made it that his own computers couldn't track us.

Hmmm... I guess I must have said that out loud.

Me: Bloody centaur. Remind me to yell at him when we get back.

Heh. Holly has a devious smirk at the moment.

Holly: Don't worry, I won't forget.

Me: I'll let you play with him afterwards.

Holly sits on my lap and curls up.

Holly: purrs You're too kind.

Me: Of course.

I brush my lips against hers and she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me closer to deepen the kiss. Don't feel like writing more at the moment. What? I'm writing without looking at the paper...

Holly's fiddling with the hand pad, again. I don't know why she bothers. This ship is dead. Dead.

Holly: Julius, do you have a knife?

Me: Sure.

I give her the knife. I wonder why she wa-


Holly: Cutting my finger, what does it look like?


Holly: I remembered something that Foaly said...

She holds her bleeding finger over the hand pad and the hand pad absorbs the blood. I think I'll walk over to her.

Me: What the...?

Holly: I have no idea.

Woah. The lights on the console all turned on. The engine is starting.

Me: I think you fixed it...

Holly: Woah.

Me: Can I have my knife back?

Holly: Sure

She hands me my knife.

Me: Thanks. Now, can you fly this thing back home?

Holly: No problem... I'm going to try and open a link to the Ops Booth.

Foaly: No need, Holly.

Foaly's face is on one of the monitors. Must resist urge to kill.

Holly: Foaly, how nice to see you.

Heh heh... Foaly's going to die. Oops, Foaly realises it as well.

Foaly: Well, I won't keep you two. Just fly back to Haven, okay?

He's gone.

Holly: What do you say to going home?

Me: Brilliant.

Holly: Right then. No civilians past the yellow line.

Me: Holly, there are no civilians, nor is there a yellow line.

Holly: Ruin my fun.

Me: Now let's take this baby home.

A/N: One chapter left. What? Are you confused now? Are you thinking that Mage had previously said that there were four chapters left (meaning that now there would be three). Well, you're right. I did say that. But I said that to keep with the pattern of Foaly, Holly, Julius, Holly, Julius. But now I really don't care and I don't really have much else to say, so the only thing left is the epilogue. And, trust me. I've got good ideas for that. So, one chapter left. I'll post it in five days or whenever I get home again.

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