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After the incident with the second Deathsaur; Raven and Ryss's criminal records were erased, giving both of them the chance to start a-new. Raven promised to never destroy or kill again. Therefore he was allowed to keep his Geno-Breaker. Ryss put up a huge fight, but after losing the argument she to, promised to never kill. With that done everyone could rest in peace, knowing that Raven and Ryss would stay out of trouble.

Van and Thomas admitted their completly unknown feelings toward each other and became a couple; much to the surprise of everyone else. Moonbay finally gained enough confidence to tell Phiona how she really felt about her, for all the year's they've known each other. Phiona told Moonbay that she to, felt the same about her. They quickly became a couple. Both having much fun their first night together. ;)

Thus leaving Irvine completly out of the loop. He had no one, but he wasn't upset about it. He really didn't -want- anyone at the moment, so he was ok with everything. Karl was also still single after rejecting the Queens son Rob. Rob took it hard, being the type not to take rejection well. He tried to kill himself, but failed. He was put in a mental institution and was to stay there until he made a full recovery.


Everything had pretty much settled down now that there was no threat of Death or disaster from anyone. There was a couple people who tried to steal from a gold depository, but thankfully they were caught and sentenced to five years in prision. Everyone's pretty much bored out of their minds. " Hey Irvine wanna have a battle?" Asked Van trying to peel an orange sitting across a table from Irvine.

Irvine was currently reading a news paper and wasn't paying attention to anything. " IRVINE!!!" Screamed Van. Irvine snapped his head up, giving Van his full attention. " What is it Van?" Asked an annoyed Irvine trying to get back into reading his paper. " I asked you if you wanted to battle me. What do you say? " Said Van a little irritated, currently restling with his orange. " No I don't feel like it. I'm just gonna go out for a joy ride in my zoid. Why don't you ask Thomas?" Said Irvine putting his paper down, getting up and stretching.

" Thomas said that he was going to be working on Beek all day long." " Well, Van, I don't know what to tell you, try asking one of the other solders. You know that there are plenty around. " Said Irvine, giving a light chuckle at Van. " Whats so funny hmmm? " " Its you, your never going to get that thing peeled if you keep biting at it." " Whatever, I know how to peel a damn orange. Just go out for that joy ride in your zoid now and leave me to my orange peeling." Said a frustrated Van.

With all that said and done Irvine just walked away still laughing lightly thinking of Van not being able to peel an orange correctly. / He'll probably be there when I get back. / Thought Irvine walking over to his Lightning Siax and jumping into the cockpit.

/ Hmmm, where to go, where to go? That is the question. Mabey i'll just head on over to the next City and get myself drunk as hell. No, mabey not, it's a bit early for that, guess i'll just have to wait a while. / The Lightning Siax was flying through the desert at top speed, occasionally jumping a bolder or small hill on the way.


On walked Raven, his good for nothing zoid had just broken down about an hour ago and he was currently walking through the desert trying to find a city. / Damn it, it feels like i've been walking forever. Its so hot out today, and I didn't bring any water, damn. I wasn't really planning for this to happen. So thirsty. . . . so tired. . . . / Raven sat down on a nearby rock that was next to a cliff to catch his breath and take a little rest. " I hate you." Said Raven looking up at the sun. He laid down on the rock to look at the sun and glare daggers at it. A few minutes later he fell fast asleep.


Coming ever so close to his destination; Irvine spotted something just a bit over the horizon. / That looks like a zoid. / As Irvine got closer he could tell what zoid it was. / What is Raven's Geno-Breaker doing all the way in the middle of the desert ? Where is Raven at ? / He hopped out of his Lightning Siax and went over to investigate. He saw no one in the zoid; but he did spot prints in the sand. They were someones shoe prints, they went about three feet in one direction. The rest of the prints were covered in sand from the wind blowing on them.

Irvine figured that Raven must have went off in the direction of the nearest city; which was way to far to walk on foot without some sort of transportation. He got back into his zoid and went in the direction that he thought Raven went in. He was traveling for about 20 minutes before he came upon Raven. Raven was laying on a rock, and to Irvine he looked like he was dead. Irvine got out of his zoid and walked over to Raven. He looked down at Raven and noticed that he wasn't dead at all; he was just sleeping.

" Hey, Raven wake up." Said Irvine trying not to startle Raven, but still get him up. Raven didn't wake up he just kept sleeping away. Irvine tried again, but Raven still didn't get up. He was getting tired of trying to get Raven to wake, so he picked him up, walked back over to his Lightning Siax and climbed in. He sat Raven in his lap, having no where else to put him, and put his zoid into motion to the next town over. / Damn, why am I doing this. I fucking hate Raven; but I couldn't just leave him there to die. Stupid conscious. . ./


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