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" Thoughts "

/ Thinking \

*** Scene change

" Irvine's taking a long time. " Said Moonbay.

" I know, I thought that he might be back by now. " Said Phiona.

" Hmmm. " Moonbay sighed and leaned over in her chair to gine Phiona a quick kiss on the lips.

" So soft. " Sighed Phiona, while leaning into the kiss. They pulled apart fast noticing a couple of the other solders in the base were staring at them. Blushing madly they got up and walked out of the room.

" Geez, what perverts. " Sighed Moonbay. She was really looking forward to making out with Phiona on one of the maney lunchroom tables.

/ To bad. \ She thought. Looking over at Phiona, she licked her lips and pushed her into one of the open doors in the hallway. Phiona being caught by surprise fell onto the floor. Moonbay slammed the door shut behind her and hopped onto Phiona.


Raven awoke to the smell of food. He sat up and looked at Irvine, who was watching tv and eating pizza.

" What time is it ? " Asked Raven looking around for a clock.

" About, 8:35. " Stated Irvine, checking his wrist watch.

" I was asleep for more than half an hour. " Said Raven, a bit annoyed with Irvine. He wanted to wake up earlyer and get the hell out of there. He didn't want to stay in a motel room with a member og the guardian force. Sure they patched things up but, still, he didn't like them.

" Well, I thought you could use some more rest. " Said Irvine. Raven just glared.

/ Damn! What the hell am I doing, being so nice to him for ? \ Thought Irvine. True, it wasn't like him to be nice to people. He hated Raven.

/ Right ? \


" Hey, Thomas ? " Asked Van, walking into the room they both now shared.

" Yes Van, what is it ? " Asked Thomas, from a corner of the room, on the floor. He was working on some new invention that would help B.E.E.K. track down a ZOID from far away. Much further thatn any ZOID is capable of doing at the moment.

" Do you know where my favorite shirt is ? " Asked Van, looking every which way to see if he could spot it.

" I washed it for you, here. " Said Thomas getting up and pulling Vans' shirt out of seemingly nowhere and handing it to him.

" Thanks. " Said Van, as he slipped his uniform off, except for his boxers, and pulled on the shirt Thomas handed him. Training had been pretty harsh today and he was starting to feel the effects of it.

" Man ! I'm wiped out ! " Said Van.

" Me too. " Said Thomas. He walked over to the bed and got in under the covers. Soon joined by Van. They wrapped their arms around each other, said their goodnights and fell fast asleep.


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