Yu-gi-oh: The Duelists of the Roses- The tale of the Red Rose Duelist

~ The British Empire in the 1480's. The War of the Roses, a power struggle between the houses of Lancaster (Red Rose) and York (White Rose) to decide a royal successor was nearing an end. With the Yorkists well in the lead the reign of Richard III was but a step away. And in France, Yugi (Henry Tudor)-the last Lancastrian heir- was being forced to live a life of exile. The Lancastrian forces were rendered powerless by ancient cards of sorcery wielded by 'Seto' and his seven followers who known as the Rose Crusaders served under the flag of Lord Crawford, a powerful Yorkist nobleman. Lacking a duelist to champion their cause defeat was imminent for the Lancastrians. In England duel card games were still at the fledging stage. Thus the Lancastrians had to look elsewhere for a duel master capable of facing the Rosenkruez in battle. With this in mind, Margaret Mai Beaufort of Lancaster secretly requested a High Druid to summon a duelist from another age. ~

Another day had begun for Mia, not that it made any difference. Mia liked to be alone, although people at Rosewood High wanted to be her friend. As much as she appreciated it, she turned them down. You see Mia was part of a Lancastrian family one of the only ones left in the world and with a long line of royal history behind them. But to Mia, it seemed like they were the only family left in the house of Lancaster.
During her History class, they'd started learning about the War of the Roses. The battle between the Lancastrians and the Yorkists. Mia was quite fascinated by the topic so she decided to go to the library to look for a book on it. As Mia browsed the library shelves for the right book she came across a dusty black book with a golden border of the front and back cover. Mia opened the book and looked at the first sentence, which read,
" The War of the Roses, an epic battle between the Lancastrians and the Yorkists." Mia decided to sign it out. The librarian told Mia that the book didn't belong there. Also that she could keep it. Mia thanked her and left.
Mia was a fast reader, soon enough, she'd already finished ¾ of the book. Mia looked at the next ¼ and noticed that the pages were blank. "That's strange? These pages are blank," Mia thought as she starred blankly at the book. Mia noticed a page with a picture of a beautifully drawn rose. As Mia ran her fingers over the rose, the picture started to glow. It shone so bright that Mia covered her eyes. When she opened them she found herself in Stonehenge. "Oooooooh!!! Summon from the mystic circle of Red and White roses. The one capable of harnessing pure power. There was truth to the Legend of the Rose Duelist!!! Lady Margaret! I did it! Now we have the means for defeating the evil forces of Rosenkruez!" cried a man standing a few meters from her. "Where am I? Who are you?" asked Mia. "Oh my apologies, I was so excited I forgot I was in the presence of a Rose Duelist," said the man. " A Rose Duelist?" thought Mia. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Simon Mcmooran, High Druid and servant of Lancaster, may I be so bold to ask what your name is?" said Simon. "My name is Mia," replied Mia. "Mia, a fine name indeed! Here's our situation, the year is 1485 and you are currently in Stonehenge near Salisbury, England. The British Empire is in turmoil with the House of Lancaster's rightful claim to the throne being challenged by the Yorkists usurpers. The power struggle is referred to as the War of the Roses. A name based of the badges used by both sides, a Red Rose for the Lancastrians and a White Rose for the Yorkists. Right now our kingdom is threatened by the Yorkists and their wrongful claim to the throne! All because the Yorkists enjoy the support of the Rose Crusaders and their sorcerous White Rose cards. Using our Red Rose cards we summoned you Mia to this day and age. We hoped that your dueling experience would defeat the Rose Crusaders and lead us to victory! You will help us right?" asked Simon.
"Sure," replied Mia.
"Right of course, foolish of me to even doubt where your loyalties lie. Rumor has it that only the Legendary Rose Duelist stands a chance against the power of Rosenkreuz. We appreciate any help you can provide against them" said Simon "Hmm.so that's the effect of the Celtic Red Rose cards.it looks like there's some truth to the rumor that Red Rose cards are capable of some time transformation" said a voice. "Who's there!?" said Simon. A man stepped out of the shadows, dressed in a magnificent suit of armor that looked like a dragon. "It's been some time, since the Battle of the Barnet old one," said the man. "Rosenkruez! What brings you here?" asked Simon.
"Only a member of the Rose Crusaders may call me that, as I recall you may only address me as Seto, or does your memory fail you? And you.must be the dreaded Rose Duelist. I must admit there's a certain aura of power emitting from you. I believe an introduction is in order. I am Seto leader of the Rose Crusaders. There are members of our little group who prefer to call me by the name of C. Rosenkruez." Said Seto.
"I ask you again, why are you here Seto? Asked Simon impatiently.
"Mind you manners old man! What else would bring me here? I'm here for the Red Rose cards. After all it was you who showed me how the summoning capabilities would evolve when the Red Rose cards are combined with the transport powers of the White Rose cards." Said Seto
"You aren't thinking of attempting the forbidden 'Rose Summoning'. If so the Red Rose cards must never fall into your evil hands!!! Card sorcery taps into the power of the Ancient Ones.by their very nature each card is a double-edged sword that can cut both ways. The Rose cards alone harness tremendous power. There's no telling what horrors one might bring into the world by combining both Red and White!!! I will sacrifice my own life if needed to prevent any from uttering the 'Spell of Doom'!!! "'Spell of Doom'? Fool!!! The sixteen Red and White Rose cards grant power over all! Druid legend has twisted the true meaning of these cards! We Rose Crusaders have sworn to create a utopia free from the ravenges of war. We intend to accomplish this with the power of these cards!!! And we shall do so by extending the rule of Richard III throughout the known world!!! Simons didn't say a word he had probably been bored of listening to him. But Mia was actually quite interested in all of this. "By the way it was clever of you to draw a circle of roses around our barrier to summon the duelist. But you were foolish to come alone, this area is surrounded and if you wish to leave with your life you will only do so by handing over the Red Rose cards." Said Seto with an evil smile. "Me? A fool? Then what about you? Were you actually foolish enough to believe the Red Rose cards would stay in my possession? Right after the summoning I had them dispersed among our best duelists to keep them from your tainted hands!" Said Simon with a smile. "Then you leave me with but one option I shall enlist the aid of your precious Rose Duelist!" said Seto. "Oh great now he wants me too." thought Mia who was a little frustrated after hearing this. " You take leave of your senses..," said Simon who was getting angry. "You speak to soon, old man!" said Seto. "Heed my words, Duelist if you wish to return to your proper time period you will require the sixteen Red and White Rose cards. The cards must be laid in reverse of the summoning in order to send you home" said Seto.
"You know the spell?" asked Simon. "Since you need the sixteen Rose cards as much as we do, I propose a partnership. Help us gather the cards and I shall guarantee your return after we achieved our ultimate goal!!!" said Seto proudly. "An absurd proposal!! Do you think that the honourable Mia would lend an ear to your ridiculous proposal!?" asked Simon with a frustrated expression. But Mia was all ears for this one, besides she needed to know in order to decide what she would do. "Can you be so sure old man? Let's see Simon's side has eight of the Red Rose cards. While my side, the Rose Crusaders has eight White Rose cards. As numbers are even simple arithmetic indicates you can side with either of us. But I'm sure you'll take into account who's winning this war! After all who was desperate to summon you in the first place? I think it's clear which side is better-positioned to send you home." Said Seto. "M.Mia heed not the words of this.power hungry lunatic!!!" Said Simon looking a bit worried. "Simon, must you resort to name calling? I'm hurt. I'll tell you what, why don't we leave the decision to our dear duelist? After all, Simon the duelist's future is not for us to decide now is it?" Asked Seto. "Well, yes but." Simon began. "Splendid! In keeping with the tradition of the Old Temple gardens I offer you a choice duelist. Here are two roses, the White one represents me and the Red for old Simon here." Explained Seto. "For the sake of justice! Choose the red rose!" cried Simon. "Stand by me, duelist choose the white rose," said Seto. Mia looked at the white rose and thought, "Maybe it's better if I help the winning side, I mean Seto has a point the Lancastrians were the one who was desperate to win." thought Mia. Then she turned to the red rose, "It would be wrong to alter history so I should help the Lancastrians win, even if they do ending up winning with or without my help, they're my ancestry too, I'm part of a Lancastrian and it would be wrong not to help them" thought Mia. So Mia reached out and picked the red rose. "How disappointing, oh well. you made your choice and I will respect that. For now I will grant you safe passage until you've met with Yugi, after all I wouldn't want our little game to end so soon, that wouldn't be sporting. Until then Duelist!" and with those last words Seto and his Rose Crusaders left.
Mia and Simon got on a ship and immediately headed out to sea.
"Where are we going Simon?" asked Mia.
"Oh you'll see Mia, I'm sure you will like the person you are about to meet," said Simon confidently with a smile.