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Chapter Three: Hard Luck Man

"Who the hell are you?"

She turns slowly, drawing it out, a slight smile on her lips as she reaches for her gun, "You know? I could ask you the same thing."

They stare down the barrels of each others guns in consideration, neither moving.

"Hmph," replies the cloaked stranger, his clothes oddly reminiscent of an old movie Faye remembered seeing so long ago, about wizards or something.

"Well...I've really got to be going," she states and starts to slowly back away, gun still raised.

"I think you might want to reconsider that."

"And why exactly is that?"

"Because you've met me before...I remember now..." The gun slowly lowers disappearing into the folds of black cloth.

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah. I was one of the syndicate guys in the opera house."

She starts, "I thought you all died..."

"I wasn't in the Church."

"Well, that explains everything. Nice to meet ya, bye-bye now..." She turns to leave, wishing desperatly for a smoke and at the same time wondering how long it's been since she's had one.

"Don't come here again," he warns from beneath his hood, and turns his head away, "the Red Dragon syndicate is all over this place, I've been appointed to be one of the guards..."

"Why exactly are you being so friendly?" Faye demands exasperated.

"Because I no longer have to kill you. Want to go out sometime?"

She blinks, taken aback by the sudden outburst and shakes her head rapidly.

"Hmph. It was worth a try, though." With that he turns and walks away.

Blinking still, Faye turns on her heel and flees, confused as to why she'd just been asked out by a syndicate member, why the said syndicate member was guarding a tombstone, and why the hell the syndicate even cared.

And why hadn't he tried to kill her? That still didn't make sense. That's what the syndicate did. They killed people. They didn't just let people go waltzing off the blab stuff to the universe.

Digging through her pockets she found a stray cigarette and lit it hurriedly with Spike's old lighter. "Well, whatever," she tells it through the smoke as she climbs into her ship and starts to fly back to the Bebop. "You'd think the Red Dragon would have disbanded after Vicious's death..." Shaking her head, she stares at her hands on the staring wheel, feeling as though something's missing.

"Maybe I should paint my nails red?" She considers.


"The hell?!" Reyn declares, "You shouldn't be doing this!"

Chaos doesn't respond, just stares at him through the bandages wrapped around his head.

"What were you thinking?!? If you died the whole syndicate would have collapsed! You don't have an heir and..."

"Geez, whatever happens, happens," he pauses, "I feel like I've said that before..." The moment passes and he smirks at Reyn, "And I only got two bullets this time."

Reyn slaps a hand against his forehead, "Yeah, and last time, it was five! You have the most luck I've even seen!"

Immortals cannot be touched by death...

Chaos shakes his head, a strange voice tugging at his thoughts and then fading into nothing. "How'd the Vere thing go?"

Reyn rolls his eyes, "He was successfully killed, and the café was successfully blown up, although I don't know why you wanted to do that..."

"I like to blow up things. It's fun."

"Yeah, and you also think trying to kill yourself is fun."

The price is paid, there is no debt. You can not die.

Was he hearing things? Chaos frowns and then laughs at the look on Reyns face, "Well, yeah. Wouldn't waste my time trying, if it wasn't."

///...Go now if you want it

An otherworld awaits you

Don't you give up on it

You bite the hand that feeds you...///

"Hmm...Time for sleep, see you later," and with that, Chaos disappears down the hall, long legs carrying him away.

Reyn frowns slightly and turns to the syndicate guard at the door. "Is Ryki here? His shift should be over."

"I believe so, sir."

"Send him in then," Reyn commands and waits. He really doesn't like working behind Chaos's back, but he only does so to protect him.

A young man decked out in a cloak stalks into the room, bowing his head slightly in Reyn's direction.

"How was your shift?" Reyn demands, staring stoicly at the young man.

"A young woman stopped by the grave. I scared her away."

"Is that all?"

"Yes, sir. Although you might want to take it into account that it was Faye."

Reyn starts, "Are you sure."

"Yeah...I'm pretty sure."

"She doesn't suspect?"

"...That the grave is empty? No, I really do believe she thought there was something in there..."


///...All alone cold fields you wonder

Memories of it cloud your sight

Fills you dreams, disturbs your slumber

Lost your way a fallen knight...///

A rose. It falls in a puddled. It looks like water, but feels like blood. Scarlet and crimson drip down his face, into his mouth. He smirks at the taste and licks his lips.

It tastes like metal and he revels in it.

Somewhere in the distant is the sound of death, but he's used to it by now. The smell of smoke feels the air, and something explodes across from him. He goes darting into the shadows, dripping blood.

A rose. It falls into a puddle.

A smile.

The color of the sun.

Someone smirking.

An eye.

Something about that eye.

Flashes of death. He's died before. The stairs...they...they...

A rose...

He wakes up, breathing hard, brushing a hand through his hair to the best of his ability and throwing the blankets off his slim form. He wonders if it's a memory, but he cannot recall anything and just stares at his hands. In the dream, there had been blood on these hands.

///...Hold now aim is steady

Anotherworld awaits you

One thousand years-you ready?

The otherworld it takes you...///

If the dream was a memory, than he'd lived something else before...and yet...it was much the same, wasn't it? Death and blood and explosions...

///...Go, go into the sand and the dust and the sky

Go now no better plan than to do or to die

Free me pray to the faith in the face of the light

Feed me fill me with sin now get ready to fight...///

He hums a tune to himself as he stands up and pushes the nightmare away.



"Yeah, Ed?"

"Ed has found what the numbers mean!"

"And what do they mean?"

"They lead to a house, a mouse, and cheese!"


"A house on red, a house on Mars, a house with a bed, a house with stars!"

///...You know you will

You know you will

You know you know you know you know that you will

You know you know you know you know that you will

You know you will...///

"No more Mars, Ed, I'm through with it."

"But...Aren't you curious?"

"Maybe..." She was bored.

///...Fight fight fight

Fight fight fight

Fight fight fight

Fight fight fight...///

"What's the address?" She might as well ask, what would it hurt?

"Heh! 47214 Saltine Avenue in the Eighth District!"

"Is it just a normal house?" For some reason, deep down inside, Faye felt that it shouldn't be, that this house, should be special somehow.

"A great, big, white house with lotsa treeeeeeeees!"

Yeah, she thought distractedly, but who lives there? Why would some old guy have this address in his wallet? And do we really want to go find out?

///...Hope dies and you wonder

The otherworld it makes you

Dreams rip asunder

The otherworld it hates you

Free now ride up on it

Up to the heights it takes you

Go now if you want it

An otherworld awaits you...///

///...Curiosity, Cowgirl?...///

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