Alright, this is one of those things that came to me after watching "Impact" this morning. I realized today just how much family there is in Evo in general, and how many people were affected by such a thing in today's eppy. So this is the start of a series of short one shot, POV's from different Evo characters. Starting with my blue fuzzy elf, Kurt.

If you haven't seen Impact, I suggest you turn back now. Major spoilers.


Regardless of anything else, she was still my mother. Mine.

It may sound stupid or crazy to you, but this woman gave birth to me. She even looked like me, same coloring, from the skin to the eyes. And when you grow up thinking you're the only freak of your kind, to realize that maybe there's someone out there who is like you and understands, it's a miracle.

And I'm not like her. I have faith in that.

It is sad to realize that your mother would have gladly left you for dead, but she would have, without a backwards glance. But I could not do the same. I guess I just wanted to have a larger piece of her than I already did, a bit of her gratitude and loyalty. Having her in the manor felt like maybe I did have a piece of her. Just a small one.

I wanted to save her for her, for me. So maybe someday, she'd do the same. Maybe one day she'd see me as something more than her cursed child, a child who refused to stand beside her and her crazy schemes, but just a child. Her child.

And Rogue. Maybe she's more like Mom than I ever thought. To watch her just shove our mother off the cliff, without a second thought. I knew she was mad I just never. I thought she had more control than that. "Used and abused, never to happen again" I heard Rogue mutter the other day. She's not speaking to me, and I'm not really speaking to her. It's hard to talk when neither one of us knows what to say. How do you reconcile two very different views on who gets to live and who gets to die and who gets to make that choice?

And so now my mother is dead by my sister's hand, not that my mother never tried anything of the sort. Rogue would probably say that she died at her own hand, of her own greed and own disregard for those around her. And a part of her may be right, but I think there was a part of Mystique that loved us. I know I didn't imagine that tear. I couldn't have. It was real.

And I'm left questioning myself. If I had saved her, would she have been different, would she have loved us, or was she really incapable of that? Would she have taken Rogue and used her for her powers, tricked us into betray our friends? Could she have found a way to let us be who we are? Would she have cared enough to try?


Kurt looked up startled. "'Manda, didn't realize you vere there."

"We had a date Kurt, unless you'd rather not. I mean I can go."

"No! I just." He stopped and cleared his throat. "It's been a long few veeks."

Amanda took a seat down next to him. "You want to tell me about it? I'm not a bad listener."

"I know. Not right now alright."

"When you are, I'll be here."

"I may just have to hold you to that one," he managed, and attempted to give her a smile. "Do you mind if ve just sit here for avhile? I mean. if you'd rather ve could alvays-"

Amanda nodded and wrapped her arm around his waist. "No, no this is just fine," she said, and for a moment, it was.