Harry stared at Dumbledore. He must have heard wrong. Maybe his uncle's beatings were finally affecting his head.

'I'm sorry, what was that?' Harry said to Dumbledore.

'Harry, I understand that you might not want to go back to your aunt and uncle's, but I think it is our only option.' Dumbledore looked gravely over the top of his glasses at him.

'NOT WANT TO? HE BEATS ME! I CAN STILL HARDLY BREATHE BECAUSE HE BROKE MY RIBS!' Harry yelled and then went into a coughing fit because of the pain. Harry looked around at the people in the room. Dumbledore, Sirius, Lupin and most of the other Order of the Phoenix members were there, along with Ron, Hermione and Ginny. How could they send him back there?

Lupin came over and placed a hand on his shoulder. 'Look Harry, it's all for the best…' but Harry had had enough, he stood up so violently that his chair toppled over. Lupin fell backwards because of the force of Harry's sudden movement.

'No,' Harry hissed so low it was barely audible, 'I'm not going back there.' He then strode out of the room. Sirius went to follow him but Dumbledore said,

'No, Sirius, leave him. He'll understand in time.'

Dumbledore sighed; for someone for who had defeated the dark lord, that boy sometimes acted like a spoiled six-year-old


Harry ran to his room at no. 12 Grimmauld Place. What was wrong with them, he thought, his uncle bashes him almost to death and they want to send him back? God. They were mad. And, he reasoned to himself, with Voldemort gone, why do I have to go to the Dursley's?

Harry stood in the middle of his room and looked around. What did he have here? No one really cared about him. Sirius was too busy snogging Lupin to notice him and Ron and Hermione were in each other arms all the time. Then Harry made a decision. He won't go back to the Dursely's, he would leave. Now.

Harry grabbed his wand and pulled his  trunk towards him. He minimized it and made it feather light. Then he covered himself in his invisibility cloak. He would go and get some more gold then start a new life. And he had some tricks up his sleeve to make sure he didn't get caught.


Downstairs everything was returning to normal. Dumbledore had left and Mrs Weasley was cooking in the kitchen. The Weasley children, minus Ron, were playing exploding snap. Ron and Hermione had gone to feed Buckbeak and Sirius and Remus were making out on the couch. Then an official looking owl soared through the window.

It probably wouldn't have caused such a commotion if it hadn't landed on Sirius' head and stuck in its claws. Sirius yelled and rolled off Lupin. The owl then flew over to Mrs Weasley and dropped the note in front of her.

'It's from the ministry.' The apprehension in her voice was clear.

Sirius jumped up and grabbed the letter out of her hand. Ignoring her annoyed 'Huh', he quickly opened it. As his eyes scanned the page his face got paler and paler. By the end, he looked like he was about to be sick. After a moment he spoke, his voice was weak.

'It's Harry…they…they've expelled him'

'WHAT?!' came many angry voices from around the room. Sirius continued,

'It seems that Harry, the idiot, went up the stairs a few minutes ago and used magic! What a twit!' Sirius was really angry. He couldn't believe Harry was stupid enough to use illegal magic! And in the Order Head Quarters no less! What a moron!

Just then Hermione came down from going to get Harry. She was white.

'You're not going to like this…'