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A/N: This is the sequel to my story, Potential Second Chance, or PSC as I like to call it. You might not be familiar with some of my characters so here is a quick recap:

Autumn Tucker: Autumn is a half slayer (the physical half), age 15 from New York but transferred over to Sunnydale. Her slayer powers were divided in half as a default of Buffy dying twice. Autumn has fiery red hair and sometimes a temper to match. Wesley is her watcher.

Margaret Strider: Maggie is the other half of the slayer (the heart) and she, too, is 15 She grew up in London but moved to Sunnydale to go to school in America. Maggie is under the strict supervision of Giles, her uncle. The strict supervision includes not being allowed to go near coffee and sweets even though she is crazy about them.

Jeff Tucker: Jeff is Autumn's seventeen-year-old brother, who believes in things beyond what the eye can see. He has also taken a liking to Dawn.

If anything else confuses you you're just going to have to read PSC. Now on with the story.

                                                        CHAPTER 1

          Autumn stretched out on the bleachers of the football field at school, the sun reflected off her brightly colored shirt and light blue jeans. Her hair flew in the gentle breeze that was blowing. Maggie sat under the bleacher that Autumn was on, munching away at a Hershey bar. Dawn sat next to Autumn, a book in her lap, making a poor attempt to study.

"I am so bored," Autumn sighed, circling a pink pattern on her shirt.

"Well, we could go to third period," Maggie said, equal boredom in her voice.

"Nah," all three girls agreed at once.

A beam crossed Dawn's face. "Jeff!" she called, shooting up and waving.

          Autumn looked down and saw her tall, dark haired brother, who waved back at Dawn with his usual cheesy grin on his face. Autumn noted that Jeff only formed that disgusting grin when Dawn was around. Jeff walked up to the bleachers and stood before Dawn.

"Hey," he greeted her.

"Hey," Dawn returned the greeting and his smile.

Autumn and Maggie shared a look. Gross!

"What's up?" Jeff asked the tall brunette, sticking his hands in his pockets.

"Nothing," Dawn shrugged, copying his move as she put her hands into the pockets of her jeans. "We're all just, you know, avoiding classes."

Jeff nodded and soon an awkward silence spread between the two of them.

"Next on Jenny Jones," Autumn suddenly said, breaking the annoying silence spell. "Older brothers who drool over young females."

Maggie giggled a little as she continued to eat her chocolate bar.

Jeff sneered down at his sister before turning his attention back to Dawn. "So what are you doing tomorrow night?"

Autumn felt a gag coming on.

"Why?" Dawn asked, amazingly casual.

"Because I'm not doing anything," Jeff said. "So I thought that if you weren't doing anything that we might do, uh, that kind of thing together."

Dawn smiled bashfully as she replied, "Well, I was going to do a lotta  homework and watch my sister patrol without me but I guess I can rearrange my schedule."

"Cool," Jeff said in his I'm-a-very-cool-older-guy-with-great-hair like tone that he often used around Dawn.

"Around seven at the Bronze?" Dawn asked.

Jeff just nodded and headed down to get to his next class.

"That was smooth of him," Maggie smiled as Dawn sat back down.

"That was lame of him," Autumn corrected, reaching for the chocolate yoo-hoo that rested between her and Dawn.

"Don't say that," Dawn said to Autumn. "He's... sweet."

"So his wrestling team body and Hollywood smile has nothing to do with it?" Maggie asked slyly.

"Oh, this coming from the girl who drools over Angel like he's a walking sundae?" Dawn returned the slyness.

Maggie blushed a little. "He's more like a side of beef."

"Oh, brother," Autumn muttered. "What is with you two?"

"No crushes, Autumn?" Maggie asked her red haired friend.

"Crushes on what?" Autumn said with a snap of her tongue. "These Sunnydale guys? They're either vamps or demons."

"Unless they're tall, dark, broody, and just plain yummy vamps," Maggie said dreamily, getting herself a look from both Dawn and Autumn. "Um, yes, vamps or demons..."

"Anyway," Autumn continued. "I don't have time to think on the whole boy thing. Lately the only guy in my friggin' life is—"

"Hello," Wesley greeted, walking up to the girls from out of nowhere.

"Wesley," Autumn finished her sentence. "Hey."

"Hello," Maggie addressed him.

"Hey, Wes," Dawn said, sipping a can of soda through a straw.

"Are you training tonight?" Wesley asked, turning his attention back to Autumn.

"That depends," Autumn said, putting down her yoo-hoo after taking a long sip of it. "Do I have a choice in the matter?"

"I doubt you'd like my answer to that," Wesley replied cooly.

"Oh, goody, training!" Autumn squealed in mock enthusiasm. "That'll be ever so much fun!"

Maggie laughed softly as she finished off her chocolate bar.

"Good to see you're excited," Wesley said to Autumn then turned to Maggie. "You'll need to be there, too."

Maggie's giggles immediately silenced, giving Autumn the turn to laugh. Dawn shook her head in amusement at the two as she continued to drink her soda.

"Is that all, Wesley?" Autumn asked, trying to cover her crossness.

"Yes." Wesley addressed all three of them when he said, "Shouldn't you all be in class?"

"Nah," they all replied simultaneously like they had done earlier.

"You all do realize that I have the power to give detention?" the watcher stated.

          That did it. Dawn and Maggie both gathered their things and were running down the bleachers in no time. Autumn shook her head with an eye roll and turned her attention back to the football field.

"That's goes for you, too, Copper Curls," Wesley said, using Spike's nickname for the girl.

Autumn sighed and resisted the urge to roll her eyes as she said, "I'll be right there."

Wesley nodded and headed down the bleachers.

          Autumn released another sigh as she picked up what was left of her yoo-hoo and a couple of her books, also walking down the bleachers. As she headed back into the school someone shoved into her, making her drop her books and spill her chocolate drink on top of them.

"Hey, watch it!" Autumn snapped at whoever it was that had smacked into her.

She turned around to see a tall brown haired boy standing behind her, wearing a pair of shades. "Watch it yourself, Red," he retorted cooly.

"You bumped into me," Autumn told him angrily.

"Yeah, I noticed." The boy took a comb from his jacket and began to straighten his hair. "So what?"

"Well, you can go buying yoo-hoos all willy nilly," Autumn said.

The boy scoffed as he turned to leave. "Chicas and sweets. So corny." He walked off without saying anything else.

"Well, all is forgiven!" Autumn shouted after him, her voice even more irate than it was before.

          She gathered her now sticky books and headed into the school towards her locker. Autumn went inside of the locker and grabbed a few tissues to try to clean the chocolate off her books, silently fuming about how she would be really late for class.

"You know most girls have a man slave do that for them." Autumn looked up from her cleaning to see Jessica Porter, the sixteen-year-old freshman year repeat who's locker stood next to Autumn's.

"I'd have to get a man slave first," Autumn grumbled, still trying to remove chocolate from her algebra book.

"Oh, brother." Jessica suddenly grabbed Autumn's books and went over to the water fountain with them.

"Hey, what are you—?"

"Tissue, please," Jessica interrupted, holding out her hand. Autumn handed her what she asked for and Jessica scrubbed the chocolate away with the fountain's water in no time. "There you go. All shiny like." She handed Autumn the books back.

"Wow. Uh, thanks."

"Think nothing of it," Jessica said dismissively, flipping some of her long, brown hair over her back. "So what's up with you, Chica?"

          Autumn rolled her eyes in amusement. Whenever Jessica used that nickname "Chica" it brought out her full Mexican accent.

"Nothing is up," Autumn replied. "Besides how lame and retarded the male species is."

"I get it," Jessica nodded her head slowly, her arms folded across her chest. "You want smooches, right?"

Autumn sighed deeply and aggravated. "No, I do not crave the smooches. But I do crave the whole learning thing so see ya." She walked off down the hall, hoping to get to class on time.

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