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                                                        CHAPTER 3

          Giles released a light yawn as he wondered out of his bedroom the next morning and down to the kitchen, expecting to see Maggie hovering over a bowl of lucky charms. The British man was surprised at the empty kitchen then glanced towards the clock. He quickly headed back upstairs, towards Maggie's room.

          Maggie hugged a pillow tightly as she slept, looking very peaceful. A hard knock at her door made the blonde girl jump up with a gasp. She tried to shake the sleep from her head and went over to her door, opening it.

"Ugh..." Maggie moaned, putting a hand to her forehead.

"Margaret, it's nearly eight. You're going to be late for school if you don't—" Giles got a good look at her, realizing she still wore her clothes from the previous day. "You've been asleep since yesterday afternoon?"

"Oh..." Maggie realized it. "Suppose I was. Thanks for waking me." She headed over to her dresser.

"Margaret," Giles said, sticking his hands into his pockets and leaning against her doorway. "You can't oversleep like this. I can't have you being late for school."

"I know," Maggie said to him. "It's a one time thing, Uncle Rupert. I promise." Giles nodded and headed down the stairs. Maggie thought about something and called after him. "Do we have any lucky charms left?"

          Later that day Autumn walked through the halls of school with Dawn and Maggie as she usually did on a free period. The three of them made their way over to a bench that stood outside the main office, and sat on it lined up with Autumn in the middle of Dawn and Maggie.

"Tell me why we go to school again?" Dawn moaned.

"To fail tests and to be made into rejects?" Autumn suggested.

"Don't even talk about failed tests," Maggie said. "I got a B on a history quiz."

Dawn rolled her eyes as she said, "Yeah, major damage there."

"I know," Maggie agreed, not catching on to Dawn's sarcasm. She smiled then and said, "But maybe I can get a certain sexy vampire to tutor me in history."

Autumn smiled at her friend. "Maggie, it is so obvious that your cute little school girl act ends when Giles is far enough away not to go "oh, dear" on you."

"Actually if he found out I even thought about this sort of thing I'd be the one going oh, dear," Maggie said with a little smile. The blonde girl decided to take the attention of her as she said, "So, Dawn, you still going out with Jeff tonight?"

"Yes. We are officially Bronze worthy," Dawn replied happily.

"I wish I was anything worthy. I'm so... icky feeling lately," Autumn said.

"Oh, are you getting sick, luv?" Maggie asked with concern.

Autumn shook her head and sat up a little. "No. Just the whole being a girl, being a student, being a slayer, yadda, yadda, yadda thing."

Dawn shook her head and said, "You are so Buffy-esque."

"Good to hear," Autumn said with a roll of her eyes.

"But you guys could go you know," Dawn said, going back to the Bronze worthy issue. "I mean one night off from the whole half slayer thing?"

"You're right," Autumn slowly smiled. "I mean Wes won't care, right?" Both Dawn and Maggie busted up with laughter suddenly. "OK. So he'd care. Big deal. I'll go, anyway."

"Cool," Maggie said, standing. "Sounds totally smashing."

"Great." Dawn also stood. "Anyway, I'm going to get a head start on biology." She held the strap of her book bag tightly and headed off down the hall.

Autumn turned to Maggie and said, "And I'm going to get a head start on sleeping through algebra." She turned and walked away, opposite of Dawn.

Maggie watched both of them go and shrugged, pulling a chocolate bar from her pocket. "Oh, well," she shrugged before taking a large bite of the candy.

          Autumn stood in front of her mirror that early evening, holding several blouses in front of her chest, trying to decide on one. The red haired girl noticed that every shirt she owned was multi-colored or had one solid bright color. She could not imagine wearing black or white, as it was not how she saw the world.

Autumn held a hot pink top in front of her. "Hi. I'm Autumn and I'm a power ranger." She sat the blouse aside and picked up a canary yellow one. "Hi. I'm Autumn and I look like the slow light on the traffic light." Autumn tossed that blouse aside as well. "I so can't believe I'm from New York."

"That makes two of us." Autumn jumped a little at the sight of Jeff standing in her doorway.

Autumn gave him a glare. "You want something?" she asked, going back to her shirts.

"What's up with you?" Jeff asked, entering the room. He picked up one of the skirts Autumn had put on her bed. "You going to have a Batman VS. Superman debate with Xander?"

"That's next week," Autumn said, snatching her skirt away from him. "And didn't Dawn tell you? Maggie and I are going to the Bronze with you."

Jeff looked at her seriously. "No, you're not."

"Uh, yeah, we are," Autumn corrected.

"Forget it," Jeff suddenly snapped. "Dawn and I just started dating and I don't want little sister tagging along for the ride."

"Well, Dawn is my friend and you wouldn't have even met her without me."

Jeff had to admit that was true but he wouldn't just let it go. "You're not going," he said again lamely.

"Yeah, well, guess what?" Autumn said to him. "Our mother is away suing the life out of our father in New York, therefore I take orders from no one."

"What about the male Mary Poppins?" Jeff reminded her.

Autumn gave him another glare. "His name is Wesley and he doesn't own me." She shrugged. "Besides he doesn't know that I have weird habits of staying out until like one or two in the morning."

Jeff couldn't believe her. "Autumn!"

"Don't Autumn me," she countered. "Ever since this thing with Mom and Dad's divorce Mom isn't so concerned with curfews, anyway."

"You know what?" Jeff held up a hand in defeat. "I don't care if you go or not."

"Good," Autumn smirked. "Now get out while I find something to wear."

"Oh, please," Jeff rolled his eyes. He grabbed a white skirt and lavender top of Autumn's. "What's wrong with just this?"

Autumn looked over the outfit before taking it away from Jeff. "Oh, my God..." she stared at him seriously. "It works! Jeff, you're actually useful for something."

Her older brother rolled his eyes again. "Yay for me."

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