By: ladymoonlight1

Disclaimer: I do not own Trunks or Goten or anything related to Dragonball Z. They belong to Akira Toriyama.

Trunks lay awake in the strange bed in one of the many rooms in Kami's palace. The small boy lay on his side, his share of the blanket clutched tightly in his fist. His small body shook as tears dripped down his cheeks. His father was gone and he was never going to see him again.

Trunks let out a small gasp as he tried to hold back his sobs. He turned and buried his face in the pillow; the soft cotton quickly absorbed his salty tears. Trunks whimpered and wiped his damp cheeks against the smooth fabric.

"Trunks-kun?" whispered a small voice from beside him. Goten reached out and hesitantly placed his hand on his friend's back.

The older boy tensed and moved away from the other boy's touch. "What is it, Chibi?" he asked, trying to hide the sorrow in his voice.

"You're crying," replied Goten.

"No, I'm not," quickly lied Trunks. He heard the other boy let out a soft sigh.

"Are too," answered the younger child.

Trunks scowled through the darkness. "Shut up and go to sleep, Chibi."

For a moment all was quiet and Trunks thought he had won. Then Goten spoke up once more.

"Why won't you tell me what's wrong?" he asked, his voice sounding hurt.

Trunks sat up quickly and turned to the other boy, glaring down at him. "Do you really have to ask, dummy? My father is dead. He's not coming back…and I'm never going to get to see him again."

"Sure you will," piped up Goten. "When we get to heaven…"

"No, stupid," retorted Trunks. He slouched over, pulling his knees up to his chest. More tears formed in his eyes as he rocked himself. "My dad did some really bad things before he met my mom. He's not going to be in heaven when I get there."

"Of course he is!" argued the other boy. "Uncle Vegeta was a good guy…"

"Chibi," whispered Trunks, interrupting his friend. "You don't understand. I'm not sure what all he did, but all I know is it was really bad. And because of it, we can't be together any more."

"But…but that's not fair!" protested the younger child. "Uncle Vegeta gave his life for us…for all of us!"

Trunks snorted. "No, it's not fair, is it?"

The older boy buried his face in his arms, not wanting his friend to see him in his weakness. Goten watched the other boy for a moment. Trunks's shoulders were shaking slightly as he fought off the urge to completely break down.

"Oh, Trunks-kun," whispered Goten sympathetically. He wrapped his arms around the other boy and rested his head on his shoulder. "It will be okay. It just has to be…"

"No…no, it won't be okay," growled the lavender-haired boy, pulling away. "Kami, you really are dense, Goten."

The younger boy frowned at his companion. "You don't have to be so mean. I was just trying to help you feel better," he pointed out sullenly.

Trunks sighed. "I'm sorry, Chibi." He reached out and pulled Goten into his arms. "Thank you for being such a good friend."

"You're welcome," replied the younger boy perkily. He looked up at Trunks through spiky, black bangs. "I know you might not believe it, but everything will be okay. Somehow, everything will work out."

Trunks grinned despite himself. He squeezed Goten tightly and then released him. "Go to sleep, Chibi. We have to train hard. We can't let everyone down."

"Hai!" agreed Goten. He burrowed beneath the blanket. "Night, Trunks-kun."

"Good night, Chibi," replied the older boy as he settled down beside his friend.

Goten snuggled close to Trunks. The two boys soon fell fast asleep. Tomorrow they would train harder than they ever had before. Together they would be unstoppable.

The End