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Chapter 39

It's Not Possible

There was a bright white light in Harry's eyes when he woke. At first he thought he was dead. Then he smelled the horrible clean of a hospital, and felt the fresh crispness of the bed sheets.

He squinted into the light, trying to turn away from it. But moving his head sent a fire of pain down his back.

"He's awake! Professor he's awake!"

"Miss. Weasley, please-" But attempts to hold Ginny back proved futile. She pulled herself up onto the bed on which Harry laid, and shook his arm.

"Harry, open your eyes."

"It's too bright," he mumbled. Ginny rolled her eyes and held her hand above Harry's head, blocking the light from his eyes. As soon as he opened them, she moved it, causing him to squint again. As he adjusted to the light of the room, she put his glasses on his face, letting things come in to focus for him. "What are you doing?" he asked blinking sleepily.

"Don't you want to find out what happened? Professor Dumbledore won't talk about it until you are awake too. No, don't move. Trust me. Don't.

"Why n-" Harry tried to sit up, and cried out in pain. "Oh, yeah, that's why."

Dumbledore, who had watched the whole scene with a small smile on his face, finally made his presence known to Harry. "There was a poison on the whip he hit you with, Harry. The cuts cannot be healed with magic. All we can do is give you stuff for the pain and let the body fix itself."

"Right," Harry said closing his eyes. "Figures. Okay. How long have I been asleep? By the state of my muscles and stomach, it had to be a year at least."

Dumbledore chuckled. "It has been a few days. Your body had to replace the energy you had been magically fueling it with real energy, once you stopped using the magic."

"Hey, it didn't kill me. But then, it can't, can it?" Harry relaxed into the pillow, trying to ignore the pain down his back. "I thought I was dead when I woke. It really wasn't that bad. With the state my back is in, I'm going to wish I was dead over the next few days." Ginny looked at him with concern, but turned her attention back to Dumbledore.

"Are you two ready to tell me what happened, or would you rather wait Harry?"

"Let her do the talking. She's good at that."

Ginny glared at Harry. "I'd hit you, but it would hurt you more then it should." Harry grinned at her, pushing, for right now at least, that damn feeling out of his head.

"I was in Potions, with Sally. There was an explosion. The room filled with smoke."

Professor Dumbledore nodded. "Yes, that much I learned from Professor Snape."

"Well, there was a voice behind me, and then my voice was gone. My hands were tied behind my back, and I couldn't move very well. You know those tiny little windows at the very top of the wall? That leads right out to the ground? Well I don't know how, but he went through it, and pulled me through it too."

"By he I am assuming you mean Wormtail?"

"Yeah. I've never seen him before, but he answered to it when I was yelling at him."

Harry looked up. "You were yelling at him? When?"

"Let me get there! Anyway, the next thing I know, we were going down this little path, and we weren't walking, or running. We were going much faster then that."

"I knew it!"

Dumbledore turned to Harry. "And where were you?"

"I was in my little clearing in the woods. I was practicing my sword. I had to get away from Hermione and Ron, and I had to think. Then I felt Sally pulling at me."

"I'm sorry, Harry, but what do you mean?"

Harry blinked. "Oh, I guess I never told you. Sally is my familiar. And Rose's."

Dumbledore's eye's widened. "Are you sure about that? Both of you?"

Harry nodded. "So she always knows if one of us needs her, and we always know if she needs us. Well, I knew she needed me, and I knew she was with Rose. So something had to be wrong. I ran out of the forest, only to find that I was being pulled back into it. That was when I found the path. I was under the invisibility cloak. I started to run, and to figure out what was going on. I was afraid that Peter would disappear. So to go faster, I used magic to give my body energy. I kept running, but I wasn't getting any closer."

Ginny picked right up as soon as Harry stopped. "When we got there, I started to yell at Peter. Telling him I was a Weasley and that Harry would come after me and that Voldemort would find out that he was taking students from Hogwarts. He really looked at me then, and got scared. He picked me up and was going to take me back, but Voldie walked in. So he put me in that box." Ginny shuddered. "The hard part isn't being in a box. Or that it was invisible. The hard part was that when other people could walk right through it, you feel like you're crazy. Like it was only solid to you because you were nuts or something."

"Dark magic. I know the spell now that I think about it." Harry said with closed eyes. "If you're in there for too long, you do go nuts. It plays with your mind."

"And what happened, Miss. Weasley?"

"Well, Voldie went on about how I looked like Lily Potter, and he was surprised that I knew I looked like her. He didn't believe I was from Hogwarts. He's about as dense as, well, as a man. No offense, Professor."

Professor Dumbledore smiled, "None taken."

"I'm offended."

"Harry, the only person that I know who is denser then you is Ron. Anyway, he left, and I tried to talk to Peter, but then gave up on him and talked to Sally, then stopped so Peter wouldn't find her. Then I cried a good bit. Then I sat there. And until Harry showed up, that was how my trip went."

Harry opened his eyes and looked at Ginny. "How in Merlin's name can you be so chipper and perky right after all that?"

"Because right after all that for me was three days ago. And I've been strapped to the bed and fussed over by Madam Pomfrey for those three days, not allowed to do anything for myself, or use any of this energy."

He would never understand her. "I reached the clearing," Harry went on. "Saw Ginny. Then I tried to figure out how to get her out of the box thing. Voldemort can feel me, because we are connected and all that. I can feel him too. He knew I was there, and came out and started to talk to Peter. I figured out what to do with the box, and had Ginny distract them for a minute."

"Then I got to yell some more. Got Peter in some big trouble with his master. He can't go back anymore, Voldie will kill him."

"I blasted the spell that was the box back at the caster. Unfortunately, the caster was Voldemort himself. He felt the spell, then put two and two together, and found me."

"And you wouldn't run away, you moron."

"What, and leave you there? So, we had a little talk, he sat me in his chair, he hit me around. Basically, he played the big bad guy. Then he went after Ginny, and well that kind of upset me. He started the killing curse; I jumped in front of it. I fell down, and it hit and went through me."

They turned to Ginny. Her perky attitude was lost for a moment, she turned and stared at the wall. "Time was slowed down, you know? I knew the spell wasn't going to work, for some reason. I knew it would disappear. So, I flung it back at Voldie. I don't know how I did it, but I just pushed it away. Voldemort's body started to disappear. Well, I guess it wasn't his body, but anyway. Then, what was left of him flew away. Then I woke up Harry, and we walked back."

"You walked back. I don't remember walking back."

"You walked, I didn't carry you."

"And what of Wormtail?" Dumbledore asked.

"Don't know," Harry answered. "He must have fled during the fight. Voldemort was going to kill him."

"But why, Professor?" Ginny asked. "Why did it happen? It's not possible. Why didn't the spell work?"

"I have only my theories, but let me tell you they have been most often right in the past. He wasn't as ready for you as he wanted to be. To save power, when he tried to kill Miss. Weasley, he used a personalized killing spell. Because Mr. Potter jumped in front of it, the spell didn't work. Why it didn't kill Mr. Potter, I have no idea."

"I think I do," Harry said slowly. "Only Voldemort can kill me, for now at least, right?"

"I see you have learned more about yourself. I won't ask how, you can keep that to yourself."

"Thanks. Well, Voldemort lost all his power. The power he had, wasn't his. So maybe that's why it can't kill me. Because it's not his power."

"So he can never kill you?"

Harry shook his head. "If he did it without using magic, did it physically, he could. It's just a theory," he added quickly. "But it's one that makes sense."

Dumbledore nodded. "So," Ginny started. "Voldemort can't touch Harry cause of his mother's sacrifice. Is it the same with me now?"

Dumbledore shook his head. "I don't think so, Miss. Weasley. You see, Mrs. Potter died for Harry. Had he died for you, it would. But he survived, and therefore the protection was only momentary."

Ginny nodded slowly. "Sorry Rose, next time I'll keel over for you." Ginny rolled her eyes.

Harry's hand reached up to his chest. "Rose, do you have my ring?"

Ginny's hand did the same. Her eyes widened. "That's where the spell hit me. The chain must have broken."

Harry felt like something was slowly tearing him apart inside. "Don't get ssso worked up, Harry," came Sally's muffled voice from the floor. Dumbledore reached down, and brought up in his hand the ring, and a broken chain.

"I'm sure we can get you a new chain, Mr. Potter," he said handing the ring and chain to Harry.

Harry glanced at Ginny. It had been her chain first. "I think, maybe I'll just get this one fixed."

Harry sat in the hospital bed, staring at the wall. Ginny had long since recovered and returned to class. She had finals to take. Harry was being excused from them. There were a number of reasons. The part that required talent they were sure he had passed. Most of his classes didn't have finals, such as all of the Advanced classes, and Sirius' class. But the main reason was that he couldn't move.

He couldn't turn over, sit up, or lift his head. He had to lie on his front, and stare at the bed sheet, or turn his head and stare at the wall. His back was still nowhere close to being healed.

An owl flew in the open window. The window was just high enough that Harry couldn't see out of it. It flew over to him with a letter. Being very careful about how he moved his arms, he took it.

Dear Harry,

We hear you've gotten yourself in an all out mess. A problem with your back, or something like that. The newspapers aren't very clear on what happened. But isn't your final house game coming up? For the cup?

You better be up to it!

We're coming to watch you play. We are going to be stealing you this summer, mostly on weekends.

We would have practiced more this year if you hadn't been so busy.

School comes first, don't listen to him. We just wanted to let you know we're coming to watch your game.

Get well soon,

Tiffany and Tony.

Harry pressed his face into the bed sheet. This was exactly what he was worrying about. The final game against Hufflepuff was in three days. By the looks of it, his back wasn't going to heal for the next few months. The Gryffindor house was also trailing right behind Slytherin in house points. The house was counting on the Quidditch team to set them over the top. Madam Pomfrey was dead set against him not going, despite Harry's many cries against it.

But he had a plan.

For the next hour, he stared at the wall, waiting. Suddenly there was the sound of a door opening, and footsteps. Ginny's face suddenly appeared three inches away from him. "Hullo."

Harry stared at her, trying to push away that feeling. "I brought him," she said with a puzzled look.

"C'mere Colin," Harry mumbled

With eyes wide, the short boy appeared in Harry's small range of vision. "Y-yes Harry?"

Harry's eyes traveled up to the boy's hair. He grinned. "I thought so. Rose, close the curtains. Is Sal here?"

"Yesss," came a reply from where Ginny was closing the curtains.

"Sal, keep watch for me. Let me know if Madam Pomfrey comes. Both of you, come to where I can see you."

Both Ginny and Colin came into Harry's view, and he tried to reach for something on the bedside table, and couldn't move his arm that far. "What do you want?" Ginny asked quickly.

"There's a tube of hair gel there. Give it to Colin."

Ginny handed it to Colin like he said, but gave Harry a look. "Harry, you're starting to scare me."

"Hear me out. Colin, the big game is in three days. She is not going to let me out of here. I have to go. Rose, you have the cloak right?"

Ginny grinned and nodded, starting to put together his plan. "Okay, this is what we'll do. Right before the game, Rose will come to see me. With Colin under the cloak. Then Colin, you need to mess up your hair, pull the sheets up to your neck, and hide your face in the pillows. You will pose as me, while I go to the game. Nobody will find out until afterwards. I'll tell them that Madam Pomfrey let me out, and nobody will know otherwise until the game is over. You won't get in trouble, I'll take the heat, and quite frankly, I don't think they'll be too upset with me."

"Harry, that's a great plan and all, but there's one problem."

"What is it Rose?"

"You can't move your back at all."

"Correction, I can move my back. It just hurts a whole hell of a lot."

"Are you going to take your pain killers for the game?"

"I can't. They mess with my head. I won't be able to see the snitch. I've been through worse, I'll just tough it out."

"Are you sure you want to do this?"


Three days later, Ginny ran out of the locker room, assuring the team not to forfeit yet. "Ginny, he's been in there for three weeks. You are one of the only people he lets in to see him. He's not going to be here."

"Don't be so sure!" Ginny shouted back at her brother. She had Harry's robes and broom with her, and she was already in her game robes. She reached the front doors, where she had left Colin. "Where are you?" she whispered.

"Here," came an invisible reply.

"Take these," she said holding out the robe and broom. "She'll know if she sees me with them." The two third years raced through the halls, reaching the hospital wing in record time.

"Miss. Weasley, you've already been in to see him once today."

Ginny thought fast. She put a sad defeated look on her face. "I know Madam, but I'd like to comfort him about missing the game. He's really upset we had to forfeit you know."

"Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt-"

A grin spread across Ginny's face. "Thanks!" She dashed past Madam Pomfrey, hoping Colin was still behind her.

"I'm here Harry."

"Close the curtains."

In a few moments' time, Harry had pulled himself out of bed for the first time in three weeks, and was pulling the robes on over the bandages on his back. There were tight lines around his eyes, but he gave no sign other then that of his pain. They fixed Colin's hair and got him into the bed, stuffing a sheet under the blankets to make his legs look longer.

"Okay, don't talk," Harry whispered. "In fact, um, cry."

"Cry? Harry have you lost it? Don't you have a reputation to protect?"

Colin had grown up a lot since the last time Harry had actually talked to him. "Just do it! Hide your face."

"If you say so." Colin hid his face in the pillow, and started to make sobbing noises. Harry threw the invisibility cloak over himself and followed Ginny out through the curtains. Madam Pomfrey was coming over to investigate the crying.

Ginny pulled the curtains shut again as soon as she was out. "He's more upset then even I knew," she explained to Madam Pomfrey. "He says he wants to be alone for a while."

Pomfrey glanced at the curtains, then nodded and turned. Ginny walked slowly out of the room, letting Harry follow her at his own pace.

As soon as they were out of the hospital wing, Harry through off the cloak and carefully mounted his broom. "I'm so glad we think alike. Come on, we'll fly faster then I can walk. The team will forfeit if we're not there."

The two of them sped off, Ginny being very careful not to touch his back at all. As they were coming towards the main door, Harry spoke again. "My socks. I need my socks."

"They're in your pocket, on the right, inside."

Harry reached down to pull out the faded red socks. "You're an angle Rose."

"Well, as I'm supposed to kiss them if we when the game, I realized I couldn't do that if we didn't have them."

They stopped to open the door and give Harry a chance to put on his socks, which caused him to hiss in pain. He still refused to let Ginny help him. They went out the door, and got on the broom again, and sped off toward the locker room.

"George, they're not coming. Let's go tell them we forfeit. There's always next year."

"Doesn't the captain have to announce a forfeit?" Harry asked from the doorway.

"Harry!" they all exclaimed.

"No time for a prep talk team. Just get out there and play. And boys, if a bludger hits me, I'm going to black out. So don't let it happen, okay?"

Before anybody could reply, Harry and Ginny started to lead the way to the door.

"Harry," one of the twins said from behind him. "Did Madam Pomfrey tell you it was okay if you left."

"No," Harry answered.

"Does she know you left?" Katie asked with concern.

"I'm still there. Both of my teams are here. Please help me impress the one that isn't playing," Harry said as the team walked out the door that led to the field.

Every member of the team besides Ginny and Harry was very confused, but the roar of the crowd kept them from asking any more questions.

"And I don't believe it, but Potter is playing! The Gryffindor team does not forfeit, and the game will go on!"

Dumbledore's lips curved into a smile. He shook his head slightly.

"Didn't you say he wasn't able to move?" Tony asked from the seat beside Dumbledore.

"He isn't," Dumbledore answered.

Tony turned and watched the very careful and awkward way Harry climbed onto the broom. "For the love of Pete! Look at how he moves! It's not possible to fly like that. You're going to let him play?"

Dumbledore nodded. "It was his decision. If he wants to play, and is willing to put up with the pain, it is his choice."

Harry glanced up, and spotted his team, sitting in some of the best seats with Dumbledore. Harry grinned and waved as best he could, his eyes shifting slightly to Dumbledore.

The team and Dumbledore waved back, the team dumbfounded, and Dumbledore smiling. "He's out of his mind. Is he taking anything for pain?"

"He was given pills," Dumbledore answered. "But I believe I overheard an argument between him and the nurse about how they have some uncomfortable side effects on his head and vision. I do believe he only takes them to sleep now."

"Bloody crazy," Tony muttered.

"Tony, he's not crazy," Tiffany scolded, "he's dedicated. That's his team, he's not going to let them down." The players took off and the game was started.

"He's playing! He's bloody playing Hermione!"

"Yes Ron, I can see that." The parenting final was over, and Hermione and Ron had made the top grade, but between them tensions still ran high.

"You were in there yesterday, his back is horrible. He shouldn't be playing."

"Rose is there. If he shouldn't be playing, she wouldn't let him."

"But I bet he didn't take his pills. He shouldn't be moving. YES! Go Katie!"

Hermione rolled her eyes at Ron, then started to watch Harry again. She secretly agreed with Ron, and tried to tell herself that she was right, and he was fine, but she only half believed it.

Harry tried to keep his mind on the snitch. 'Look for the snitch. It will stop hurting if you find the snitch. Gold, small. Turn around, keep looking.' His mind was still sharp, he wasn't going to pass out from the pain. But his mind wanted to think about the pain, and how much it hurt, and it was hard for Harry to keep it away from that subject.

He couldn't watch out for Bludgers at the same time. But one of the twins had marked Harry, and was guarding him without being in the way.

His back was on fire. No, it was being struck with lightning every time he moved. He tried to keep still, not move at all and only steer with his hands. But it was amazing to see how much movement it took to stay balanced on a broomstick when you couldn't move.

His eyes searched, scanned the field, over and over. His eyes fell on Ginny, and lingered for only moment. She made a particularly good save, and the feeling he had worked so hard not to think about for the past three weeks, hit, hard.

But for once he didn't push it away. It was a comfort from the pain, and made him a little more focused.

A half an hour passed, and the score was eighty to forty, with Gryffindor in the lead. They had already scored enough points to push them over the top for the House cup. Now if he could just find the snitch, they could have the Quidditch cup too.

The other seeker hadn't spotted anything yet either, and Harry was starting to regret playing. 'That snitch is hiding just to spite me. Had it been any other game, it would-' His thoughts stopped, as he spotted it in the worst possible place for it to be. Right above the ground.

Dives were Harry's specialty, but pulling out of one in this state was going to be, painful wasn't the word. Suicidal was more appropriate.

Whimpering, Harry turned face down and started to dive. He pushed for speed, not because he needed to outrun the other seeker, nobody else had noticed anything yet. But because if that snitch disappeared he would probably forfeit. He couldn't take anymore.

"Potter's spotted the snitch!"

'You're a little late on seeing that one," Harry thought. He was close, the other seeker was on the other side of the field, so he slowed down. Pulling out of a dive would be easier and less painful if he wasn't going so fast.

The snitch waited, about a yard above the ground. Harry reached out with his right hand, hissing at the pain. He readied his left to pull out, wishing he could close his eyes to brace himself for the pain.

His hand closed around cool metal, and he pulled up with his left arm. He yelled out, his back feeling like somebody had just split it with a knife from his left shoulder blade to his hip. Little fairies danced in front of his eyes. There was cheering, but it seemed far away. He landed his broom, falling down onto his knees. People running onto the field stopped coming near him.

There was a thud beside him to announce Ginny's land. "I knew this would happen," she said as Dumbledore and the Catapults came over. Ginny reached into her pocket and pull out three blue pills. "Take these."

Harry groaned. "They-"

"Harry, do I sound like I give a damn what they do to your head? Take them. Now."

Harry reached to take the pill with his left arm, then cried out again. Then Ginny saw the back of his scarlet robe was turning a much deeper red.

"Harry, you broke it open again. Professor, he's bleeding again!"

Dumbledore came over to help Harry's back, and Ginny fell to her knees in front of Harry's face. His breath was coming in gasps. She pushed some of his sweaty bangs out of his eyes and smiled at him. "We won the cup, Captain." She pushed the pills into his mouth and Harry swallowed them.

"My socks," he took another breath, "will be waiting for you." He managed a weak smile, before he was interrupted by Dumbledore having him pull his robe off over his head, leaving him in his black pants and the once white but now red with blood bandages wrapped all around his chest.

"Hey Harry," Tony kneeled down beside Ginny. "Way to play."

"Tony," Ginny said, looking up. "Can you and the rest of the team get the crowd out of here?"

"Sure thing. Boys, and Tiffany!" In only a moment, the Catapults had the crowd away, and cheering loudly for the victory of Gryffindor. The rest of the Gryffindor team, and Ron and Hermione, were moving over to where Ginny was.

"Harry, why did you play?" Ron asked kneeling down beside his sister.

"I had to."

"We could have forfeited," George said.

"We wouldn't have minded," Fred finished.

"We lost the cup once before because I was stuck in bed. I didn't intend to let it happen again. I know you guys want to throw a party, but after she finds out that little Colin isn't me, I don't think Madam Pomfrey is going to be very keen on my having visitors, so go with the house."

"Harry, we need you to stand up." With the help of Professor Dumbledore and McGonagall Harry got to his feet. McGonagall was crying. "Professor, don't cry."

"I'm not," she answered quickly. Then she reached down and picked something up, and pushed it into Harry's hand. "Congratulations Mr. Potter."

Dumbledore started to lead him toward the school. "Thank you Professor," he called. "Rose?"

"I'm right behind you," she answered. He handed the cup back to her.

"You always are," he whispered. Dumbledore heard it and smiled at him, making Harry blush.

Harry was right about Madam Pomfrey becoming very strict with Harry. However he knew that when she thought he wasn't looking, she would smile proudly at him. It amazed her what he was willing to go through for his team.

The Catapults did get in to see him the next morning. "It was a great game, Harry." Harry had set up a mirror, so he could look at all the people standing behind him.

"Yeah, I guess it was."

"We've decided not to pull you in for practices this summer. And then you turn fifteen in July, and next season, during the summer, you can play."

"I can't play this season?"

"It starts before your birthday, so no. Plus, you can't play physically, that's why we're not going to practice this summer. But next year, Professor Dumbledore says that we will get you every other weekend, if you want. We'll be ready to go for the European Championship."

"Is that next year?"

"Yes, and with you as a seeker, we can't lose it." There was a noise at the window, making everybody turn to look and Harry shift his mirror. But they saw nothing. Harry grinned.


Ginny's face suddenly appeared with a sheepish grin. "I didn't know she was letting in other people, just not me."

"I think the triplets talked her into it."

"We would-"

"Never do-

"Such a thing."

Ginny laughed, folding up Harry's invisibility cloak. "She won't let me in. She's so mad at me for sneaking him out. So I sneak in." She turned to Harry. "Did you take your pills?"


Ginny sighed. "You're hopeless."

"All men are," Tiffany said patting Ginny's shoulder.

"Where's Sally?"

"She said she refused to be a part of my crime. She'll be in later through the crack under the door." Harry and the team laughed, though Harry stopped quickly because it hurt.

Before too much longer, the team left, and Ginny pulled a chair over so she could sit where Harry wouldn't need a mirror to see her. She laid in the chair with her head resting on one arm, and her legs hanging over the other, as she examined her nails. Harry watched her intently through the bars of the bed. Ginny felt his eyes and looked up.



"So how long do you think before Madam Pompom finds me and kicks me out again?"

"Well, I think she's taking a nap, so we may have a while this time."

"Well damn, now I don't have an excuse to leave. I have to sit here and act like I'm interested in the lack of conversation we're having."

"You know, you don't have to stay in here."

"What would you do, stare at a wall?" She pulled a file out of her pocket and started to file down her nail.

Harry was quiet for a moment. "Thank you."

"It's really no big deal. It's not like I have anything else to be doing."

"No, not just this. Thanks, for everything." Harry's green eyes were burning, so when Ginny looked up, it only took a second for her to look down again with a blush on her cheeks.

"You're welcome."

"Okay, okay, now stand up, slowly." Ron laughed. "It's not funny Ron. What if he breaks them open again? Huh? Then what? He still has to go home, bleeding."

Ron stifled his laughter by covering his mouth. Hermione was also very close to laughing at Ginny's behavior, and even Harry was smiling through his pain. Sirius and Heather just watched.

"This is a great show," Sirius said to Heather.

Ginny glared up at him. "You could be helping." Harry started to laugh so hard that he sat back down, and the entire room broke into laughter except for Ginny, who crossed her arms and glared at all of them. "It isn't funny."

Harry reached up, and yanked on her sleeve hard, causing her to lose her balance. She fell half on the bed, half in Harry's lap. The room went silent. Ginny looked up at Harry who was trying not to laugh, and then she started to laugh. They took a moment to calm down as he set her upright again.

"I'm won't break, Rose. I'm a little bit stronger then that. They went through a whole Quidditch game without breaking until the very end."

"Yes but-" with a jerk and a few chosen words in Parseltongue, Harry was up off the bed and standing.

"See?" he said as soon as he could speak again. Ginny rolled her eyes. "We should hurry, the train will leave soon. I still have to walk down there."

"I have to say goodbye now." Sirius walked over and hugged Harry, touching only his shoulders. "Be good. Don't cause too much trouble."

"I won't, I promise."

Heather kissed him on the cheek. "Watch your back."

"I will. What are you two going to do?"

Heather and Sirius glanced at each other. "Well, I'm going to hide some more."

"And I'm going to get a dog."

"Where will you live? Are you going back to the states? When will I see you again?"

"I'm staying on this side of the ocean. Dumbledore is working it so I can get into Sirius' old house. That's where we'll be staying."

"So you should see us soon."

Harry hugged his godparents again, his eyes blurring. "I love you guys."

"We love you too Harry. Take care of yourself okay?" Harry nodded as Heather slipped the collar back on the dog that was Sirius. Heather led Sirius out of the Hospital wing.

"You'll see them again soon Harry," Ron said, trying to comfort.

"Sirius is going looking for Wormtail again. Heather's helping. They don't think I know."

"How do you know?" Hermione asked.

"Because otherwise Heather would be having Harry come stay with her," Ginny answered. Harry nodded, then turned his attention back to getting outside.

"Harry, I almost forgot." Hermione reached into her pocket. "Ron and I sneaked out this morning real early and got it fixed. It was the place where Ron got my earrings, she's our friend, she won't tell anybody we were out of school." Hermione handed the golden chain to Harry.

Harry peeked out of the corner of his eye at Ginny while he pulled the ring off his finger and put it back on the chain. "It had a new unbreakable charm on it too."

"Thanks guys."

"No problem."

After a very slow paced walk to the outside, and a painful ride in a horse-less carriage, and saying goodbye to Hagrid, Harry finally climbed on the train. Ginny had already marked off a compartment for them. She had come down that morning, telling McGonagall that Harry would need at least three seats so he could lay down and that she wanted to save them.

The train ride was once again bitter sweet. Sally stayed on Harry's neck, and Harry laid across three seats while the others sat all around and they talked. But Ginny was across from him, and Harry still hadn't figured out this feeling. It now hit strong every time she looked at him. He was afraid that once they separated, he wouldn't be able to figure it out.

"I guessssss we'll have to wait until next year," Sally said with a sigh.

"Wait for what?" Ginny and Harry said at the same time.

"Oh, did I sssay that aloud? I'm sssorry. Nothing."

Harry looked at Ginny in confusion, but the question was pushed out of his head as soon as he looked at her. 'Maybe if I stop thinking about it, the answer will come to me. No, that didn't work for the past month. I wish I knew.'

Far too quickly, they stopped at the station. The Dream Team was slow in getting off, because they had to help Harry. Once they walked through the platform, they all helped to carry Harry's things to his uncle's car.

"Bye Harry, we'll right lots."

"I'll be going to Hermione's, so send my letters there."

"You're going to her house? Why?"

"Didn't I tell you? I failed my Divination final, on purpose mind you. So I asked McGonagall if I could switch to Muggle Studies. She said only if I could catch up to where they are going to be. So Hermione's giving me a crash coarse."

"Well, behave!" The two of them blushed. "See, see? There it is, I knew it! Be good! I mean it."

Laughing, Ginny pushed the beat red Ron and Hermione out of the way so she could hug Harry. She hugged him around the neck, not touching his back, and he returned it wholeheartedly. "Be careful, Harry. Try to have a good summer."

"I'm still coming for your birthday, if I can ride or not."

Ginny smiled. "Okay, I can take that."


Ginny looked at the floor, as the back of her neck heated. The silence became a thick soup between them.

"Boy, are you coming?"

Harry glared at his uncle, then looked back at Ginny. "I'll write."

"Uh, yeah, so will I."

"Bye then."


Harry walked over to the car and opened the door. He sat down carefully, watching out the other window as Fred, George, Ginny, and Ron climbed into one car, and Hermione into the one next to it. Ginny looked over and waved, and something inside Harry jerked.

'I'm going to miss her.' He blinked. His back stopped hurting as he went numb. That was it. That had to be it. No. It couldn't be. There was no way for it. The car started to pull away and Harry turned quickly, ignoring the pain in his back, trying to get one more glance on the Weasley's car, but all he saw was the car, not the people.

It wasn't possible. He had to be wrong. But he was right. The feeling was so easily explained. But it still couldn't be. 'It's not possible. I- I don't, like like, Rose, do I?'

And suddenly, Sally on his neck, started to laugh, but Harry didn't hear her, because he was in shock.

End of Year of Truth

(A/N: Now I'm in shock. Oh my. It's DONE! YES!!!! I'm finished. Oh yeah. But don't think you're done with me yet! OH NO! The sequel is already started, and so is the sequel to that, and many more after that. Read my bio, every one with a title, is started. So stay tuned for....

"Wormtail's Revenge" Ginny is in trouble. She's being targeted by an unknown enemy, who wants to kill her, and will do anything to see her dead. But this isn't the problem. The problem is, Ginny has six brothers and two parents, all of which can be used against her. So she has to turn to Harry, the only one who can help her while her mother is recovering from an attack that was aimed at her. But Harry has his own troubles. He's just realized that he has a crush on Ginny. So what's going to happen when he has to come live with her, while all her brothers are gone, her father is at work, and her mother is sick in bed?

You'll have to read it to find out. I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. ~Lily Rose Potter)