~Love, War and Truths~

The Beginning

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OK I started writing this fic ages ago, and some of my friends read it then. Since then, I have decided to have a massive re-write of the whole
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Also there are some things in this fic you just have to kinda go along
with.in other words, some really un-realistic stuff is in it so yeah.

Enough with the introductions, on with the fic!


'OK! Bye!' Tai and Kari yelled after the car that was travelling fast down the dusty road in Heighton View Terrance. It was a weekend in the summer holidays, and their parents had gone to see their aunt for a few days.

Tai sighed in relief. 'Well we'd better get going, otherwise nothing's gonna be ready on time for the sleepover.'

'I told you already, Tai, we aren't allowed to have any more than two friends over at a time, Mum said-'

'Who cares what Mum said? Listen Kari, if you don't go along with this then I'll tell a certain someone what you put in your diary last week.' he grinned. He had just happened to see it lying there with the page open, and being the loving, caring sibling that he was, he decided to read a few paragraphs..

Kari blushed slightly and replied ' Tai, I still don't believe you read my diary! And besides. I was only um, joking when I put that down. But I suppose I'll have to go along with it anyway, I mean you know.just in case you read something else in my diary.'

'Great. I'll get the apartment set up while you go shopping for supplies. Here's some of the money Mum gave us (he handed over a twenty pound note - yes I know it's a lot) and don't forget to buy some popcorn!'

Kari nodded and went off towards the shops. 'Finally,' Tai thought, 'now I have the place to myself for a bit.'

He took the elevator upstairs to the apartment. When he got inside he roughly shoved the sofas against the wall and got some sheets, blankets and pillows out from the airing cupboard, plonking some in his and Kari's bedroom on the way back. He had just sat down and congratulated himself when his sister walked in, carrying a couple of shopping bags from Yolei's family's convenience store.

'So that's what took you so long, I thought you'd been abducted. Why didn't you go to the one on the corner?'

'Because Yolei's place has more choice and I ran into some friends on the way who were going in that direction,' she answered simply, pulling off her trainers and dumping the shopping bags on the table. 'Well aren't you going to help me?'

'Nope. I did the apartment, fair deal.' When he saw the look on his sister's face he added, 'but then again, I guess you could use some help.'

He walked towards the table. 'What did you buy, anyway?' he asked, seeing the heaving carrier bags, 'the whole of Japan?'

'No,' giggled Kari, after seeing her brother's face, 'just some essentials.' She then brought out of the bags: bottles of Coke, Lemonade and Fanta Orange, chocolate bars, cookies, ice-cream, bags of popcorn, M 'n' Ms and marshmallows.

'Sheesh. Oh well, guess we'll need all of it.'

'Have you rung the others up yet?'

'Yep. About a week ago.'



Kari sighed heavily and walked slowly into the bedroom to set up the sheets etc. She had a strange feeling that this would be one hell of a sleepover.


OK well that was the first chapter, I know nothing much happened in it but
I had to explain some stuff now to save me doing it later on.

By the way, THIS WILL HAVE TAKARI IN IT. It will also have some Taiora, Kenkayo (is that right?) and Mimato, though not that much. I'm warning you
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In the next chapter of 'Love, War and Truths':

All the DigiDestined arrive for the sleepover of the century (yeah right), what horrors are in store? Also we find out exactly who Kari was writing
about in her diary (I give you three guesses, if you still don't get it then look up to the capital letters in the last paragraph) plus a game of
Truth ensues.what will be revealed? Find out next time!!!!!!!!!!!!

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