~Love, War and Truths~ - part 4

The Closet

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Emily: Hannah calm down

Me: Why? I'm the one obsessed with Digimon here, I'm allowed to be

Claire: Whatever.

Me: Since when did you appear?

Charlie: She doesn't own Digimon : Digital Monsters though you'd think she
did the way she goes on about it.

Me: Shut up Charlie.

Charlie: Why should I?

Me: Because I can take you out of this fic if I want to.

Charlie: Oh yeah? Well I know your secret.

Me: Charlie!

Emily: Oh quit it you two!

Claire: On with the fic! (prises Charlie and Hannah apart)


Tai stared carefully at the two people in front of him. In a way he was doing his sister a favour, I mean she was being locked in the closet with her crush for as long as he would be allowed to keep them in there.

'Well get in you two!'

Kari opened the creaking door slowly.

'But there's too much stuff in there, we'll have to clear out some of it first.'

'Well then you'll just have to get close together won't you?' he said, practically radiating happiness. Hey, he was doing her a big favour here.

'But.it's dark in there!' she tried her last feeble attempt to get out of it.

'Ah well. Guess TK will just have to hold your hand then, won't he?' with that he pushed the two furiously blushing young people into the cramped storage area and closed the door, turning the key noticeably loudly in the lock. 'Have fun!' he yelled through the door, before turning down the hall into the main room, taking the key with him.


'Have fun!' they could hear Tai through the wooden door.

TK thought about the situation carefully. He was stuck in a very small space with his best friend and crush for goodness knows how long. On one hand, he was overwhelmed at the fact that he was so close to her, but on the other hand, it was kind of a daunting feeling because of the same reason.

Kari was thinking something along the same lines.

'Erm, TK, can I somehow turn round, 'cause I can't really speak to you when I'm facing this way.'

'Er, yeah, sure.' He tried to step back, and did so a few centimetres, until a big box dug into the small of his back.

With relief he budged forwards when Kari had finally managed to turn around amid the various amount of storage packed into the tiny room.

She looked up into his clear, sparkling azure eyes and smiled lightly.

'I'm gonna kill our brothers after this.'

'Yeah. I can't imagine you doing that though, maybe I should do it,' he said with a glint of mischief in his eyes.

'Hey, are you saying that I'm weak?' Kari replied, catching on.

'No, your just too gentle to do anything like that, that's all,' this time he was serious.

'You're always so sweet, TK. No wonder you have your own personal fan club.'

Was she joking or being serious? He couldn't tell. But what if she had been serious? Maybe.no, she would never like him in that way. But the hope inside him reminded him that she never looked at Davis, Ken, Cody, or anyone else the way that she looks at him. Perhaps he should mention something about it, see how she reacts.that would be stupid. Though he had promised himself a few weeks back that he'd tell her his true feelings by the time his 14th birthday came. Did Tai know? Was that why he had made him do this dare? One thing was for sure though, if he was going to tell her soon then now was the best time and place that he could possibly do it. Also it was dark, so she couldn't see the blush rising on his face.

'Um, Kari I have to like tell you something kinda important.'

'What is it?' fear was rising in her voice, did he have a girlfriend?

'Ok don't laugh, this is gonna sound really stupid to you and you'll think it's hilarious, in fact you probably won't want to be my friend after this, things will never be the same between us again but-

'TK just shut up and tell me.'

'O-Ok well.um, Kari.I think-no, I know that.um, I kinda like um, well.' he took a deep breath and sighed. This was it. 'Kari, I l-l-love you' he managed to gush suddenly. He hung his head shamefully, wondering who his new best friend would be.

Kari stood there, totally shocked. She actually pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

TK started to talk to break the silence. 'Look, I'm sorry, really I am, but I just couldn't hold it in any longer and-' he was cut short in the most pleasant way possible.

A few seconds later, she drew away from her so-called best friend slowly.


'I don't want to be your best friend anymore, TK. I want to be your girlfriend.' She had spoken the words that he had been longing to hear and she had been dreading to say, until now.

This time it was TK who dived towards her (well last time she did it to him but you get the picture) mouth, and this time, it was a lot more passionate than the first.

Back with the others (say quite a while has passed).

'Don't you think we should let them out now?' asked Joe worriedly.

'Yeah, perhaps you're right,' commented Tai, looking at his watch. 'I'll go and get them.'

As he walked towards the closet, he couldn't hear anything. He was beginning to wonder whether this was a good or a bad thing.

He turned the key in the lock and flung the door open. What he saw next almost made his eyes pop out of his head. His little sister and TK were making out (well that's what American's call it) right in front of him, and the worst part is that they hadn't noticed that he was there yet.

Tai cleared his throat loudly. The pair in question leapt apart form each other straight away. Tai was looking at each of them slowly.

He grabbed them by the arm, and, fuming, dragged them both down the hall and shoved them into the room.

Kari and TK tried to act as though nothing had happened, which wasn't hard considering that Sora was in her underwear, Matt had a pink tube top on and Davis was doing the Hokie Pokie.

They sat down, amused at the sight of Davis looking like a prat (as everyone does when they do that dance) and almost forgot about the situation in which Tai had found them in until they noticed him pulling Matt into the kitchen.

The rest of game didn't really go anywhere after that, so somebody rang the 24 hour Pizza Paradise Takeaway (I made the name up, if there is such a thing then I don't own it) and they all shared several pizzas between them.

Then they watched 'The Haunting' (during which Mimi spent a lot of time with her head buried in Matt's chest) and 'Johnny English'. Cody fell asleep near the end, which was the signal for everyone else to start turning in as well. The girls didn't even bother to go into Kari's room, no one bothered to get changed (except Sora and Matt, for obvious reasons). Matt had been studying his brother and Kari for a while since Tai had told him in the kitchen earlier. Let's just say he was quite amused.

Everyone went to sleep and all was peaceful until Yolei woke up in the middle of the night and got up to have a drink of water. All was fine until she was making her way back, when she saw a shape twice as tall as a normal sleeping person. On closer examination, she could see that there was an ever so slight movement about it. After a few seconds, she saw that the crest-bearer of Hope was on top of her best friend, and they were kissing passionately at that.

'WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?' she screeched loudly, waking everybody else up. Unfortunately for Kari and TK, Izzy turned the light on before they could resume their places. Whilst Tai and Matt glared ferociously at each other then at their younger siblings, everyone began to have a strange feeling that they would be awake for some while yet, for among all the loud giggling, smirks, glares and worried faces, the DigiDestined knew that a new couple had been formed.


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