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Summary: Some parts loosely based on info given about what takes place in the season premiere. Lots of Jake and Penny talking. Lots of talking in general. Not much romance in this chapter, but keep reading. Kind of angsty at this point.

And just to be clear: "These" mean people talking. ~This~ means an inaudible thought. ***These*** mean new scene location or my description of a setting. *This* means something emphatically or expressively stated. See A/N **************************************************************************** ********************************************************************

***Jake's office***

"Penny, can you come in here?"


"Do you wanna sit?"

"I'm good."

"All right." ~She's going to play distant. I didn't plan for that~. "Are you okay? You seem like you've been avoiding me." ~Of course you have. Why wouldn't you be?~

"Gee? I wonder why that would be, Jake."

~Did she have to do that all the time? Be so sarcastic.~ "You said you were okay."

"No, I didn't. That's what you heard." ~What was I supposed to say, you dork?~

"No, I called you into my office. I asked you if you were okay, and you said-"

"That I'd be fine. I remember."

"So, you lied? Or are you lying now?"

"No, Jake. I *will* be fine. I'm just not right now. Give me some space, okay?"

~Penny walks out of my office. I can almost feel her mind trying to turn me into a ball of fire. Sure. Space is givable. Especially since my life probably depends on it. Silver, now is not the time to be making jokes.~

***Dylan walks in a few seconds later.*** "Hey. Something wrong, Jake?"

"No. Nothing I can't handle."

"Okay... You're sure?"

"Absolutely." ~Maybe.~

***She suddenly smiles.*** "Everyone's talking about it."


"How much better things are now that we're back. Well, now that you're back."

"Have you seen what they did to Frank's hair? You were missed."

"Not by Gavin or Penny."

~Understatement of the millennium there, honey.~ "Is she giving you a hard time? I can talk to her."

"I saw the way she walked out of here." ~She didn't miss you much either. Or maybe too much.~ "She probably wouldn't listen to you."

"What did you see?"

"Nothing. Just... that maybe... well, I saw *you*. And I saw her."

"What about me?"

"Nothing. Just maybe you missed her."

***He doesn't say anything.***

"I have to go." ***Dylan walks out, closing the door behind her.***

~Had I missed Penny? Is it even possible to miss someone without knowing it? Then it's not technically 'missing,' is it?~

***Penny sits at her desk. Jake approaches from behind.***

"We need to talk."

"What happened to space?"


"Go ahead. Talk."

"Would it make you feel better if I maybe moved you to another department?"

"Oh." ~That's what he wants.... to get rid of me.~ "Whatever."

"Not 'whatever.' Give me an answer."

"Maybe I'm indecisive like you."

"I deserve that."

***(She laughs) Hugh!*** "You deserve worse."

"So let me have it. I can handle it. Tell me I hurt. Yell at me. Make fun of me. Do something."

"I am... I'm avoiding you."

"I can't do this. Penny, I care about you. I don't... want this between us."

"Do you think I spent all this time pining over you?"

"No. I don't know." ~Didn't she?~

"I didn't."

"Oh, so, does that mean that you and Gavin are-"

"No! No." ~Would make things easier for you, wouldn't it?~

***(She looks square into his eyes.)*** "Why did you come back here, Jake?"

"You know why."

"Right. You just had to save us from the horrible, ratings monster."

***He just looks at her.***

"Loser. You think anyone buys that? You felt guilty."

"Penny, I didn't exactly tell you everything, no. There is m--"

"You haven't told *me* anything at all... I found out you were back, from Frank. And *we all* found out *why*, from Dylan. What made you think you could just come back here and shake things up again, anyway?"

"Shake things up?"

"Stir things up."

"Like what?"

"Like nothing. You made your choice. You made it along time ago.... when you first laid eyes on Dylan. I knew better. I just couldn't help it. I can now. Now, I can hate you."

***Her eyes water, but she doesn't cry.*** ~Don't even think about it, Penny. You can't cry now.~ "You moved here for her. You stayed here for her. You left town for her. Let me guess... What you didn't tell me before was that you came back for her too?

"No. Dylan was fine either way."

"Well, I'm glad little miss perky can roll with the punches. I can't."

~She goes to walk away. I can't let her go. Not like that. I grab her arm instinctively.~ "Penny, wait."

***She stops and turns slightly towards him.***

"I didn't come back for Dylan." ~She allows a sparkle of hope in her eyes before...~

"You're such an ass! What do you want... me to forgive you? To be friends again?! What's the point, Jake?"

"I want you to look at me and not... And not have that look in your eyes."

"Gee, Jake. Thanks for your concern. Can I have my arm back now?"

***He just now realizes he hadn't let her go.***

"Sorry." ~I release her arm as she pulls it away.~

"I have work to do." ~Damn! Why'd I say that? He'll never buy it.~

"Since when?"

~Damn.~ "Since my loser boss came back into town and decided he had to prove something to everyone."

"Well, your loser boss is telling you to take a break."

"Don't need one."

"We need to talk about this and here isn't the best place. So, come one. Take a break."

"I don't want one."

"Penny, take a break or you're fired!"

"What happened to you? Two minutes in the big city and you think you're all grown up? You're still just a little boy, Jake." ~A little whiny, pathetic, dork of a boy.~

"So, that's how it's gonna be? You don't even care enough to be clever?"

~That was clever.~ "I wish you hadn't come back. I don't want you here. I don't want you to be nice to me. I don't want anything. Can you try to understand that with that tiny, male brain of yours? Your being here does nothing for me. It saves the show? Great. I quit, Jake."

"What, again?"

"I'm serious."

***She starts to walk away.*** "I can't handle this, Jake."

~I follow after her.~ "Penny, you can't."

"Really? Watch me."

"No, I won't! I came back here for you!"

***She turns and looks at him.***

~Had I? Why did I come back to a place where I knew I'd be hated? I guess I hadn't thought this through.~

"You didn't come back for me, Jake."

"I came back for something."

"Yeah, to save the show."

"I missed everyone. I missed being here. I missed *you*."

***She doesn't quite react.***

"You were the best friend I've ever had."

"Dylan can be that now."

"She can't."

"Why not?"

"She isn't you!"

***Penny looks over Jakes shoulder.*** ~He sure is stupid, isn't he?~ "Hi, Dylan."

~Jake turns around off of my Dylan greeting.~

"Dylan... Hey. Were you looking for me? Did you need something?"

***Penny looks at each of them, and then walks away.***

"Maybe you should go after her."

~DAMN IT!!!!!~ "That's not necessary. I was just trying to clear the air with her. Have you talked to Gavin?" ~That's right. Try to turn it around. Either that or get ready to sleep on the floor.~

"No. I don't know what I would say. It's not like we were even together when all of this happened. You and I shouldn't feel guilty."

~Is that what she's feeling? Why guilt? What am I feeling? And why didn't I feel it until now?~ "What should we be feeling, Dylan?"

"I don't know. I am sorry they're hurting. But we've apologized. There's nothing more we can do."

~How about not treating them like second class citizens? That's what I've been doing.~ "I can't ignore Penny. She's my assistant."

"And I have to do Gavin's hair and makeup everyday."

~Neither of us says anything for a moment. Dylan breaks the silence.~

"Maybe this was a mistake,"

"What?! You can't mean that! We're finally together."

"Not our being together, Jake. Coming back. What did we expect?"

~I didn't expect this. I didn't expect to see Penny's eyes and feel like the biggest jerk in Miami. I want my friend back.~

"I have to stay here and help with the promotional shoot, Jake."

"I know, so do I."

"No. You should go."


"To see Penny."

"Why would I want-"

"It's not exactly an easy thing for me tell you to do. You were about to choose *her,* when things happened between us. So, just go before I change my mind. -- And don't come home too late."

"She's fine, Dylan." ~No, she isn't. At least, I think she isn't. She didn't look fine to me, but what the hell do I know about anything?~

"But *you're* not. And you won't be until things get settled. It's okay."

"Okay. Are you sure?"


~I have to kiss her softly on the lips, before I turn to leave the building. She's just too beautiful.~ "I'll be back for the shoot."

***Outside of the building.***

~I thought it would take longer to find Penny. I don't know what I'm going to say. I don't know what *she's* going to say.~


~She's seated on the curb. The moonlight makes her skin glow.~ "What are you doing?" ~Yeah, that's a good start.~

"I don't know. Maybe... Sitting, Jake." ~Idiot.~


"Because I didn't feel like standing."

~There she goes being a smart ass again.~ "Okay. Mind if I join you?"

~Does it matter if I mind?~

"Why are you still here? I thought you'd gone home or something."

"You're being a complete loser, Jake." ~A really cute, adorable, annoying loser.~

"Aren't I always?"

***He moves a little closer. She looks at him as if to discourage this.***

"Well, yeah, but-More than usual. And, by the way... You're two more steps away from a lawsuit."

"On what grounds?"

"Aggravation of a co-worker."

~Jake laughs when he shouldn't. He has a tendency to do that sometimes. Then he sits down. Didn't I just tell him not to?~ "Why did you say what you said to me in there?"

"What? About Dylan not being you?"

"No." ~Moron.~ "Of course, Jake!"

"I don't know. It's just how I feel."

"How's that?"

"Like you and I should be friends. You've always been a really good friend to me and I treated you really badly. I took advantage. And I'm sorry. I don't want you to hate me, Penny. It would kill me to think that you do."

"I should hate you."

"I know that."

"I *do* hate you... But... I can look past that for now."

"For now?"

~She doesn't say anything. I guess she's waiting for me to screw up again. God knows I will.~ "So, we friends?"

" 'Friends' might be going a little too far. What about Dylan? What would she think about this?"

"She's cool."

"Of course, she is. She's perfect." ~A perfect pain in my ass.~ "Just don't ask me to do anything for her again."

"I won't. You have my word."

~I look at her. Somehow nothing seems better. Nothing I've said has changed a thing. I probably shouldn't ask, but I do.~ "Can I hug you?"

~She looks at me. I almost wish I could read her mind. Except, not knowing what she's thinking right now may be a good thing.~

~He's such an idot.~ "You're such a dork."

"Is that a yes?"

~If he wasn't so damn innocent looking.~ "Whatever, loser."

~I can't help smiling at that as I put my arms around her. She doesn't smile. She just sort of breathes. I hold on to her a second longer than I should. Funny thing is..... I don't care. I want to hold her. But then she pulls away.~

"There need to be some ground rules."

"Like a return policy?" ***He laughs.*** "Get it? I've returned. Rules. Kind of like a policy. It's funny."

~Idiot.~ "I don't speak stupid."


"Don't start being nice to me."

"You want me to be *mean*?"

"I want you to be real."

"I can hang like that."


"I can do that."


~She stops making eye contact with me.~

"Don't you have a promo to shoot?"

"Yeah. Dylan's doing hair and makeup right now."

~Does he have to say her name with that dorky smile on? Like I need to see that?~ "See, you tomorrow, Jake."

~She walks away from me.` "Penny, wait!"

~What does he want now? I can only keep this face on for so long.~ "What?"

"Why were you sitting here this whole time?"

"I wasn't. I came back."


"I forgot something inside."

"Did you really?"

~How sarcastic can I make this sound?~ "No, Jake. I came to declare my love to you again and fight for you."

~I'm no fool. I catch the sarcasm.~ "Okay, I'm sorry. Why don't you go inside and get whatever it is, then?"

"I don't need it anymore."

"If you needed it before, why wouldn't you need it now?"

~Had he always been this stupid? I mean, really?~

~Her eyes tell me something. Something different than what she wants me to hear. I'd hug her again, but I can't bring myself to move towards her.~

"Because, Jake."

~I'm missing something. I have to be missing something..... Nah. I'm just being paranoid.~

"Goodnight, Jake."

"Yeah, goodnight."


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