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***Night of Party. Jake stands next to Frank.***

"Where is she?"

"Why didn't you pick her up?"

"She didn't want me-"

***Jake sees her walking in.***

~She's beautiful.~ "Hey."

"Don't say anything."

"I just did."


"You look-"

"Jake! Please don't. So, where are these people you need to impress?"

"See that table over there?"


"That's where they are."

"So, why are you over here?"

"I was waiting for you."

"I'm here."

"You're late."

"I'm Penny. What did you expect?"


***They both just stand there.***

***Frank's disappeared off to somewhere.***

***Penny finally breaks their silence.*** "So..."


"We gonna stand here all night?"

~I could.~ "No."

"So, which one of those stiffs walking do you talk to?"

"Talk to?"

"You came here to beg, right?"

"Not beg."

"Grovel, then."

"No... Discuss."



***He nods over towards one of the men at that large table.***



"What are you waiting for?"

"You're right. I should just do this. Okay, wish me luck."

***He starts to walk away.***

"You'll need it."

***He shoots her a look.***

"What? You will."

***He moves towards her.***

"I can't do this."

"Why not?"

"It's a party. Don't you think it'll just piss them off?"



"Jake, that's the point. They're not going to change their minds. This is just to ruin the party for them."

"*No*, it isn't."


"You really thought that?"

"Well... I didn't think you'd get us our jobs back."

***He looks at her.*** ~She's kinda gorgeous.~

"What am I here for?"


"Why am I here, Jake?"

"So, I don't look like a loser who can't get a date."

"But you are a loser who can't get a date."

"I have a date."

"A mercy date, Jake. Don't forget that."

"You won't let me."

***He smirks. So does she.*** ***They stand there again in a still silence that neither understands. Was it enjoying the moment? Was is fear? Was it both and more?***

"Let's dance."

"No." ~Is that his lame attempt at breaking the ice?~

"Why not?"

"Do I look like I came here to dance?"

"I don't know. But do I look like I even know how?"

"Hell, no."

"Doesn't matter. All that matters is do we want to."

***She looks into his eyes. He takes advantage of this moment to catch her in her vulnerability.*** "Do you want to?"

~Yes, moron, that's not the point.~

***He takes her hand.***

"I don't know."

"What's to know?"

"How to dance." ~Or... how we really feel, stupid.~

***Jake does look at her for a long while. At least it seems long in this circumstance.*** "It's all about the partner, Penn."

***She lets him take her onto the floor.***

***After a moment to overcome the awkwardness, he takes her at a safe distance into his arms. He then proceeds to step on her foot.***


"I'm sorry."

***She has to mock him.*** "It's all about the partner, huh?"

"I haven't danced like this since prom."

"Yeah, I didn't go to prom."

"Why not?"

"No reason."

"Penny, w-"

"Look, can we just concentrate on one thing at a time here?"


***They get a little closer without realizing it. Perhaps they do realize it. But neither seems to be preoccupied with the fact.***

***It's the kind of song you'd expect to hear at a stuffy, low-budget station party. Slow and tame. Not at all exciting. Yet, it the moment it doesn't seem all that boring either.***

***Jake's hand slips lower on her back. It isn't quite consciously. It isn't quite subconsciously. It's that nice little world in between.***


***Her voice doesn't say, 'don't.' It doesn't say, 'please do' either.***

~Damn, this is a long song.~ ***She isn't necessarily complaining. She just isn't sure. Jake's hands were touching her in a place neither is really sure they should be.***

***But if she's so worried about it, why does she now sink into him a little more? It's only for a moment though. The song stops. Another begins.***

"Uh, Jake."

***She pulls away.*** "Now might be a good time to talk to them."

"What's the point?"

"You have to try."


"Because if you don't it would be my fault. And I don't want that on my shoulders."


***Penny watches as he approaches. A few minutes later they're laughing.***

~That has to be a good sign. I can't believe he's pulling this off.~

***Except Jake isn't laughing. Which she soon notices.*** ***He walks back over to her.***

"They laughed in my face."

"Yeah, I saw."

"I'm sorry I made you come. I think I'm going to leave."

***She grabs his arm.*** "Wait."

***He does.***

"You're not going to go home to pout, Jake. Even you're too good for that."

"Thanks. Whatever it is you have in mind, I'm not in the mood for it."

"Not even if it would-"

"No, I don't wanna hear it."

"Come on, Jake."

"Fine, what?"

"We could key their cars."

"What are we, twelve?"


"You're serious."

"Never mind."

"It won't help anything."

"Yeah, but it's fun."

"You've done this before?"

"Once or twice."

"When you were twelve?"



"Fine, let's slash their tires."

"Oh, that's better."

***He thinks about it for a second.***

"I've never does this before, so you're going to have to help me out."

***Five minutes later they hear sirens pulling up.***

"I can't believe you got us arrested!"

"I can't believe you cried so much they put you in the women's cell."

"The men's is full to capacity."

"Whatever. Will you stop pacing?"

"They give us a phone call, right?"

"Relax, Jake. I already called."




"Did you want me to call Frank?"

"But Gavin's probably still at the party."


"So, we're stuck here together?"

"Think I'm happy about it?"

"I didn't mean it like that."



"Jake, I don't wanna talk. You keep pacing and I'll just sit here."

"I can't help it. I've never been arrested before."

"It's not so bad."

"So, you have?"


"Was that the same night you didn't go to the prom?"

"What? Jake."

"Come on, we're in prison together. This calls for bonding."

"We've done enough bonding for one night."

"So, we're supposed to just sit here in silence until Gavin decides to come get us?"


"Did you're date stand you up?"


"Did you-"

"Fine! I did go. Just wasn't a very good night for me. I'd rather forget it."

"What happened?"

"Nothing happened."

"You just said-"

"I said it wasn't a good night. I didn't say anything bad happened."


"It was just one of those nights where you think your whole world's going to change... but it doesn't." ***She stands up and starts to pace, avoiding any eye contact with him.***

***He looks at her intently.***

***He isn't pacing at the moment.***



***She stops.***

***He doesn't say anything.***

***She continues to pace.***

***Jake just stands there watching her.***

***She stops to lean against the bars of the cell, grabbing one in her hands. She lets her fingers play with it for a few seconds.***

***Jake grabs that same hand and takes it from the bar.***

~What's he doing?~

~What am I doing?~

***He's barely touching her, but her heart is racing. His is too, for that matter.***

***He allows his lips graze hers gently. It's soft. There's no reason for it not to be. They let it linger for just a brief period.***

***Penny moves back.***

***He doesn't take his eyes from her. But she has to look away.***

***They don't say anything.***

***She turns away from him and towards the one, lonely wall of the cell.***

***He stays standing in the same spot. Watching her. But after a few seconds of her avoidance he's forced to turn away. Jake walks over to the cell door. He doesn't know what he's looking for. A way out? An excuse to stay in? It doesn't matter. They're stuck here.***


***She turns towards him.***

"I'm sorry. I don't know what made me do that."

"You don't know?"

"I do know. You."


"You made me do that."

"I did?"

***She says this almost as a "No, I didn't" statement.***

"Yes! You did."

"How, Jake?"

"You were standing there."


"And you just looked... And you look-- And you're being..."

"You planning on finishing a sentence?"

"Yes, I'll finish one. You're beautiful. And you're funny. And you're the only person I can imagine being trapped in a jail cell with and not wanting to kill."

"Yeah, you too. Except for the beautiful part... And the funny part... And the not wanting to kill--"

***She stops herself mid-thought in order to get serious.***

"What was I being?"

"You deserve to have your world changed, Penny. And if prom night didn't do it for you--"

"Jake. Stop."




"I was just making small talk."

"But then why--"

"Did I let you kiss me? I don't know. It felt good."

"So, you felt something?"

"I felt like anyone would feel being kissed by someone they care about."

***He goes right up to her and tries it again.***



"Jake, you and I have to be on the same page."

"We are. We don't look like we're on the same page to you?"

"We look like it, but we don't feel like it."


"I don't want this. I don't want an us."


"Especially not with Dylan gone and..."


"Everything still up in the air. I just won't do it again."

"But that doesn't mean you don't feel it, right?"

"It means this can't happen."

***She sits back down on the bench.*** "Maybe you should stop asking everyone else what things mean... and figure them out for yourself.

***A guard approaches.*** "It's you're lucky night. Someone's here for you."

"Thank God, Gavin--Dylan."

***He looks at Penny.***

"Hi, you guys."


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