Disclaimer-Noone belongs to me. Not even Frank. (Darnit!). Michelle, Captain Gracer and any other original characters belong to me.

Summary-Thefts are taking place and they are done in the same style as the former 'Silent Stalker'. Michelle. Can Frank and company prove it wasn't her, even though the evidence points right in her direction?

Author's Note-Deana, thanks again for betaing this for me. (sniff). I wouldn't gotten anywhere without you.


The Silent Stalker

A man was walking down a street, lit up only by the lamposts. He nervously looked from side to side. He heard stories about somebody in these parts but he wasn't trying to let that scare him. He hurried down the street. He heard footsteps behind him and sped up his pace a bit until he ran into a body he didn't see.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going," came a female voice.

"Don't worry about it," the man replied as he got a better look at who he ran into. "Why's a young girl like you doing out this late?"

"I'm alright. My home is nearby. I'm headed there now but I ran into you. Sorry to have caused you any trouble," she told him.

The girl giggled before she hurried away from the man. He was confused by this action until he reached into his pocket.

"My wallet! It's gone!" he cried.

He pulled back his sleeve to see his watch was mising as well. He looked in the direction the young girl headed in. He became angry.

"That was an expensive watch," he growled. "If I ever find you, you will pay for that dearly."


Michelle walked into The Nest, throwing her bookbag on the couch as Frank followed her inside, carrying a cup of coffee. Michelle saw that Cody was there, typing away at the computer. The man turned around and smiled once he saw the two.

"Good morning Frank, Michelle," Cody told him.

Frank nodded as he placed the cup on the table.

"What're you doing?" wondered Frank.

"Nothing much though I am checking a bit up on this rash of thefts we've been having lately. Apparently, somebody's been taking up Michelle's old job of pick-pocketing. Sometimes out in broad daylight. Now that's daring if you ask me," Cody replied as the others walked into the room and up to them.

"Cody, Michelle did the exact same thing when she took my wallet. Not only did she take it in broad daylight, she didn't realize it at first that she took it from a Federal Agent," Frank reminded him.

"Oh yeah. That's right," Cody said with a small laugh. "How could I forget?"

At that moment, Captain Gracer walked in the door .

"Hi Captain Dork. How are things down at the precinct?" she replied with a huge smile on her face.

"Watch your mouth Mika," Frank told her as she held out her arms. "We help Captain Gracer with several of his cases. I know you two haven't gotten along too well but do so at least this time."

"You helping us with our cases is exactly why I'm here. It's about these thefts that have been occuring lately. The style of them is strikingly similar to a pattern I've seen before. That of the 'Silent Stalker'," he told them, causing Michelle to perk up.

"What happened to this 'Silent Stalker' again? I seem to remember you saying something about this person before," wondered Jake.

"Last time I checked, she was adopted by Frank Donovan. I told you when you first brought her in to me who she was known as around the precinct We knew who she was, who we had to bring in. It's just nobody could catch her to do so until she met up with you five," Gracer told them.

Michelle snorted before sitting down next to Frank. She appeared to be very angry.

"You don't mean..." started Alex.

"That's exactly like I mean. It's the style of the 'Silent Stalker' and she's it," Gracer told them.

"I don't care what you say Gracer, I'm not doing it this time," Michelle told him.

"Captain Gracer, I know Michelle's not doing this. She's changed since she's come to stay with me. Just ask her school," Frank replied.

"But still Frank, she's the only person I know that has done something in this fashion," Gracer said. "I didn't like the idea either. Even though you don't like me too much."

Michelle gave an 'yeah right' look before she got up and headed for her bookbag. The adults watched her as she started on her homework. The team looked at Gracer again.

"She's not doing this Gracer. The Michelle Hana that was the 'Silent Stalker' no longer exists," Alex told him.

"What you have now is Michelle Donovan, the daughter of a Federal Agent. I think Frank would've noticed something by now if she was doing this," Cody piped up.

"I understand but she will have to come in for questioning sooner or later because it's her pattern," Gracer told them.

"Alright, I'll bring her in later," Frank told him.

"Good. If it isn't her, it might not be easy to prove," the officer told them before he left.

Michelle walked up behind Frank and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Frank, I'm not doing it," she quietly said.

"I know you aren't," Frank replied as he put a hand on hers.


After supper was eaten, Frank drove down to the police station with Michelle. The entire trip was quiet. They walked into the building and headed towards Gracer's office. They passed a man at the desk along the way.

"I tell you. She took my wallet and watch! I'd like to get those back!" he cried as he turned around.

He couldn't help but stare at the girl walking past him.

"It's her! She did it! She took my stuff! Arrest her!" he cried out as he pointed at her.

Frank and Michelle stopped and looked at each other.

"I'm sorry, you must be mistaken. I've never met you before," she said as she headed towards him.

Get back! You'll just take more of my things!" he screamed as he tried to get away from her. "It's her! It's her!"