Title: Emergence

Author: N'kala99

Rating: G, AU

Disclaimer: If they were mine, would I be publishing for free???

Summary: Second installment. Scott's powers appear, and more than one party are

interested in him.

Author's Notes: Again, this is my own version of X-Men: Evolution, so if you like

things the way they are, then don't read this. It would seriously help to read A New

Beginning first, but I guess you don't have to. Also- I seem to have made Scott's

birthday in June. I don't know if it is, but it is in my series. ? I'm trying to make

him 17 in 2003, so in the spring of '99, I figure him to be about 12-years-old.


By: N'kala99

Bayville, New York

Spring, 1999

"Runt! Come back here!"

Twelve-year-old Scott Summers skidded down the hall as he

tried to turn a corner. He could hear Logan behind him, chasing

him. He knew he'd been tempting fate when he replaced Logan's

toothpaste with blue dye, but Logan deserved it after putting green

dye in his shampoo.

Scott slid down the banister with practiced ease and raced out

the door, laughing aloud. He glanced behind him to check and see

where Logan was when he ran into something hard and fell onto the

ground. Looking up, he found Logan glaring down at him, his arms

crossed. Scott's jaw dropped open in shock.

"B-But . . . you . . . how?" he stammered.

Logan grasped a handful of the front of Scott's shirt and lifted

the boy into the air. "Never underestimate me, Runt. Now, I'd like

to know exactly what you thought you were doing by putting that

dye in my toothpaste."

Scott knew he should be afraid, but the sight of Logan's blue

teeth had him shaking with poorly disguised laughter.

"Oh, you think this is funny, do ya?" Logan said. "Well, let's

see how funny you think it is when you have blue teeth."

Scott stopped laughing almost immediately. "Hey!" he cried

out in protest. "That's not fair! You died my hair green! You had it


"I'll say one thing for ya, Runt," Logan replied, carrying Scott

back into the house. "You've got guts."

"Does that mean you won't dye my teeth blue?" Scott asked in

a small voice.

Logan snorted. "Fat chance. How long do I have to wait

before it wears off?"

"Um . . . about . . ." The rest of Scott's words trailed off into an

unintelligible mumble.

"What's that?" Logan growled.

"A, uh, week," Scott said, bracing himself for the explosion.

He wasn't disappointed. "A WEEK?" Logan bellowed. "That

does it, Runt. You just brought a plague of pestilence down on your

head. Sleep with one eye open tonight, kid."

"Logan? Could you put my son down for a moment and come

here? I need to talk to you."

Logan, who had made it to the entrance hall, looked up the

stairs at Charles. "But Charles-."

"No buts, Logan," Charles interrupted firmly. "I'm sure you

can find him later; after all, you know where he sleeps. I need you


Logan huffed in frustration, eyes skittering around the large

room before settling on a coat rack. Carrying Scott's struggling

form, he hooked Scott's shirt onto one of the hooks, leaving him

hanging on the rack. "Stay put, Runt," he said. "I'll be right back."

"No fair!" Scott shouted. "Let me down!"

Logan ignored him and took the stairs two at a time to join

Charles. Scott watched him go, then swung his legs out. His

momentum and his weight caused the coat rack to tip over, freeing

him. Fixing the coat rack, Scott slipped back out the door and

climbed up his favorite tree next to the driveway.

Something large and dark caught his eye as it soared through

the air. Scott looked up, hoping to catch sight of it, but it had

disappeared behind the mansion.

Curious, Scott jumped out of his tree and ran around back. He

slowed down and crouched behind a bush, looking around for

something out of the ordinary. He was about to chalk it all up to an

overactive imagination when he saw Ororo appear from behind a

tree. She was wearing a strange bluish-purple uniform with a cape

and white boots. Scott watched as she raised her hands into the air.

At first, he thought she was going to do some kind of bizarre dance,

but a sudden wind began to whip around Ororo. He eyes began to

glow an eerie white. Scott looked on in astonishment as a black

rain cloud formed over Ororo's head and poured a quick torrent of

rain over the tree. The cloud then moved around to water the other

plants in the backyard, seemingly under the control of Ororo. When

Ororo started to head his way, Scott began to panic. For some

reason, he didn't want to be discovered, so he ran.


Logan followed Charles through the mansion and into the

lesser used parts of the old building. "So what's so important it

couldn't wait until after I pulverized that little runt?"

Charles chose to ignore the comment. Despite Logan's gruff

exterior, Charles knew that he saw Scott as a little brother. "I've

had my ear to the ground these past few weeks, Logan, and I think

there's been more appearances."

That pulled Logan up short. "You mean . . . more appearances

of others like us?"

"There have been so few in your generation and mine,"

Charles agreed. "But this new generation is starting to turn out

more and more. I've already begun to construct what, I hope, will be

a training facility. I intent to locate those like us and invite them

here to learn control. Like I did for you and Ororo."

"You think that's such a great idea, Charles?" Logan asked

skeptically. "You'll be drawing attention to yourself and the rest of


"I've already anticipated that," Charles assured him. "It's

either that, Logan, or let him get his hands on them. I'd rather get

there first. Let me show you what I've started."


Scott ran through the trees surrounding the estate until he

collapsed against one, gasping for breath. He drew his knees to his

chest, trying to calm himself down and decipher what he'd just seen.

Was it possible? Or had he imagined the whole thing? No one

can control the weather, but Ororo looked like she wasn't having

any trouble doing that.

Scott rubbed his eyes, which felt as if they were burning. Did

Charles and Logan know about Ororo? And if so, why didn't they

tell him?

A red haze began to appear around the edges of Scott's vision,

and he rubbed his eyes again. Standing, he decided to return to the

mansion and confront Ororo. She had been a good friend to him

since he'd arrived at the mansion; he knew she wouldn't hurt him.

A sudden surge of energy shot out from Scott's eyes and struck

the tree in front of him. The force of the blast propelled the boy

backwards so fast that he struck his head hard against the tree

behind him and collapsed, unconscious, on the ground.


It was approaching dinnertime, and Scott had still not

reappeared. Charles frowned, concerned.

"This isn't like him," he insisted. "I wonder what's happened

to him."

"He's nowhere in the house," Ororo reported, having just

returned from her search. "He must be on the grounds somewhere.

If he is, Logan will find him."

The words had barely left her mouth when the front door

burst open and Logan rushed in, cradling Scott in his arms. Scott

still had traces of leaves and dirt of his clothes. Charles and Ororo

approached him.

"Where was he?" Charles demanded.

"In the woods on the other side of the property," Logan

reported. "He seems okay. Got a big bump on the back of his head,

but I can't figure out how it got there."

As they were talking, Scott began to come around. He blinked

his eyes open and looked at the worried faces of the three adults.

"Wh-What's goin' on?"

"We were hoping you could tell us," Charles replied. "Why

were you so far from the mansion?"

"I-I don't remember," Scott answered, alarm starting to build.

"Easy, Scott," Ororo soothed. "Let's get you cleaned up and

looked at. If you feel up to it, you can come back down for dinner."

Logan gently set Scott onto his feet. Unsteady at first, Scott

accepted Ororo's help down the hall to the kitchen.

Once they had gone, Logan turned to Charles. "I also found a

tree branch on the ground a few feet away from where he was. It

looked like it had been blasted off, and fairly recently. It was still


"Someone was shooting at him?" Charles concluded,

astonished. "But why?"

"I don't think that was it," Logan told him. "If they were

shooting at him, why fire only once and leave him there? No, it

doesn't make any sense. Besides; the alarms would've been tripped."

"Then what do you suppose happened?" Charles asked.

"I don't know," Logan admitted. "But I'd keep a close eye on

Scott, in case someone is after him."


A raven flew across the sky, landing on the branch beside

Scott's bedroom window. The dark night sky shielded it from sight

as it suddenly began to grow and change into the figure of a slender

blue woman with red hair, wearing white. She peered through the

window at the face of the sleeping child and frowned, doubtful.

"Are you sure about this?" she whispered.

A gust of wind swept around her. "I am certain. Charles

Xavier doesn't even know about it himself, but I suspected. I

witnessed it this afternoon. He will make a valuable member of our

little team."

The woman nodded. "Then I'll have to make this quick, or

we'll be caught before we make it off the property."

The deep voice answered her. "Then you had best not be


The woman gritted her teeth. Holding out her hand, she

shifted her hand into a glass cutter and carefully cut a large circle

in the window. Knocking the circle inside, she unlocked the

window and lifted it. Shifting back into a raven, she flew into the

room and settled onto the floor beside the bed, where she regained

her shape. Just as she began to lean over the boy, Scott's eyes flew


Scott yelled upon seeing the strange woman in his room.

Unbidden, red lasers shot from his eyes, connecting with the woman

and sending her crashing through the window and to the ground.

Just as quickly, the light faded away, leaving Scott trembling with


Logan kicked the door to the bedroom open, strange silver

claws extending from his knuckles. He took one look at Scott, then

dashed to the open window and – to Scott's astonishment- leaped

right out after the intruder!

Ororo and Charles were only minutes behind him. Charles

hurried to Scott's bed, calling back, "Go! You can still catch up!"

Scott turned to Charles, his hazel eyes wide with terror.

Trembling furiously, he threw his arms around Charles' neck.

"It's all right, Scott," Charles soothed, hugging Scott tightly.

"They won't hurt you now. Logan and Ororo are going after them.

Can you tell me who it was?"

"A-A lady," Scott stammered. "Sh-She was blue . . . with red


Charles tensed up with the news. "Are you sure?"

"Y-Yeah," Scott replied.

Charles tugged on Scott's arm, coaxing him off the bed. "I'll

get someone to fix your window tomorrow, while you're at school,"

he stated. "For tonight, I want you to sleep in the guest room next

to mine. Come on."

Scott obediently followed Charles down the hall, hugging

himself tightly. He didn't know what was happening, and that

frightened him. Maybe he just imagined lasers shooting from his

eyes, or didn't really see Logan jump out of his third-story window

as if it was only a foot high.

Logan and Ororo returned as Charles was settling Scott into

bed. "Whoever it was, they got away," Logan told them, growling

with displeasure.

"Are you all right, Scott?" Ororo asked.

Scott nodded, not trusting himself to speak. Charles gently

brushed Scott's hair off of his forehead.

"Go ahead and get some more sleep," he told Scott. "You'll be

perfectly safe here."

Charles gestured to Logan and Ororo, and led them out into

the hall. He waited until Ororo had closed the door when he spoke.

"It was Mystique."

Ororo gasped, and Logan snarled. "Mystique?" Ororo echoed.

"How do you know?"

"Scott saw her," Charles said simply.

"What does she want with Scott?" Ororo wondered aloud.

"And why didn't she just grab Scott and run?" Logan added.

"I don't know the answers to that," Charles admitted.

"Hopefully, I'll know something tomorrow. I have a suspicion, but I

don't want to say anything until it's been confirmed."


"Do you really think you ought to let him go to school today,

Charles?" Ororo asked. "After all, if they can reach him here, he

won't be any safer at school."

"I know," Charles said. "That's why I called in a favor last

night. An old friend of mine, Hank McCoy, will be substituting for

Scott's teacher today. He promised to look after Scott until he made

it back to the mansion."

Ororo still didn't feel any better about letting Scott away from

the safety of their watchful eyes, but found little reason to argue

any further. She pushed her doubts to the back of her mind as Scott

entered the room, reaching for a piece of toast and his lunch sack.

"Is it okay if I meet Paul after school?" Scott asked. "We were

going to go to his house to play the latest Playstation game."

A protest arose in Ororo's throat, but she bit it back in

deference to Charles' authority.

"Scott, I know you want to see Paul, but I don't think that

would be a good idea after last night," Charles said gently. "I'd

rather you came straight home today. If you want to invite Paul

over here, though, that would be all right."

Scott considered this, then nodded. "Okay, cool. Thanks,


"You're welcome," Charles replied. "Now get your things.

You're going to be late."

Scott rubbed his eyes and went to fetch his backpack. The red

haze had returned to his eyes and refused to leave. He didn't want

to tell anyone about it, believing it to be nothing. He only hoped it

would clear up soon. It was getting a little annoying.

The ride to school was silent, save for the usual comments

exchanged at the school entrance. Scott met up with Paul by the

door, and the two boys walked in together. Charles scanned the

crowd and found a short, stocky man with glasses watching him.

They nodded to one another, and Ororo drove off.


Scott rubbed his eyes for what seemed like the millionth time.

The red haze in front of his eyes had not gone away; if anything, it

was getting thicker. Scott was worried; he didn't know what it was,

and didn't know how to cure it. Maybe if he splashed water on his


Raising his hand, Scott got permission to go to the restroom.

He walked as fast as he could down the hall and disappeared into

the bathroom, locking the door behind him. Looking in the mirror,

he was startled to see that a shimmering red glow had appeared in

front of each eye. Try as he might, no amount of water or rubbing

dispersed the mysterious glow.

Scott began to gasp for breath, feeling his heart start to race.

His eyes were starting to tingle, and something told him that that

wasn't a good sign. Backing up into the wall, Scott sank to the

ground and hugged his knees tightly to his chest. Closing his eyes,

Scott buried his face in his knees and tried to figure out what to do


Suddenly, the metal fixtures in the bathroom began to rattle

ominously. Scott lifted his head and looked around for the source

of the disturbance. A shadowy figure appeared on the other side of

the window in the bathroom; it looked like a man in a helmet and

cape, hovering in the air.

"Do not be afraid, Scott," a deep voice said. "I'm here to help


"Wh-Who are you?" Scott asked. "How do you know my


"I've been watching you, Scott," the man replied. "I'm very

impressed with your abilities, and I've come to make you an offer."

"Abilities?" Scott repeated. "What are you talking about?

What offer?"

A sudden pounding on the door to the bathroom made Scott

jump. "Scott? Are you in there? Open the door."

It was Mr. McCoy. "Scott, unlock the door and let me in."

"Don't listen to him, Scott," the strange man ordered. "Come

with me, and I'll give you all the answers you need."

The pounding on the door was becoming more furious. Scott

felt panic start to well up in the pit of his stomach. Before he could

do anything else, two powerful beams, one from each eye, shot out

and sliced through the wall like it didn't exist. Unlike before, they

didn't go away. Scott turned his head, and the beams followed his

line of sight, destroying everything in their path.

The door suddenly broke off of its hinges, and Hank McCoy

ran into the room. "Scott, close your eyes!"

Scott did as he was told, but it was too late. The bathroom

ceiling, unable to be supported by the damaged walls, started to

collapse. Hank swept down on Scott and gathered him up, then ran

for the doorway. Just as they left the bathroom, large chunks of

concrete landed where Scott had been sitting.

The boy was unusually silent in his arms. Hank set him down,

then knelt before him and gripped his arms. "Scott, I know you're

scared and confused right now, but you're going to be okay. Just

keep your eyes closed."

Scott didn't answer. Hank could feel him trembling beneath

his grip. He knew he needed to get Scott out of the building, which

was already being evacuated due to the sudden destruction of the


Hank guided Scott through the crowd with a firm hand,

dodging the jumble of confused questions. Keeping a careful eye

out for anymore unwanted visitors, Hank bundled Scott up into his

car and hurried to drive him home.

Logan, Ororo, and Charles were waiting for him just outside

the front door. They didn't speak a word; just herded Scott into the

mansion and down the same unused corridor that Charles and

Logan had walked just the day before. Charles led the way into a

newly furnished clinic and directed Hank to lay Scott onto a bed on

the far side of the room.

"Scott's got the advanced X-gene," Charles explained to

everyone present. "My latest invention, Cerebro, detected it when

Scott's powers emerged at school. That must be why Mystique

wanted him."

He leaned over Scott and worked his hand into Scott's tightly

squeezed fists. "Scott, if you can hear me, squeeze my hand."

It was barely noticeable, but it was there.

"Scott, I know you're very confused, and scared at the

moment," Charles continued. "I will explain everything to you, I

promise. Right now, I'm going to place a bandage over your eyes to

help you keep them shut. It won't be permanent; just until I can

find something to shield your optic lasers from everyone."

Scott didn't respond. It seemed that the sudden shock and

terror he had experienced had driven him right back into his head,

shut off from everyone around him. Charles hoped that this sudden

and overwhelming change wouldn't cause a major setback in the

progress Scott had made in the last four years.

"There's something else," Hank spoke up. "He was there."

The adults turned to him, alarmed. "At the school?" Ororo


Hank nodded. "I had just excused Scott to go to the restroom

when everything metal in the classroom began to rattle. I think he

was trying to get to Scott."

Charles tightly gripped Scott's hand, soaking in the new

information. "We'll deal with this one step at a time. First things

first; I need to get to work to help Scott with his powers. Logan, see

what you can find out at the school. We need to be prepared if he

decides to pay us another visit. Ororo, go with him."

The two adults turned sharply and hastened from the room.

Charles looked at Hank and led him to the other side of the room.

"Hank, thank you," Charles said gratefully. "I'm glad you

were there watching over him today. I'd hate to think what

would've happened if no one was there when his powers appeared."

"I owed you several favors," Hank replied. "Whatever I can do

to pay them back, just let me know."

"Come by and visit us some time, my friend," Charles told him.

Hank smiled and, shaking hands with Charles, left the room.


By the time the sun had set, Logan and Ororo had returned

from Scott's school with nothing to report to Charles. The most that

anyone knew was that, for no apparent reason, the ceiling in the

boy's restroom had collapsed. Fortunately, no one had been injured.

And Scott's mysterious visitor had vanished without a trace, but

there was no doubt in anyone's mind as to who he was.

Charles had brought Scott into his study and had gently

settled him into an overstuffed chair. Logan and Ororo were also

gathered in the room, knowing that they had to be there for the

discussion that had to happen.

"I owe you an apology, Scott," Charles began. "We've been

keeping a secret from you- not because we don't trust you. We just

wanted to be sure you were ready to hear it."

Scott folded his hands onto his lap. "Does this have

something to do with the lasers that came out of my eyes?" he asked,

his voice soft.

Charles nodded, though Scott couldn't see him through the

bandages still covering his eyes. "That's right," he answered,

silently relieved that Scott was speaking again. "You see, you, me,

Ororo, and Logan all have something in common. It makes us all

special, because it gives us certain . . . abilities that not a lot of other

people have."

"What is it?" Scott whispered.

"It's called an advanced X-gene," Charles answered him. "The

cells in our bodies have DNA; you know this from school. Well,

there's quite a lot we still don't know about our genes; most of them

lie dormant. Do you know what that means?"

Scott fidgeted, frowning as he thought. "They're asleep?"

"Right," Charles said, injecting praise into his tone. "They're

asleep. Well, for some reason, when some people reach a certain

age, one of their genes wakes up. It's called the advanced X-gene.

It's also considered to be a mutation."

"I'm a mutant?" Scott asked with dismay.

"We all are," Ororo assured him. "It's not a bad thing at all,

Scott. They've come in handy for us a few times."

"Then how come you guys aren't shooting lasers out of your

eyes?" Scott demanded, his tone accusing.

"The mutations are different for everyone," Charles explained.

"Some people may have similar mutations; they're usually found as

family members. For the most part, however, everyone does

something different. I, for example, am telepathic. I have the ability

to read your thoughts, and can project my own thoughts into your


Scott was stunned. "You can?"

Charles' voice echoed inside Scott's head. *Yes, I can. I may

contact you this way more often, now that you know. But I never

read anyone's thoughts without their express permission.*

"Whoa!" Scott exclaimed.

Ororo chuckled. Scott's face turned in her direction. "What

about you, Ororo? What can you do?"

"I can control the weather," Ororo sated simply. "Nothing

quite as drastic as changing world weather patterns, but I can

control the environment around me."

Scott tried to turn his head to Logan, but couldn't hear him in

the room. "Logan? Are you there?"

Logan stepped closer. "Yeah, Runt, and I know what you're

gonna say. I'm able to heal faster than anyone else."

Scott frowned. "But what about those metal claws I saw?"

"When did you see that?" Logan shot back.

Scott shrank back in his chair. "Last night, when you ran into

my room. Right before you jumped out of my window."

"Not exactly subtle, were you?" Ororo teased Logan.

Logan snorted. "As if there was time for subtlety."

"Logan has advanced regenerative powers, which means that,

when injured, he can heal completely in a fraction of the time as

you or me," Charles clarified for Scott. "Unfortunately, there are

people out in the world who will exploit our abilities for their own

purposes. That was what happened to Logan. Someone took him

and replaced his skeleton with one made entirely of adamantium,

the one substance said to be indestructible. Those claws you saw

are an extension of that."

Scott sat silently; to silently for the adults' liking.

"It seems like an awful lot now," Ororo pointed out, moving to

kneel beside Scott. "We know exactly what you're going through

right now, and we'll help you."

"That's right," Charles agreed. "I helped Ororo and Logan to

adapt comfortably to their powers; I most certainly will do the same

for you. In fact, I'm opening the mansion up as a school for other

mutants, like us. They will also need guidance and training in the

use of their new powers. Given time, you will be able to function

just as well as if you didn't have powers at all."

"But ya gotta keep a lid on it, Runt," Logan warned him.

"This is our secret, and the rest of the world isn't gonna be able to

handle us just yet. Deal?"

Scott slowly nodded. Something still appeared to be

bothering him, and Charles tilted his head to the side. "Scott? Go

ahead and ask. It's all right."

Scott sighed. "Will I ever be able to open my eyes normally

again?" he asked, fear creeping into his voice.

Charles exchanged glances with Logan and Ororo. "Not at

first, Scott," he told the boy truthfully. "I need to run some tests

and see what can withstand the power of your lasers. I imagine, as

you grow older, they're going to become even stronger. I promise

you, though, that one day, I will make it so you can open your eyes


Scott nodded again. It wasn't the answer he was looking for,

but he knew that it was the best answer he was going to get.

"C'mon, Runt, it's time for bed," Logan said, changing the

subject. "Your room's all ready for ya. I'll take ya there."

Scott bid Charles and Ororo good night, then let out a gasp as

Logan swung him up onto his back and carried him, piggyback-

style, down the hall to his room.

Logan dropped Scott unceremoniously into his bed, then

threw a pair of pajamas at Scott, striking him square on the face.

"Good night, kid," he said, turning to leave.


The quiet, uncertain call pulled Logan up short. He looked at

Scott, eyebrow raised. "Yeah?"

Scott pushed his pajamas aside and tipped his head down.

"Isn't it kinda scary?"

Logan closed the door to Scott's room and sat beside the boy

on the bed. "What, havin' powers?"

Scott nodded.

Logan sighed, considering his answer. "Yeah, at first, it was

kinda scary. Strange things goin' on, and nobody to tell me why or

how. I thought I was gonna go crazy until Charles showed up and

explained everything to me. Now, it's all right. I don't know how I'd

live without them, now."

Scott began to pick at his blanket. "Aren't you afraid . . . of

hurting somebody?"

Logan sensed that this was the real question Scott had been

trying to ask him. "Of course. These things aren't to be taken

lightly. With our powers comes a lot of responsibility to do the

right thing, especially if we don't want to. You'll feel a lot better

when you've had some training to control those blasters of yours.

But you can't ever use them unless you're in real danger, or unless

Charles, Ororo, or I tell you to. Got it?"

Scott smiled faintly. "Sir, yes sir."

Logan ruffled Scott's hair and stood. "Wise guy. Now get to

bed before I tie you up in your blanket."

Scott laughed slightly and stood, scrambling to change his

clothes. He heard Logan leave and quickly changed into his

pajamas, then crawled into bed. His thoughts swirled around in his

brain, chasing one after the other. So much had happened in so

little time.

He was a mutant.

He lived with other mutants.

But he couldn't tell anyone, not even Paul.

Scott sighed tiredly as he felt sleep descend upon him. Life

certainly got more and more interesting with Charles as his father.

The End


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