Chp. 1 Late by 32 seconds

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Kagome woke up with a groan. She had just gotten back from the Sengoku Jidai last night after a tiring battle with a giant.. giant. thing! It looked like it was part snake youkai and part centipede youkai, and it had three jewel shards. Kind of like the one that she had seen when she first me Inuyasha. She peeked over at her alarm clock. 11:30. Wait just a second! 11:30! Inuyasha is going to kill me and I'm never gonna hear the end of it!

"Shit!" It was uncommon for her to swear but this deserved a good cussing at! I was supposed to meet Inuyasha at the other side of the well at noon! And he said if I was more than thirty seconds late he was going to come after me! "Damnit! Inuyasha is going to kill me! I'm supposed to meet him in the sengoku jidai in half an hour!" wait just a second! When did she start caringi f she was late and Inuyasha was mad?!?! Oh, yeah, when he started threatening to come after her and drag he back in her pajamas. "Ugh. I'm a mess."

She looked down at her school uniform that she hadn't bothered to change out of because she was so tired. It was caked with dried mud. Oh yeah, it was raining when that stupid youkai decided to show up. She got out of bed and went to the bath room and took a shower and brushed her teeth. She went back to her room and got out a kimono that her mother had given her. It was a simple dark blu kimono with a light blue hakama and shirt. (A/N: I don't know what the shirt part is called so don't kill me! *__* throws tear gas at he crazy fashion designers)

She had started noticing her uniform was getting some stains that don't come out so easy. (if you know what I mean) So she had decided only to where her uniform if she was just getting back from school and had to leave immediately. Or just getting back from the sengoku jidai and had to go to go to school. Yesterday was one of those days. Thank kami she only had 3 weeks of school left, but she wasn't going to tell that to Inuyasha because he would end up trying to keep her there. Once she was dressed she got her pack, which was already packed from last night, and looked at the clock. 11:58! " Oh shitshitshitshit!!!!!" she ran down the hall and took the stairs two at a time. "MOM I'M LEAVING!!!" she kissed her mom grabbed some ramen off the shelf and ran out the door to the well house

, but before she could open the door her mom called to her, " sweetie! Make sure you come back tomorrow for a little while, I' have a surprise!" "ok mom!" she goes to open the door but before she can she feels a familiar presence and looks at he watch. Hmph! 12:00 with thirty- 2 seconds past. She heard a thud and knew he was out side the well. She sighed as she opened the door and before he could get half the word 'wench' out she sat him. "SIT BOY!!!"

He uttered a stream of curses around a mouthful of dirt which included bitch quite a few times. "UGH!!! Don't you have any patience! The next time you do this I won't bring ramen!" the curses stopped and the spell wore off, Inuyasha picked himself up and spit out a mouthful of dirt. She gave him the 'you-say-one-word-and-you'll-be-in-th-ground-do-long-they'll-plant- flowers-on-you look and any thing he was going to say he swallowed. Kagome gave him a cheerful smile and said, "let's go!" she jumped in the well and left a very confused hanyou behind her with her sudden change of mood.

When she got out he other side she was greeted by a tan ball of fluff streaking towards her and barreling into her chest, knocking her back into Inuyasha and falling on top of him. "OOOF!!!" the both said. Kagome turned an unnatural shade of crimson and froze. Inuyasha blushed a little but recovered quickly. "Oi! Get off me wench!!" he pushed her off and grabbed Shippou by the tail and brought him up to his face. "Hey!! Whater ya tryin ta do brat, kill me!?!? Shippou squeaked and whined, "KAGOME!!!! Dog breath is gonna hurt me!! Kagome snapped out of her embarrassed state and looked at him sternly. He blanched and looked at her with wide eyes.


Uh Oh, he set Shippou down carefully and looked at kagome.




He closed his eyes and waited for the impact of earth that he knew was coming. But it never came he opened his eyes to se Shippou and Kagome staring behind him. He sniffed the air and smelled a very familiar and very unwanted scent.

"Sesshoumaru..." he growled.