Authors note

December 8, 2004

3:08 am Central time

Well, I'm VERY sorry to all of my readers out there, obviously removed my last note. Yes, yes, I know. I haven't updated in a very long time. Things with getting school up and going again have been a pain in the ass, as well as keeping up with myself. I think I may be ADD….--' Bleh… Well anyway. Yes. TMAAHOI has NOT been updated in a long ass time and may not be for a little while. I know how much you guys love it but… Inspiration has been going all over the place. Lately I've been more interested in writing an AU-darkfic/Action/Romance than what TMAAHOI is doing. And I'm not exactly happy with some of the former chapters either. So as of now TMAAHOI is going through the process of a re-mastering with some changes added… I still love the story, but it just isn't as open ended as I'd first thought, and I'm finding myself creatively challenged when it comes to writing.

But other than that…my reasons for not updating are lack of computer time due to school, home duties, and lack of motivation. Yes. I am lazy…….its something I need to work on. But alas, what can one do?

Plus, I still don't have access to ANY of the files on my busted computers hard drive, meaning anything I had written on it is now inaccessible. My obsession with music is kind of making me do other things when I get on the computer too. Honestly, you'd think I'd have something better to do on my weekends rather than sit on my ass and listen to headphones while typing out the lyrics to songs and making them look cool? Nope. Guess not.

Too people who have reviewed and asked for music videos, sorry. I probably won't be able to send them. I kind of don't use the yahoo video system anymore. It just doesn't work very well. And of course, my e-mail system is very unreliable. As soon as a few problems are fixed, I should have the e-mail working again. But until then…no m-vids. Sorry. ;-;

Well, for all you people out there who were worried about whether I was dead or not. I am not….but I'm quite sure if I'm alive or just breathing. (For those of you who are Killswitch Engage fans you know that "Alive or Just breathing" is the title of their second album. As well as those of you who read LOTR fanfiction the title of my Good friend Mistopurr's fanfic. I was the one she asked for help with titles. )

Talk to me for 5 minutes and you'll walk away knowing 20 or more useless facts about various metal bands.

Well, I was thinking about putting out a songifc challenge sometime soon. Giving people several songs and whoever writes the best fic gets to create a character and that character will get a part in Two Mikos and a Heart of Ice. Who knows? Maybe it will give me more inspiration.

Well for those interested here were some of the songs I was thinking of including on the list of ones to be used. Yes, they are either all rock/metal/punk rock/Goth songs. And YES. It's a challenge! That's why some of the songs are one that I guess wouldn't normally be used in a fanfic. ' But what else would you expect from me?

Always - Saliva

So cold – Breaking Benjamin

The Leaving song Pt. 2 – a.f.i

The End of Heartache – Killswitch Engage

My last Serenade – Killswitch Engage

I Stand Alone – Godsmack

Head like a hole – Nine Inch Nails

Star no Star – Jack off Jill

White Wedding – The Murderdolls (Billy Idol Cover)

Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover) - Marilyn Manson

Nymphetamine - Cradle of Filth

Papercut - Linkin Park

Judith - A Perfect Circle

Track #1 (a.k.a Stinkfist) - Tool

Heaven's a Lie - Lacuna Coil

Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

Mad world – Gary Jules

Down – Motograter

Murder is Masturbation – Nothingface

Get inside – Stone Sour

Wait and Bleed – Slipknot

Coma White – Marilyn Manson

Yes, the cover version of White Wedding, not the Original Billy Idol song.

YES. The cover version ofPersonal Jesusas well. If you've heard the original good, but the feel and overall sound of the cover is way different.

Those of you who have seen the movie Donnie Darko have heard the song Mad World. Its the really sad sounding song being played at the end of the movie.

I tried to pick some songs that were radio singles and you may have heard them before (Fuck, So Cold was played so many times it's a miracle if you HAVEN'T heard it….-.-'), but yeah the challenge is a work in progress, and if you are interested, DO NOT E-MAIL ME. My account is way out of wack and I probably won't get any of them, nor will I be able to open them if I do. Rather, please contact me on Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo contact: bloodoftheblackheart

I would just like to say a few things about IM-ing me though, if I ignore you or don't accept the message, don't be offended. I will probably either not want to talk, be in a bad mood, or be busy. I live in Northern Illinois so the time difference may be a bit weird too. As well as I kind of am not a "talk for fun" type person. I talk only as long as needed, so don't make a habit of IM-ing me when you're bored. I don't mind talking to people too much….but well…eh. Hard to explain.

As of now I'm really pissed because I can't go to the Headbangers Ball concert Tonight at the Rave in Milwaukee. I have 4 tickets and I have no ride. v.v This means I'm missing, HIMSA, Bleeding through, Arch Enemy, AND Cradle of Filth! ;; sniffle Oh well……Hopefully next year I wont miss any Slipknot or Disturbed Shows…..sigh

I thank everyone who has decided not to send me computer viruses for my lack of updates and I swear, I should have the next chapter of Two Mikos and a Heart of ice out hopefully before the new year, and if not, I'll have a new story out for you guys to chew on. You'll see a side of Amreld you've never seen before! Sex, Drugs, and Heavy Metal baby. I'm thinking about using Mediaminer instead of because it seems that people are having problems with Quick edit, and other such changes that has made….though they may be fixed now. Anyway, to stop my rambling I leave you on a final note.


- emeraudo sono ten sennyo