Chapter One

Authors Notes

1. I have never written a Yu-Gi-Ou story before and have only seen up to start of battle city. So I will need help with certain parts of this story I will need a couple beta readers for this story. If you can beta read for me leave it in a review, or e-mail me at Put betareader or something like that in the subject so I do not delete it by accident.

2. I need someone to tell me a little bit about Seto's past.

Thats all and enjoy the story.

It was the biggest house on the block. It was painted white. The fence around had the initials KC. Only two people lived in the house. Two brothers to be exact. The young one was named Mokuba, and the older one was named Seto. They were orphans that were adopted by rich man. Their stepfather was now dead. Seto was now the CEO of his stepfather's company Kaiba Corp.

Mokuba was currently sitting beside the front door, waiting for Seto to come home. Seto was usually home by now; they would have had supper by now. Mokuba pulled down his sleeve of his striped long sleeve shirt. He glanced at his watch. It was six o'clock. Seto was home by now.

A growling that came from Mokuba's stomach alerted him. Then it came to him; he had not had supper. He had had a couple chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk when he came home, but that was it. It was past suppertime. Mokuba got up and walked toward the kitchen. They would have something to eat in there.


Mokuba pushed the door open gently. and flicked his eyes around the room. The cooks that were still on duty were sitting at the small table in the center of the room. They were talking among themselves. When Mokuba came into the room. One man stood up and walked towards him. Mokuba rather liked this man. His name was Gary, and Mokuba could tell him anything. Sometimes he told Gary things he would never tell Seto. Like how he wasn't doing well in school at the moment. To tell the truth Mokuba was worried about his brother. He did not eat much, nor did he sleep much. Kaiba corp was doing well. If it weren't Mokuba would hear about on the news and in the business magazines that his brother bought. Talking to Gary was like talking to a Father, something he could not remember having.

" What would you like Mokuba" Gary asked.

" Food" Mokuba answered.

" Anything you want in particular" Gary questioned.

Mokuba shook his head. " Whatever you have here is fine."

" I have grill cheese sandwiches" Gary answered

" That will be fine" Mokuba replied.

Gary went over to the fridge and took out a sandwich. He then placed it on a plate and put it in the microwave. He set the clock for thirty seconds. Then he walked back over to Mokuba.

" What's wrong Mokuba" Gary asked.

Mokuba only said one word " Seto".

The microwave was beeping telling then that the time was up. Gary got up and got the sandwich out, then walked back to Mokuba. He handed the sandwich to him and Mokuba thanked him. Mokuba began to eat.

"I'm just so worried about him" Mokuba said before taking another bite. " He is usually home by now" Mokuba put down his sandwich and sighed. " what if he got in an accident, what if", but Mokuba was not able to finish his sentence because the banging of a door interrupted him. No not banging slamming of a door. That could only be Seto. The many hired help around the house would never do that unless if they wanted to get the money taken out of their paychecks.

Mokuba slipped out of the kitchen and ran towards the front door. As he had assumed it was Seto, standing there looking exhausted.

"Big Brother where were you I was so worried" but Mokuba was silenced when Seto spoke.

" I was at your school talking to your teacher. She called me at work, and told me to come talk to her right away. I did and she told me you were not doing your homework or paying attention in class, what has caused this" Seto questioned.

" I'm worried about you ,Seto you come home late, you don't eat much, and you don't sleep much either." Mokuba finished with a sigh.

" Don't worry Mokuba I always be there for you. Now if you have had supper already, go to your room and do some homework before you go to sleep. Tomorrow I'm taking a day off work to help you with your homework, and then maybe we can go to the park."

" Yeah, that sounds fun. Night Big Brother" Mokuba said as he headed up the stairs to his room.