Chapter Ten

Seto loved auctions, especially at the smaller ones in the country. Most of the furniture in his mansion and country house was from auctions; each piece brought something more to the room. This weekend after the sleepover, Seto was going to take Joey and Mokuba to an auction. He decided on something last night, the room that Joey was staying in could become his room, it wasn't like Joey could go back to his Father's house, Seto was going to buy Joey what ever he wanted for the room, and that meant whatever. From furniture to the latest electronics. He was going to show the nice side of Seto Kaiba to Joey.


Seto was sitting in Mokuba's classroom; he was out for recess with his friends. He had greeted him jovially, then was ushered out by the recess monitor, Seto watched as his brother played on the monkey bars with his friends. Seto had brought his newest version of the Duel Disk which know came in different colors for the picky duelist, the first version had went well, the thing went flying off the shelves 1, and now Seto hoped to make something as successful with the new colored ones. The bell rang and soon the kids filed single file into the room. They all took their seats, and gazed at Seto. Of course they all knew who he was and what he did.

The teacher came into the room, "here his our first guardian, you should all know him, and his name is Seto Kaiba, big brother of Mokuba." A loud clap echoed through the room, and soon ended.

"Mr. Kaiba could you please tell us what you do for a living?"

"Yes, as you all know I'm the CEO of Kaiba Corp, and I also work in the Research and development part." Seto looked at all the kids, but no one was smiling more then his brother.

"Do you have anything you would like to show to the kids?" Seto nodded, and brought out his colored Duel disks, "anybody care to play Duel Monsters?" He asked a twinkle in his eye as the kids hurried up to grab a Duel Disk, Seto had made sure he had brought enough for the whole class.


"Wow! You are a good cook, Ryou," Yugi said after finishing the fantastic meal that Ryou had cooked for everyone.

"Thanks," Ryou said quietly.

"That was good, hikari," Bakura said fondly to Ryou. Bakura was no longer the abusive sprit he once was, for now Bakura and Ryou were now going out.

"Let's leave all the dishes on the table for now, and let's all go play Truth or Dare." Everybody got up and took a seat on the living room floor. Yami and Yugi were beside each other, so were Bakura and Ryou. Seto and Joey sat a little space apart.

"Now let's have some fun!" Bakura said merrily as he asked Ryou "truth or dare?"


The limo was forgotten in the massive Kaiba garage, Seto wanted to take something more normal, like the Truck that he had bought as soon as he got his license. It was blue, with four wheel drive, and the seats were made of black leather. A plushie of the Blue Eyes White Dragon sat on the dashboard. They were headed to an estate sale just a couple of miles out of the city.

Seto parked on a spot on the grass, where everyone else parked. Seto, Joey and Mokuba got out to look around the sale. Seto always made sure he had cash when he went to these sales, his name was quite recognizable so he never used checks. Seto was wearing a pair of khaki pants, with a drawstring waist, a blue three-quarter sleeve t-shirt, and sandals. He didn't look like the corporate Seto, and that was the look that Seto was trying to achieve. Mokuba was wearing a pair of black shorts that almost went down to his knees, a white t-shirt, and runners with socks. Joey was wearing a pair of ragged jeans, where small holes were in many places, a t-shirt with the imprint of the Red Eyes Black Dragon, and sneakers.

'I'll have to take him clothes shopping as well.' Seto mused to himself.


"You really didn't have to get me all that stuff," Joey said as he closed the door. At the sale Joey had picked out a wing chair, a blue lamp that he liked, a white area rug with Celtic designs on the border, and a set of four oak bedroom pieces, which included a dresser, an armoire, and two side tables.

"I know," Seto said as he turned onto the highway, "but I wanted to, Joey you remind yourself as me, and I want to give you a home where you have comfort and support. Also you are great with Mokuba, would you except my offer to live at my house and not having to ever go back to your Father's.

Joey thought about it for a moment and then nodded. It was something he had always wanted a place where he would be actually cared for, and is loved. He had had that before his Mother and sister moved out.

"Great, we are going to the mall," Seto said as he turned right.


"A Dollar Store?" Seto asked as Joey led him through the entrance. As Joey walked in he grabbed a basket.

"Yes, you can get some good stuff here for cheap prices," he leaned closer to Seto, "but some of the stuff is kind of crappie."

"Your telling me," Seto said as he picked up a cheaply made plastic toy. "This could break if it dropped to the floor." Seto threw it back into the basket it came from.

"You said anything right?" Seto nodded, Joey took off, and Seto ran after him.

Joey was standing in front of a display of beanie babies, there was about twenty different bears, of all types.

"You like beanie babies don't you?" Mokuba asked kind of amused at what the blonde liked.

Joey nodded, "that isn't a bad thing is it?"

"Nope I have a small collection too; I'll show you when we get back home." Mokuba said cheerfully.


Joey deposited one bear into the basket, and turned to go to the cash register.

"Hey! Joey, I said any thing, get all of them I don't care."

Joey stopped dead in his tracks.

"Really?" He shot out trying not to sound surprised.

"Yeah." Seto said as he began to pull the bears off the shelf.

"Mokuba will probably want some, and I know you want some, so that is forty bears."

"Wait a minute, could we get an extra set or two?" Joey asked quietly.

"Sure, but may I ask why?" Seto questioned

"You know there are some kids out there that only have themselves, but not anything to hold at night? I was thinking if it was possible we could hold a charity event for those less fortunate, like a dinner and distribution of toys."

Seto looked at Joey, "sure, we could hold it around this thanksgiving."


Four Month later at the charity event......

"I am pleased to present to you the person who organized this for you, Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba." Both walked onto the stage, and stepped in front of the microphone.

"I hope you all had a great dinner, this is going to be a yearly thing, possibly a bi-annual thing." Seto said turning the microphone over to Joey.

"All over the city there have been shelters set up, and programs to help you in the best possible way."

Both now spoke at the same time, "just remember memories are in the past, and the future is now."

Everyone in the crowd clapped, most of them were living in poverty, but some of the other people in the crowd were high-class people that even paid to be here. That money was going into a foundation called the helping hands. Joey and Seto had gotten closer by the work they had done to bring the charity together. They had also set up a grant for children that wanted to go to university or college, for people that couldn't afford it.

They had done something together, and that was what counted. What really was great about it, was that it made a difference!

Just remember memories are in the past and the future can be very bright, but that is if you make it. If you make it bleak looking, it will be bleak.

The end

Authors Notes- Very short fan fic, but remember this was my very first fan fic! Thanks for all the reviews on this fic.