Foreword: This tale takes part in the universe of the Bee Charmer. As we enter the tale, Boromir lies in the House of Healing in Minas Tirith. If you have not read the original Bee Charmer story, it would be well to do so, or you may not know what brought him where he now is.

I intended this to be a much shorter story, but it took on a life of its own, and so I can't include it in The Bee Charmed: Missing Scenes story.

THIS STORY IS RATED FOR VIOLENCE AND RAPE! There is no graphic description of this, so I'm not rating it too high, but it is there nonetheless.

Horrible things happen in wartime, and this story deals with that. I'm speaking to the shaping of Boromir and Faramir as warriors in this tale, and why Boromir is so protective of Merry and Pippin, especially Pippin.

There is no slash in this story. I do write some things that could be taken that way, and if you like, you can see it that way, I can't stop you. Having said this, however, I see Boromir's love of "his" hobbits as a sweet and innocent type of brotherly/fatherly love. He may give them the occasional hug or even a smooch now and then. He even will take a nap with them, but that's it, nothing more. His physical expressions of love are intended to show that he truly cares about them and would never use them as sexual playthings.(he's got me for that!) Yes, in my stories, there are some "slashable" moments, but I assure you, these boys are disgustingly hetero, in spite of the fact that they aren't afraid to show their love in a physical way.

In the immortal words of Billy Boyd, they are "together…but not like that." Hobbits can, are and should be loved, hugged and occasionally smooched. Anyone who would harm a hobbit should be shot on general principles, and if I were you, I wouldn't let 'em in my house.

One more warning: yes, here is sweetness and fluffiness amid the horrors of war and its aftermath, and in the House of Healing, where, goodness knows, one should be hugged and smooched. If there was ever a time for sweetness and fluffiness, a horrible thing like wartime and near-death is it. Besides, they've been through so much they deserve a little sweetness and fluffiness.

As usual, you will not see Boromir killed in any fic of mine. I cannot and will not do it. A natural death is the only way Boromir will ever depart in my fiction. So there!

As usual, these characters and places aren't mine, except for Firiel, her father Thalion, Saro, and Boromir's house in the Old Forest. They belong to Tolkien and Peter Jackson/New Line. I get nothing from this but the pleasure of visiting with old friends in Middle Earth. If you wish to sue me, you won't get anything because around my place there are two things you don't hear: meat frying and change rattling. Besides, I'll just sic Boromir on you, and you know how he can be. Don't do it. It could get ugly. You know he has a temper on him and the muscle and will to back it up. He can and will open a can of Middle Earth Whoop-ass on you. Yes, this is AU and OOC, but then again isn't that what fan fiction is really all about? We expand and experiment with the places and characters, do we not? We take the "action figures" out of the toy box and play.

Having said that…on with the tale.