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Gohan watched as the big, scary man with the long hair talked with his father. The island was totally quiet, projecting the seriousness of the situation. He was only four years old, so he didn't know how serious this was, or what this man wanted, with him, or with his father. After talking with his father for about a minute, Radditz, (As Gohan would later learn was his name) saw his tail, and looked surprised, but then smiled. Gohan didn't like that smile. It was so, so… Evil. Suddenly, the man disappeared, and a second later, Gohan found himself in the man's clutches, standing back where he had been when he had first landed.

Goku was astonished as the man disappeared, and reappeared with his son. HIS SON!

 Goku launched himself at Radditz, screaming as loud as he could. "GIVE ME BACK MY SON!!" Radditz lashed out with his foot, grinning fiercely as Goku was smashed backward, holding his stomach in obvious pain. "Hmmm, didn't feel anything break. I'll have to hit harder next time." Radditz laughed. It was an evil, cruel sound. "You don't stand a chance against me Kakkarot. I am far more powerful than you."

Krillen spoke up, indignant, even as his very life was threatened. "That's impossible! Goku's the strongest person on the planet!" Radditz's long hair swished around as he turned his head to stare at the short, bald monk. "Not according to my scouter." Krillen stared in confusion. "You're what?" Radditz sighed. Were these people so cut off from the rest of the universe that they didn't now what a scouter was?

 "My scouter. This thing on my face. It scans power levels and where they are. For instance, your power level is pitiful. A mere 206. Grandpa over there is even lower, an absurd 139. Kakkarot is a slightly better, but still weak 304. My full power is somewhere around 1,200." Krillen nearly fainted from shock. How could that much power exist in a huma- err whatever he said he was. If Krillen was at where Radditz said he was, then he was almost six times weaker than him!

"I'm going to take the brat." Krillen was zapped back to reality. "What?" Radditz sighed, and repeated what he had said slowly, and carefully. "I. Am. Going. To. Take. The. BRAT!"

Radditz roared the last word, feeling a fierce pleasure, the same as when he kicked Goku, rush through his body as the assorted humans cringed in fear.

The sniveling boy in his arms stiffened as he shouted, and then went limp. Radditz looked at him, a small frown of disgust reaching his mouth. Shouting was all it took to make this boy faint? He was no Saiyan, though he could come in handy when dealing with Kakkarot.

 Turning back to address the people he had momentarily forgotten, he had a great idea. If he had to make Kakkarot a Saiyan, why not start now? Grinning, he turned to the injured form of Goku lying flat on the sand in front of him.

 "Listen, brother. If you ever want to see your son again, I want 100 dead humans here by tomorrow. Do you hear me? 100 dead humans or you never see your son again. And don't think I won't count." With that, Radditz took off, headed for his crash site and his pod, feeling a cruel joy at the fear and helplessness off those pitiful creatures who called themselves warriors.

Gohan was scared. He had woken up in a strange metal thing.

 It was round and small, maybe six feet by six feet. And where there was a chair rested a control board, and an oxygen mask.

He forgot his original fear, and looked around for a place to get out. He was pretty sure that that man had taken him, but where, Gohan had no idea.

Suddenly, he heard a dim scream, followed by the laughter he knew was Radditz's. He was hurting someone. Then, a horrible thought crossed through his young mind. What if his daddy had come to rescue him and that man was hurting him? At that thought, a strong uncontrolled fury took over him. Suddenly, he was pounding on the wall, trying to get out, trying to help his daddy. Suddenly, the door opened, a result of his foot hitting the access hatch button.

He ran forward, not realizing that he was running faster than most Olympic track stars could run in a life time. He didn't care that he was plowing a furrow as he ran.

 No, all he cared about was Radditz, and his daddy.

Suddenly, he saw them. Radditz was stomping on his daddy's chest while making fun of a green man with pointy ears. It looked like they had been fighting a long time, because Goku's face looked beat up, and the green man was missing an arm.

Suddenly, that thing on the man's face went off like crazy, beeping and pinging. Radditz whirled, his eyes widening as his scouter let out another round of beeps. "I…Impossible! His power level! 710!" Dang, my scouters busted."

The massive Saiyan shrugged and laughed, and looking at Gohan with amusement, said in a patronizing voice, "Oh, how sweet. The little boy broke out of my pod to come help his daddy. Awwww…"

Then changing back to his real voice, he called, "Well, you're just in time! I'm going to kill your pathetic father and that Namek, and then I'm going to take you to Freiza's ship! Vegeta, Nappa, and I will make a real warrior out of you! Not like your father here" he gestured at the mangled Goku, and pressed a little harder.

 A gasp, followed by a weak, pained voice cutting in. "Leave… My… Son…. Alone..." Radditz turned back to him sharply. "Shut up fool! I have been drawing out your death for a long time. You die NOW!!!" he raised his foot, ready to slam it down and end his brother's life, when something happened. Gohan went ballistic. He charged, unconsciously expelling ki into a glowing aura, and rammed Radditz with his head, knocking him back, and ruining his armor, little cracks running across it, starting where Gohan's head hit, and ending about a foot from the impact point.(A/N that was 5 commas!)

 Radditz fell, unable to breathe from the Force of the strike. He had not been powered up to his maximum, so the boy had been able to deliver quite a damaging blow.

 He was sure several of his ribs were cracked, and his left lung felt slightly crushed. His scouter damage report helped to confirm this.

 Gasping for air, Goku and Piccolo forgotten, he lifted his head up to stare in awe at the boy. 'If his power level increased that sharply from 1 to 710, then think of the power he would have if he was properly trained! We would rival Vegeta!' His scouter let out a beep as the boy's power level dropped to 1. His wind back, Radditz got up and walked over, kicking him sharply in the stomach, feeling Gohan crumple under the blow. "Huh, worthless boy." He turned back to the two warriors who were struggling to get back on there feet and fight. "Today's your lucky day my friends. There is a new matter that has come up. I'm going to let you live, but remember this. Vegeta won't let this planet escape. This Saiyan boy will greatly interest him. we will be back for you, brother." With that Radditz took of towards the pod, arriving there in seconds, and inputted the coordinates for Freiza's ship. He noticed the flow of blood where Gohan's head struck the ground when he kicked him, but dismissed it. It wasn't that bad, and he would make it there alive. Activating the jump to hyper-speed, he took off, the dream of a new Saiyan empire dancing in his head.

Radditz was arriving on Freiza's flag ship when the boy awoke. He had been unconscious for the entire trip, and was bleeding severely from the wound on his head. It had worsened when the made the jump to hyper-speed, and he was nearly dead by the time they got to the destination.

 Radditz quickly opened a channel to the med crew, hitting the com button so hard it almost broke. The speaker crackled to life, and the voice of a Seriva-jinni, a small, purple colored species that had bowed to the cold empire. They were not a warrior race, and relied more on technology than brute strength. "Yes, master Radditz?"

Radditz shouted into his scouter, a definite note of desperation in his voice ringing out to the healer. "I want a full med team in docking bay 1537 in five minutes, repeat five minutes! If I get there and there's no med team there will be hell to pay."

By the way he stressed hell, the Seriva-jinn knew what would happen. Even as the weakest of the three Saiyans, he had established a reputation of killing whoever happened to be on his bad side. Except Freiza of course.

As the med team appeared in the docking bay, Radditz was just coming of the ship, an unconscious Gohan in his arms. The med team almost stopped short. Radditz was actually treating someone besides Freiza and Vegeta with respect?

A glare from the hulking Saiyan caused them to jump forward and take the boy. The head doctor stared. The boy was a Saiyan! He had the tail, and the fangs, and though he was only six years old, he had a power level of 4, which, according to Radditz's schematics, was stronger than most of the adults on the planet upon which he came from.

Nappa hurled a punch at the elusive saibaman; the little runt had a power level equal to Radditz's max, and it was fast to. Already the hulking Saiyan elite had numerous cuts and bruises where the little green thing had struck. It was in the process of cutting his arm with one of its three razor-sharp claws. After delivering several blows to the Saiyan elite, cutting up his defense, and hurling a small ki beam, Nappa had had enough.

He roared as he powered up, letting all the ki he could muster flow through him, his muscles bulging as he burst into a white fireball of aura. The saibaman was blown slightly backwards by the sheer power of the increase.

Nappa grinned, letting his aura flow around him unhindered, and charged up his most powerful attack. "VENTARO-DAMA!!" the sphere of energy shot towards the small, green insect-like creature. It expelled all of its ki in an attempt to slow it down, but it punched through the ki shield like paper and slammed into the cultivare, vaporizing it in seconds.

Nappa relished the wail that signified the death of the saibaman. It was a screechy, ear cutting thing, accenting the obvious pain that usually came with death associated with the Saiyan's.

Suddenly, a power level of 613 appeared right behind him. Nappa spun around to see a breathless Radditz who beckoned for him to come out side the sound proof arena, made so that the warrior could train in perfect silence.

Before asking what the weakling Saiyan wanted, he took off his weighted armor and gloves, shutting down the gravity to normal. He had been using 50 gravities, and had been making good progress, having defeated 23 saibamen today, breaking his record of 17, but falling far short of Vegeta's 86. As soon as the hulking Saiyan stepped out of the field, a very excited Radditz told him all that had happened. Nappa was shocked at the mention of a Saiyan boy. This meant there was still hope for the Saiyan race! If Vegeta could get them off this @#$ %^&*(!) ship for about 4 years, then they could start the beginnings of a new Saiyan empire! "Come on, we need to find Vegeta!" Radditz nodded, and ran off with Nappa in tow, looking for their leader.

Vegeta had listened in on Radditz's transmissions with the med crew and Nappa, and was already contemplating the pros and cons of letting this Saiyan live.

Pros. They would have a new Saiyan to train, and a new purger, somebody who could help with the planets they couldn't do with 3 Saiyan's. And Radditz had said the kid was in the regen tanks, which meant he was in bad condition. That meant he would get a power boost from healing, and be easier to start him on training.

Cons. If what Radditz said was true, that the boys power made a jump from 1 to 710, then he could have someone running around with power's greater than his own. He didn't want that, though in Freiza's Zarbon's and Dodoria's case, he couldn't help it. But to have a Saiyan running around with a greater power than his, he would not accept that.

His thinking was interrupted by Nappa, talking over his scouter. "Prince Vegeta sir! We have something we would like you to see." Vegeta replied, a note of false annoyance running through his voice. "Nappa, you idiot, if it's that Saiyan child, I don't want to be bothered." Actually he wanted very much to see Gohan, but he could not appear excited about anything to his squad. He was a prince after all.

"Bring him to the training center tomorrow. I will look at him then." With that he deactivated the link, and went back to train. 'Oh well, his probably wont amount to anything. Just a fluke that Radditz mistook for greatness.' Little did he know how wrong he would be.

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