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The Raising of a Saiyan chapter eight; Arriving on earth.

Gohan stared in awe out the window of the Donvericaneian cruiser that they were taking to earth. The particular window he was looking out of was huge, maybe twenty by thirty feet, giving him a nice view of the passing galaxy. He had never seen space before. When Radditz had captured him, he was unconscious and nearly dead, his ship that had taken him training with Zarbon and Nail did not have windows, and neither did his pod when he purged his first planet. So when he was shown his ample quarters, the first thing he did was press the button to raise the blast shutters that covered the massively clear plate.

He was in awe of the vastness of the area he was looking at. With the new tri-warp engines, the northern galaxy was flying past at an incredible rate.

Stars, nebulas, super novas, and green and blue suns all flashed past, leaving the newly turned seven year old boy feeling small. He could, with the exception of a few people, wipe out all on this cruiser with out breaking a sweat. Yet now, as the wonders of the universe sailed past, he was feeling uneasy. Thoughts raced trough his head, about his arrival on earth, how his family, if they had survived Vegeta's last assault, would react. How he would react. How he would find them.

He had already made up his mind about that; he was going to find his parents. That was the whole reason why he came. Vegeta suspected this, but, surprisingly did not press it. He would escape from Vegeta, and look for them

 With a sigh, Gohan turned and started toward the training arena. Training was starting to take a relaxing toll on him, with his Saiyan side beginning to be needed more and more.

As he headed down the halls, he heard a muffled cry, punctuated with a harsh smack, the end result of a slap. With a curse, he spun and headed back the way he came. It was almost undoubtedly one of the healer razzings taking place on the ship. The razzings, which were happening more and more, were the cause of angry bullies who had been doing something illegal, and couldn't go for a regeneration tank for fear of prying. So instead, they went to the Namekian and Donvericaneian healers posted through out the ship. When the healer, as was the case, was forbidden to help under pain of death, a law passed by Vegeta, they were beaten until they cooperated.

He zipped by doors until he passed the one he was looking for. The cries were louder now, and the slaps were followed by duller impacts, probably punches. He took a second to remove a small recorder and microphone from his gauntlet, and place them by the door. Then, he turned and placed his palm up against the door, and closed his eyes. In the short weeks that he had been on Freiza's ship, he had managed to get a rudimentary ki sense developed, enabling him to sense the direction and approximate distance of energy signals, or whether they there friend or were hostile, but not the strength. He waited until the five malicious energy signatures moved away from the one, small and frightened signature, and blasted away the door with a wide spread energy wave.

In the room, he found five large creatures. They all had bright green skin, and blazing white hair. They were very tall, almost as big as Recoome, but, as Gohan could tell, they were not nearly as powerful. The small ki turned out to be a Namekian healer, probably off duty, who sported big bruises all over his face and body.

He inwardly sighed, and turned to the biggest of the creatures. It dimly registered in his mind that they were of the Donvericanian race, but shoved it to the back of his mind to deal with the problem at hand.

"What's the problem here." It was a statement more than a question. All of them knew that Gohan had a perfect knowledge of what was going on, but did not have any proof.

The largest of the five lowered his head and sneered into his face.

"I didn't know that was any of your business, midget." Gohan growled, and let his ki slowly rise, not to full power, which would have destroyed the surrounding area for quite a few feet, but enough to deal with the increasingly annoying bullies.

"This is a healer "Cooperation" meeting. They are illegal, and punishable by death." The one on the middle left snorted, and spoke up. It was then that Gohan noticed he had a rather large gash along the left side.

"So what if it is! You can't stop us. Only Vegeta could, and he only passed that decree to seem fair. He moved slightly closer, shoving his ugly, foul face into gohans.

"Not even that little half-breed, Gohal, or what ever his name is would save that worthless piece of Namekian trash."

 As if to punctuate his remark, he stepped over and raised a hand to strike the now cowering Namekian. The blow never descended. A cerulean beam of power lashed out from the suddenly upraised arm of Gohan's. It struck into the small of the back, and burned through the spinal cord, instantly creating a wound that could never be healed in time for him to live. He fell forward, on top of the Namekian, but was stopped. His dying, glassy eyes blurred, focused, blurred again, and finally focused on Gohan's face.

A slight gasp emanated from the dying alien. Where as it was once wrapped firmly around the waist, unnoticed by the Donvericanians, Gohan's tail uncurled itself and angrily lashed behind him. The brutal creature started to speak, possibly to plead, but died with the words on his lips.

Gohan turned, dropping the Donvericanian almost as an afterthought.

The rest of the group nervously backed away, edging closer to the door. Gohan's voice, boyish, yet with a cold edge to it, rang out loudly, making them freeze in their tracks.

"If there is a report of this happening again from you four, your deaths will not be so quick. Now get out of here." Gohan forced back a smirk as they all turned a crashed into each other in their mad rush to get away.

As they disappeared down the hall, the young demi-Saiyan turned his attention back to the young Namek. He had long since curled up against the wall amidst broken furnishings, terrified. Gohan walked over, and tapped on its shoulder. The tightly squeezed shut eyes flew open, and it jumped. It turned its head around, and stared into Gohan's ice blue eyes, which was the first time in his life he had done so and the eyes not be filled with hate, or contempt.

The silence was broken when Gohan cheerfully asked,

"So, what's your name?" the Namek looked at him strangely, but answered haltingly.

"My-my names Dende sir." Gohan smiled and reached down to help him up.

"Nice to meet you Dende. Now let's see what we can do about those bruises." Dende almost dropped his jaw in shock.

"A-Aren't you going to kill me?" This time it was Gohan's turn to be surprised.

"What!? After I took all that time to save you, you think I'm going to kill you!" Dende just sort of nodded dully and Gohan laughed.

"Of course not! Now come on, let's get you to another healer."

They both flew, Dende a bit shakily, down the hall to find a healer.

Piccolo dodged Daimo's punch, doubled over as the result of a kick, and fell victim to a hard chop to the spine. He was smashed towards the ground but righted himself, turning upwards to a ki blast. He dodged, and thrust his hands in front of his body, palms out.

"SALIENCE FLASH!" a blue sphere fully three feet across blasted out of his hands and roared up at Daimo. The former demon king had no time to dodge as the super charged ball of energy connected with his chest- and was deflected away almost effortlessly by a simple aura push. Daimo laughed as he moved to engage the exhausted Namek.

"The soul sweep is in only five minutes Namek. Puts a bit of pressure on you doesn't it?"

Piccolo dropped his guard in shock, taking a kick to the head. With a growl, he blasted a ki blast at his "Father" to give him time. "KAI!"

Up at lord Enma's check in station, king kai, who had been looking through the glass, jumped in fright. "What?"

"WHEN IS THE SOUL SWEEP?!" "I-In about one of your earth hours." Piccolo nearly broke the connection in his rage.


King Kai froze. "W-what?" Piccolo had no more time to talk as his ki blast was sent back at him with more power added from Daimo.

Goku had been unconscious for about five minutes when piccolo's mental shouting woke him. He instantly flared his aura as he recognized the ki signatures battling above him. They were… both piccolo?" As he concentrated, he saw the one had a golden aura, and one had red, red would be his piccolo, the gold would be the enemy. With a quick flash, he burst into Kaio-ken times two, and cupped his hands by his side.


 Piccolo, who could sense ki unlike his counter part, felt the energy building up in Goku. He had to stall. A huge roar denoted the Namek going Kaio-ken times three. His ki rushed up to the point where he thought nothing could ever defeat him. Then Daimo's punch threw him backwards about twenty feet.

 Piccolo cursed and rushed back into the battle, willing Goku to hurry.

"Me…" the energy in Goku was reaching its max, and no trace of ki was showing in his hands. Goku reached his highest possible power and slowly allowed ki to seep into the cup made by his hands. A small blue ball appeared which speedily grew as Goku saw the beating Piccolo was taking.

"Ha me-" With a final rush, he shoved his ki into his hands and waited. His chance came.

As Piccolo realized Goku's ki wasn't building anymore, he blasted his aura outwards and Zanzokened down by Goku, pushing his ki to its tired limits.

Goku saw Piccolo disappear, and even before the Namek appeared beside his companion, Goku threw his hands out and released his pent up ki into the Kamehameha attack.

"HA!!" the beam was huge, easily the biggest blast Goku had ever created. It hurtled up at the Namek, who was staring in shock at the discharge of ki coming at him.

Daimo's ki whirled and shaped itself into a shield. The blast didn't even slow down. Piccolo Daimo was vaporized, never to exist in this dimension again.

Goku's shoulders slumped, his aura going back to a deep blue. Piccolo dropped beside him, and motioned.

"Let's go. The soul sweep is not far away." Goku nodded and jumped into the air, shooting forward at many times the speed off sound, even though more than half his power had been sapped by the Kamehameha wave.

Up a head,

King Kai jumped into the air with happiness.

"Open the gate! Open the gate! Their coming!" Enma nodded, and waved his hand in the air. A flash, a pop, and a green portal snapped out of thin air. Through it, HFIL was visible, a dark black and purple plain.

King Kai stared through, and a full minute before the soul sweep, two pinpricks of blue light were visible. And, a clean thirty seconds before the sweep, Goku and Piccolo tumbled in, looking decidedly worse for wear.

"Yes! You did it!" Goku looked up weakly. "That's nice. Got a senzu bean?" the north kai looked confused, and then smiled.

"Nope, but we DO have a healer." He spun around and shouted out to one corner of the gigantic room, where four figures waited.

One of the figures, smaller than the north kai, but not as short as two of the figures that were standing beside it, lifted up and came forward. It was a Kai, a tiny bit smaller than king kai, brown, with a glass monocle in his right eye.

It came forward, and looked Piccolo and Goku over. He grunted, and pointed at Piccolo. The Namek glowed a bright green, and jumped up.

Piccolo looked at his limbs and newly healed body, all back to perfect working order. He turned to thank the kai, but he was already healing Goku, who flashed green and burst to life.

"Hey, thanks!"  The Kai nodded shortly and got down to business.

"The people down these guys's planet are gathering the dragon balls. You should be resurrected in no time flat. But meanwhile…" he gestured over to where the figures were waiting. "I've developed some new techniques, and gained three pupils who can do admirably with them. So, how about a little match, you're best versus mine?" king kai, considered it, grumbled to him, and turned to Piccolo.

"It's up to you Piccolo. If you want to fight so soon after your battle with Daimo, I consent."

Piccolo nodded and stepped forward, cracking his knuckles.

"Yes. I feel that this kai included a power up with his healing, albeit a small one. I would like to try out my new strength on west kai's best fighter."

West kai grinned, and motioned over to the corner. The tallest figure stepped out and flew over.

Goku looked, rubbed his eyes, and looked again. There was no mistaking that mode of dress, that long green sash, and besides that- there were three eyes.

"Hey, that's Tien!"

Tienshinhan stepped forward, walking up and stopping in front of Goku.

"Hey man, how's it going?" Goku grinned widely as he saw his old rival and good friend step forward.

"I've been learning some good moves off the west kai. I bet I could beat even Vegeta now." Goku started to reply, but just then a small blue ogre ran up, waving a stack of papers!

"Honorable kai's! The dragon balls have been gathered, and Shenlong has been summoned! The wish is that those five-" here he gestured at Tien, Piccolo, Goku and the two smaller figures in the corner- "To be raised to life." King Kai yelped and turned to Goku.

"Hey! That's what I forgot to tell you Goku! Gohans back with Vegeta, and there arriving on earth any minute!"

"Gohan…" Goku could barely breathe. He was finally going to meet his son. He was about to reply to king kai, when Piccolo, Tien, Goku and the two mysterious figures-

(If you haven't figured out that its Krillen and Chaotzu I pity you "_")- disappeared.


The loud speaker blared throughout the ship, shocking Gohan out of his thoughts. They had arrived. With an almost icy demeanor, he turned from Dende, whom he had just taken to a healer, and walked to the front of the ship. Vegeta stood there already, dressed up in his best armor and gloves, ready and waiting eagerly for the fight that was inevitable.

Gohan pushed down a lump in his throat and faced the door. Vegeta barked an order, and the door began to open slowly, gas rising from the decompressing of the doors hydraulic locks. Then, it opened fully, and Gohan took his first step, in four long years, upon the soil of earth.

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