Jo opened the front door as quietly as she could but there wasn't much point to doing so, her father was the kitchen table as usual.
"Hi daddy." She greeted him.
"It's ten-thirty Jo, you know your curfew is at ten on school nights. I've been so worried." Her father said in a surprisingly calm voice. "Sit down." He told her pushing out the chair across from him, Jo did as she was told and took a seat. "What's going on sweetie, you're never late."
"I know daddy, and I'm really sorry, I was at the Taylor's talking to Randy." Jocelyn explained.
"Randy? What about Brad, I thought you two were an item."
"We were, I mean we are, oh I don't know anymore daddy." Jo sighed and put her head in her arms on top of the table.
"Jo? What happened?" Her father asked worried.
"Is Delia here?" Jo asked with her head still down.
"No, she asked to stay out for awhile. Why, did something happen with you two?"
"Well, it's a long story." Jo began.
"I've got all the time in the world." Her father reassured her brushing the dark hair away from her face.

~*~*~Some time later~*~*~

"I know you and your sister are having your troubles but do you really think leaving is the answer? You can't always just run from your problems Jo." Jo's dad asked.
"I know I can't dad but she's been doing this too long, not just with guys, with friends, teachers even. And no I don't want you to talk with her. I think taking some time away from here would do me some good." Jo explained then took a sip of the steaming cup of tea in front of her.
"What about Brad?"
"What?" Jo asked surprised. She hadn't actually thought of that.
"What about Brad?" Her father asked again. "You can't just leave him hanging Jo, he loves you."
"You're the second person to tell me that tonight." Jo half joked, a small smile tugging at her lips.
"I don't think Brad had anything to so with what happened today, well, he had a little something to do with it but I'm sure not intentionally. You two have been friends since you were what, seven? I've seen the way he looks at you." Her father smiled as he patted her hand lightly.
"I hadn't thought about him, I guess that was a little selfish.
"No, honey that wasn't selfish, you are the most unselfish person I know. Just talk to him Jo, you can't avoid him forever."
"I know." Jo looked at her watch, it was almost eleven. "Um, daddy?" Jo looked up at him with her classic 'puppy dog' eyes.
"Go." He laughed as she jumped up and hugged him and in less then a minute she was back out the door.

~*~*~The Taylor's~*~*~

Jill Taylor opened the front door of her house to see her eldest son's girlfriend, Jocelyn, standing outside. "Jocelyn? What are you doing here so late?" Jill asked bewildered. "Hi Mrs. Taylor, I'm so sorry to bother you at this time but Brad and I really need to talk." "It can't wait?" Jill asked checking her wristwatch. "I'm afraid not." Jo sighed hoping Jill would agree to let her in. "Well, come in come in. Brad's in his room but I doubt he's asleep, I'll go get him." Jill said heading for the stairs. "Wait, um, would it be ok if I went up there to talk to him?" Jo asked nervously. "Well, you know we don't normally allow girlfriends in the boys' rooms, but yea go ahead." "I think I'll take him a little snack." Jo smiled. "Wise move, there's some snicker doodles in the cupboard there." Jill laughed as she sat back down at her computer. Jo thanked her and moved into the kitchen. She grabbed a small plate and a glass from the one cupboard them moved to the next one and took out the bag of cookies. She placed about six on the plate, filled the glass with milk and made her way upstairs, thanking Jill again when she walked past her.
Brad Taylor sat at his desk in his room trying his hardest to concentrate on his chemistry homework but it seemed pointless, every five seconds he was thinking about Jo. He finally gave up and flopped down on his bed. There was a slight knock at his door.
"I'm doing my homework, go away." He called bitterly to whomever was knocking. The door opened anyway and Jocelyn stepped inside holding a plate of cookies and a glass of milk.
"Since when do you do homework?" She asked softly yet sarcastically.
"Jo!" Brad shot straight up and just stared at her.
"Hi." she said finally breaking the silence. When he didn't respond, she moved around the many piles of clothes and, well, other things, and sat down next to him. "Here, I brought you some snicker doodles, you're favorite." Jo smiled at him and he seemed to finally break out of his trance.
"Thanks." He took the plate from her before speaking again. "What are you doing here? I thought you'd never want to speak to me again."
"Yea right, how can I go without talking to my best friend." Jo smiled as best she could. Brad gave a slight chuckle and stared down at the plate in his hands. "I wasn't planning too actually, until a couple people convinced me my sister's an evil witch." Jo joked trying to make light of the situation.
"You can say that again." Brad rolled his eyes. "I didn't kiss her, well I did, but she tricked me I swear, I thought it was you." Brad hurriedly tried to explain but Jo cut him off by occupying his lips with hers. When she pulled away, she simply smiled in her 'I know'ing way.

I know this was SUCH a cheesy ending but no one was reviewing and I just wanted to finish it. ~Fluegy