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I Hate Sheep


"Where the hell have you been 'Lena! Do you have any idea what it's like having to spend months alone with Wufei and Quatre? Now, don't get me wrong, I love both of them, really I do. But Wufei is such a…a guy, and Quatre's just so damned sensitive about everything!" Shouted seven-teen year old Ceitriona Porter when she saw her best friend walking down the hallway.

"Sorry Ceit, but Milliardo decided to go on a trip with one of his buddies. You're loove, Treize Khushrenada. And of course he couldn't let me stay home alone, because as everyone knows, I'm only five. So I was stuck with the two of them breathing down my neck the whole summer when ever a guy would even look at me. I would have called, but when ever I tried to use my cell phone, the dumb ass would snatch it out of my hands and say 'sorry little sister, but it's family time now.' Can you believe his nerve!" Eight-teen year old Relena Peacecraft growled, tossing a lock of her blond-brown hair over her shoulder, her blue eyes shining with anger.

"Ah yes, Treize. The hottie with the short chestnut brown hair, chocolate brown eye, and not to mention really tall. God what I wouldn't give to have that man breathing down my neck." Ceit mused, hiding her cat-like smile with one of her small hands. Her eyes soon began to glaze over as her daydream started to play out in her mind.

"And don't forget he's alsotwenty-four years old and seeing someone else..." Relena stated sarcastically, rolling her eyes at her friend's foolishness. It wasn't as if Ceit actually loved Treize, it was that he was 'safe'. There was no way a relationship between them could form when the guy in question was practically married to their high school sweet heart.

"Hey now, a girl can dream can't she? That was so cruel of you to burst my barely formed bubble Relena Peacecraft! I thought you would at least let me get some drool on my shirt before you pointed that out." Ceit pouted, her moss green eyes filling with crocodile tears.

"Dream yes, obsess over, no. Now, what class do you have this period? I hope they put us in more classes together this year then they did last year. Math is just no fun with out you asking the teacher what the two siblings were doing putting marbles in grandma's urn to begin with."

"Was it my fault I was the only one who knew what an urn was? The question made no sense what-so-ever! And they had better put us in the same classes this year, or they shall face the wraith of the almighty Ceitriona!"

"Right Ceit, I'm sure their all petrified of you and your little girl face."

"Damn genetics! If only I could look like the tough, bad ass I really am. But no, I have to look, not only young for my age, but like a sweet little girl! I tell you, god is out to get me!"

"I thought it was the devil that was out to get you."

"Not anymore my friend. I've made a deal with him." A strange half smile appeared on her face as she said this. A smile that her friends had long since learned to fear.

"I thought you believed the devil was female."

"The devil, I have found, actually resides in the bodies of those who follow the trends. The sheep of the school. The epitome of my life and yours. In essence, the popular kids."

"And who, may I ask, is the devil you made a deal with?"

"Trowa Barton. He leaves me and mine alone, and I don't try to make him sterol again unless he breaks that agreement. Good deal right?"

"Only if you think you can uphold your half of the agreement."

"Relena, you wound me with your - well, well, well. If it isn't Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell. It's such a shame your both still with us. Come on Lena, we're going to be late for class. If you sheep will excuse us?"

Ceit linked arms with Relena and elbowed her way past the two dumfounded boys. Relena looked over her shoulder, mortified that Ceit had once again acted as if she had been raised with no manners what so ever. Unlike her friend, Relena did tend to care what her classmates thought of her.

Duo and Heero watched the two girls disappear around the corner. Both had the same look of distaste on there faces, though Duo was the first to speak up. "And here I had hoped they would have disposed of the trash that littered the halls, too bad they didn't…"

"Well, this is a public school. Did you really think people like them wouldn't be aloud here?"

"One can always dream, can't they?" And with that, the two boys started walking to their first class.