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Cyberwing: Before you read this story, there are many things that I wanted to point out. This is my first Yugioh story, so please don't kill me. Also, I just wanted to say that the game play might be a little different from the real Yugioh battles. This is because it had been a long time since I've seen it and I don't play the game in real life.

One more thing, there will be a lot of swearing in this story. So for those who couldn't stand cursing please read at your own risk.

This fic was based on a dream which I've dreamt a few days before. However, I've changed it a bit so that it fits better into the story. *Don't as me why I was able to dream this kind of stuff*. Therefore, the main character will be written in first person.

In my Dreams-Ch1

There was someone standing in front of me.


I don't know, I wasn't able to see his face.


He was fading into the darkness. I don't know but my intuition told me that I've seen him somewhere before.


I don't remember--I couldn't remember anything at all--

I really couldn't comprehend what that dream meant. I have been dreaming the same dream for so long that I've even lost count of it. Even though I knew what would happen in the end, I couldn't control my body. I would always ended up doing the same things over and over again.

I would start up running, running toward god knows what. There would always be a man in front, his face which was too blurry to be seen. He would move back as I was running toward him. It was only a matter of time before he faded into the darkness. I've never been able to catch up with him. All I could see was his blue eyes, boring into mine, such angry eyes. It was as if he would kill me at any second.

This dream started ever since I left the hospital. The doctors said that I was in an accident, and during some time, my head was badly injured. Therefore, I have lost all my memory. I forgot everything; I even needed to learn how to speak all over again. I looked at places with awe, as if I've never seen it before. However, in my dream, when I looked at that man, there was a feeling inside me, telling me that I knew him. I wanted to find that man. I wanted to find him so that he could tell me what happened to me. I wanted to know about my past. Even if he wanted to kill me, because, my past was the things that make up who I am today; without my past, I am nothing.

It was as if God had finally answered my prayers but I realize it until it was too late--


My eyes snapped open. The ceiling lights were so bright that I have to block it with my hands. I shook my head; I grabbed onto the railing next to me and pulled myself up. My legs were a bit shaky; I wished that I wasn't wearing a short skirt and high heels. The world wasn't a save place to live in anymore. I only wear those for I was too proud of my fighting abilities.

For some reason, even though I couldn't remember anything. My reflexes didn't change much. I could take on many people without thinking, just by pure instinct. I found this out accidentally when there was a man demanding to hurt me if I don't give him my purse. I ended up fighting with him. I could never give him my money, I couldn't afford to. I barely had enough money to pay for food and rent. If I was robbed, I'll definitely starve. I was surprised when I was even able to dodge his attacks and knocking him out. Well, now was not the time to think about these kinds of things. I looked around.

"What the-"

I was standing in an arena, the place which I thought I'll never come. This was the place where two stupid people would duel. I just couldn't understand. What was the point? The monsters were holograms for heaven's sake and people were battling with cards! I've never watched even one of these battles properly, but I've heard people talking about it everywhere. Therefore, I only knew the basics, and I meant basics only. But the main reason for my disinterest was because personally, I preferred to fight physically. Well, I suppose by dueling, people can kick somebody's butt legally.

"Welcome, I should've invited you in person but I wasn't able to find the time. I hope that you aren't mad with my hospitality."

Then I remembered, I was ganged up by seven men. I counted as I prepared myself to fight. In the end, I was kidnapped. It wasn't because of my inability to fight or because I was a girl. I could've won even when I was wearing my short, tight leather skirt with high heels. I was drugged, they've shot some sort of needle into my body and I lost my conscious not soon after.

I've sworn to kick this man where it would hurt BADLY as he was responsible for everything.

I turned and saw a man with brown hair and blue eyes came out. Just from the look, I knew that he is cocky. He was wearing a blue trench coat, which was totally out of style. Who wears a trench coat nowadays?

"Invite?" I smirked, "you kidnapped me sir."

"You really don't remember me. Well let me refresh your memory."

"I know you, you are Seto Kaiba; the well known guy who has a lot of money and an obnoxious attitude. I heard about you in many occasions. Now that I've seen you in person, the word obnoxious can't even describe you, you bastard."

He planted his left hand on his hip and smiled, and I meant smile. I felt a shiver down my spine. This guy was really creeping me out.

He snapped his fingers and the lights on my right snapped open. There were two people tied by a rope. They were Joey and Yugi. I only knew them because I've seen them on television for several times. They looked at me with wide eyes, I didn't know whether it was because they were surprise to see me or they knew me. I've forgotten what their last name was. But seriously, how could they refresh my memory when I don't eve n know them?

"Let's battle." Seto said, taking out his cards from his suitcase; the place where I was standing rose. "Their life lies in your hands. If you win, they will be freed. But if you lose-"

I rolled my eyes, "uh-I don't have any cards so how can I battle with you." Deep down, I was having a panic attack. What the hell is going on? I don't know anything about battling. He got to be kidding me. Besides who cared about Yugi and that Joey guy? Personally, I only cared about Legolas from Lord of the Rings.

A man in suits brought up a deck of cards to me. I could only stare at the deck of cards, damn, my excuse was now gone. I took the cards from the man, wondering what the hell was I suppose to do with it when I didn't even know about the kinds of card were in the deck. I bet that Seto gave me all the crappy cards and kept all the good ones.

Seto said, "This deck belongs to Yugi. Use it well." He shuffled his deck and picked five cards from it. "Let's duel."

Fine, so I was wrong, big deal. I looked at him and quickly picked up the cards to shuffle also. During my shuffle, a few cards fell out of my hand and landed on the ground. I swiftly bent down and picked those up, five cards. I turned them over and kept them. Since they fell onto the ground, it must be god's will for me to use them. I heard Joey's cries and Yugi's intake of breath. What to do; what to do- I had no idea how this game works; I was only doing this for the sake of those two people who was tied on my right. I began to wonder if everyone knew about my lack of ability to duel.

"I choose blue eyes white dragon!" Seto cried, raising his hand high as he slam the card down onto the board.

Now, this was the time I wished I've run off instead of standing on the raiser. At that time, all I could think of was one word.


As everyone know, Yugi's deck of cards practically sucked; only someone as strong or as experienced as he could actually make something out of it. There wasn't a card that was more powerful than blue eyes white dragon in his deck! I'll be a sitting duck. I took another look at my cards-- Kuribo, Beta the magnet warrior, Silver fang, Multiply and De-hole. Yup, I'll be damned. Excuse me while I humiliate myself in front of three of the top players in the world.

I looked away as I randomly picked out a card, Kuribo. What the hell, if I indeed lose, I'll have nothing to do with it. After all, that 'Psycho' Kaiba only wanted to kill Yugi and Joey, it wasn't as if he wanted something to do with me. With that, I placed the card onto the board.

"Kuribo?!" Joey sobbed, "I am going to die!"

"Shut up!" I screamed, "You should be grateful that I am even standing here. I don't give a damn about you two, you are not even Legolas!" In my anger, I slammed Multiply down also, in hope that damn fur ball will replicate. At that time, I wasn't able to see a flash in 'Psycho's' eyes.

Nothing happened. What the hell? I picked up the card again, and put it back down on the board once more. Still nothing happened.

The same man who was in suits came out, "once you placed a card onto the board, you cannot pick it back up again. You have broken that rule; therefore, your turn has now ended and your card is now voided."

I watched as 'Psycho' Kaiba obliterated my Kuribo. (Tora san: Yay! Go Seto! Go kick Cyberwing's ass [now kids, this is the kind of friend you want to have when you grow up. I am not even in the story--]) Maybe I should leave after all. I could hear my life points deducting in the background, but I wasn't able to see the number. Even without seeing it, I knew I was about to die.

"Yugi, this is it." Joey burst into tears once more, "I am sorry Serenity, Mai, Tea-"

"Would you shut the fu-"In my anger and frustration, I slammed all the cards in my hands down hard onto the board.

All of a sudden, the ground started to shake and the ceiling was starting to collapse. I thought I was doomed as I watched a large part of the ceiling falling on top of me. In my frighten state, the word 'move' had never crossed my mind.

I felt something hard slammed into me as the world around me turned black.


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