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In My Dreams-Ch 17

I didn't go to the hospital. I called Marik and it didn't take long before he arrived with a helicopter. We went back to Seto's house. I've decided once again not to call him any nicknames anymore. After all, that wasn't a nice way to treat a patent. However, I didn't know who long it would take him to piss me off enough to call him 'psycho' or bastard again.

Why was I thinking something so insignificant at times like these? For all I could know, he could be dead!

Then, Seto and I went on our separate ways. He was carried to his room while I limped to mine. Marik put on his gloves as a few medical assistants followed him into the room. As I walked past his room, I watched as the door of his room closed. Seto's life was now in Marik's hands.

I sat quietly on my bed as a medical assistant stitched my head and took cared of my bullet wound. Maybe it was because of the painkillers, my wounds didn't hurt at all. I didn't even know that I've sprang my ankle until someone told me.

The medical assistant told me to get some rest as everyone in my room left. Mokuba closed the door behind him. There I lay on my bed, I closed my eyes yet I wasn't tired. In fact, I was quite alert still. I sighed as I pushed the covers beside me. I got on my feet, limping on one foot, I wobbled toward the door. There was no one in sight down the hallway.

I hoped that the wounds which Seto got weren't serious. Even though I had been calling him names and swearing at him, I didn't want him to die. After all, he was someone I knew from my past. There were times when I wished that he was dead, but now that this incident happened, I've realized that it totally different.

I've realized that I've never wanted Seto to get hurt at all.

I limped toward his room, only to find Mokuba standing outside also. He gave me a small nod before turning back to look at the ground.

And there we waited in silence.

There weren't much to say between us anyway.


3 Hours Later---

Marik came out, shaking his head.

"How was he?" I rushed up to him.

Marik shook his head, "unfortunately---"

"What!" Mokuba and I yelled. It was more like an exclamation than a question.

Marik continued, "He didn't die. Therefore, he will still have 20 years or more to take over the world. He had two bullet wounds; one punctured his left lung, missing the heart by a few inches and the other hitting him in the stomach."

I had the urge to bang my head on something hard. Don't start of the sentence with something like 'unfortunately'! Then again, why do I have to hit myself when I can beat the shit out of him instead?

It was as if he didn't see the death glare that I was sending him, he paid no attention to me and turned toward Mokuba. "Also, Mokuba," Marik said as he planted his hands on his hips, "Next time, for a small operation such as this, don't call me over."

Mokuba and I glanced at each other; I felt my jaw coming loose. "Hm...Marik? You do realized that the operation took three hours right?"

Marik raised his eyebrow, "for a genius like me? Nonono. It only took me half an hour to take out the two bullets and stitch him up. I had just spent the rest of the time talking to the nurses about how to prevent their skin from dehydration and how important it is to be fit. Seto is the living proof. If he were only as fit as he used to, he would've been able to dodge the bullets."

I narrowed my eyes, "dodge bullets? This isn't like a movie Marik, this is real life."

Marik chuckled, "Elle, you have no idea what Seto went through to become what he is today. Seto has a lot of power in this world; not only he has a lot of money, but he has also built an empire with his company. He had only taken over Kaiba Corp for only a few years yet he is able to surpass other major electronic companies in the world like Sony and Sam Sung. Therefore, if anything happens to him, even a tiny sneeze, it can probably cause half the world's stock prices to fall.

If the names of the people who want to kill him were listed, it will be a mountainous stack. Ever since he was young, he was assaulted for numerous of times, if someone were to kill him, he would know, he can detect the change in the atmosphere. That is the kind of life he has been living. It is something that is a part of him. Therefore, how can he not know that someone was out there, waiting to take him out? Now I want to know is, why didn't he move out of the way?"

Unconsciously, I covered my mouth with my right hand. My mind played the shooting scene again and again. At that time, Seto was standing in front of me. Since the bullet hit his back, that meant that the sniper must be somewhere behind. Now, if Seto were to move out of the way, then--- the sniper would've hit me!

In other words---

He took the bullet on purpose so that I wouldn't get injured?

Oh my god!

I bit my lower lip as I opened Seto's bedroom door quietly. I closed the door gently behind me as I tiptoed to the side of his bed. His eyes were close, he was asleep. I kneeled on the side of his bed, crossed my arms and rest my head upon his bed. I watched him as he inhaled and exhaled in a soft rhythm.

I started to think about our relationship.

I didn't know how to describe it. No words could ever explain it. I---was so confused. Questions keep on popping up in my mind. It seemed as if the reason why he wanted to marry me was to fulfill a promise he'd made in the past. He---wanted us to marry by Christmas, I wasn't ready for that.

In fact, the word marriage had never crossed my mind. If everything went according to plan, I would've been able to save enough money to finish a bachelor degree. After that, I would somehow be able to find myself a well paid job. And only after that, I would find myself a boyfriend. My boyfriend didn't have to be handsome. I had a good-looking boyfriend and looked what happened to us? He turned out to be this asshole player. I just wanted my boyfriend to be honest to me and have a define goal. That way, at least he would be someone who has the ambition to find a way to support the family in the future. If everything went well, then we would marry when I am around twenty-six.

Meeting Seto was totally out of random. He wanted to marry me, but--- I didn't know if he really loved me or not. Also, this relationship developed too fast. If I didn't include the time we had together at the orphanage, then we'd only been together for three days. Not to mention that within these three days, the only thing he did was pissing me off to no end.

However, the worse part was I didn't know whether I wanted him or not. I cared about him, but I wasn't sure if I want to marry him. Seeing him once in a while was different than living with him; because living with another man requires a lot of love, patience and forgiveness. I couldn't guarantee that I can give him that, and I couldn't tell whether he could do that for me in return.

I was just a simple woman, I wanted a marriage that could last a lifetime; not a experiment. I didn't have the time nor the courage to do trial-and- error.

I sighed softly, wondering what I should do.

However, since I couldn't make up my mind. I would let god make it for me. If I were destined to have him, then no matter what I do, I will still have him in return right? If he does love me, that was.

I wanted to reach under the covers and hold his hand, yet---I gave another sigh before I stood up. I took another glance at him before I walked toward the door. It wasn't as if I were letting him go, I hadn't even had the chance to hold his hand, so how can I say that I was letting him go?

It was easy for me to reach for his hand. He was right in front of me. Yet I didn't do so. I was scared, and worried about what would happen to me if I do allow myself to fell for him. Will he end up like Anthony?

Things in the past made me feel insecure about a lot of things, especially things like relationships where they are not within my control. A relationship requires two sides to make an effort, just like clapping hands; no sound will ever come with only one hand. I---I didn't know whether he could guarantee me that he would never leave me for another. Not only that but I couldn't guarantee myself that I would be able to prevent other girls from taking him away from me.

If I had to go through another betrayal again, I would break.

I couldn't allow that to happen to me again. That was why I was screaming and yelling at him, doing everything I could to keep him away from me. Yet he was always able to come into my heart and---

I shook my head, now was not the time to think about that anymore.

I gave a sad smile before I walked out the door, closing the door behind me.

If I were to never see him again, I probably would miss him.


It didn't take long before Seto was awake. Within a few weeks, he was able to get back onto his feet. I didn't know whether that meant that he wasn't as badly injured as Marik had said or Marik's skill was simply extraordinary.

Either way, Seto was getting better and getter as time went. I could finally leave without worry.

It was time---

Goodbye Seto.


I sat at the lobby, waiting for the time where I could board the airplane.

This was my choice, I've decide to gamble. This would decide whether I should stay with Seto or not. I've laid all my money at the table, all I could do now was to wait for the dice to be thrown.

If I were to see him before I board the plane, then no matter what happens, I would follow him to the end of the earth. On the other hand, if he doesn't show up, then once I got back to Canada, I would forget everything about him.

I would break our relationship.

This was a stupid bet.

I knew it right from the start.

Yet--- doesn't people do stupid things in life?

Life was full of choices yet I didn't know what to choose anymore. Why not let someone else choose it for me instead?


"Will the passenger between the seats of 35A to 45A please come to Gate 2. Thank you for your patience."

I lifted my LV bag, taking a deep breath; I walked toward the group that were gathering before the gate. I waited as people before me went through the corridor and onto the plane.

The worker there asked me to hand her my ticket. I hesitated.

I looked at the corridor at the front; I saw the plane that would take me back to Canada. If I step forward, then I would never be able to turn back. No matter which way I choose, the future was vague. I had no idea how things would turn out.

However, the only thing I do know was that future had not yet been decided.

Things in life can never satisfy everybody. If I leave now, then I didn't need to handle the possibility of pain. But if I leave, then I would never be able to see Seto again.

Could I possibly just leave Japan, along with everyone and everything, without a care?

Could I?


It looked as if God wanted me to stay in Japan after all.

He grabbed me and twirled me around. "What are you doing? How can you just leave like that? How can you do this to me? Don't you know how important you are to me? If I didn't---"

"Shh~" I touched Seto's lips with my index finger. I smiled as I ripped my ticket apart. I threw the pieces into the air.

Then our eyes locked and time seemed to stop.

Looking into his eyes, I saw all his raw emotions.

Looking into his eyes, I saw myself burning in his flame.

His flame of love.

How could I be so foolish? How could I be so blinded by my own confusion that I failed to see the intensity in his eyes every time he looked at me?

I tiptoed, leaning forward; I pecked him gently on the lip. I couldn't help but to blush, this was the first time I kissed him out of love.

Seto blinked as he touched his lips. Then he smiled, not his typical smirk but a real smile.


Seto unlocked the car with his remote control as we both got into the car. From there, he drove, heading back to his mansion. We were quiet during the whole way.

I wonder how things would turn out, now that I've decided to stay here.

Elle's Best Case Scenario: (for her future)

Chapter I: Looks:

"Hey Elle," Someone in my High School said, "Check out my husband. He used to be the Prom King from XYZ Secondary. Now he has become a lawyer and is making millions and millions per year. I had such a difficult time trying to keep all the girls hands off from him. After all, he is good-looking and rich."

And there I would just point at Seto and everything would be self- explanatory. After all, he was an eye candy. What else do I need to say?

Even so, if I felt like being a bitch I could say this, "Hey Someone, check out my husband, Seto Kaiba. He didn't even finish his secondary; but he is currently the CEO for one of the largest electronic companies in the world. He is working at Kaiba Corp right now and he is currently making billions and billions per year. And what's better is that I don't have to defend nor guard him away from girls. He is the one who has to guard me from escaping."

As I've said before, keeping him in a crappy house would make the house look beautiful. Having him out in the city would make the city look more attractive. Taking him out with me would allow me to have the satisfaction of being admired and envied as a woman.

I supposed that it wouldn't hurt to be drop-dead-gorgeous. No wonder the cosmetic industry was making so much money every year.

Chapter II: Age:

Oh my. I had almost forgotten that he was a year younger than me. That could be a problem. I heard that women's appearance tends to age quicker than men once they hit their forties. Maybe later it would look as if I were tagging a younger brother out.

If this happens then---

Seto and I were walking down the street; suddenly this kid comes out and said, "Look mommy, an old woman is walking with her son! How heart- warming! Mommy, when you grow older, I promise that I'll do the same think as that man. I'll stay with you all the time."


Yet on the other hand---

If Seto and I were in an argument---

"No! Seto, I said no!" I yelled at him, "Over my dead body buddy!"

Seto crossed his arms and shook his head. "No."

"Shut up you." I continued to yell, "I am older than you. Haven't you heard of respect and a thing called listen to your elders for your elders are more intelligent than you? Now do as I say and go to your room!"


What was so good about marriage? It's all about control my friend.

Chapter III: Money

This could be a problem. However, since we were going to get marry anyway, his money would be my money.

Therefore, I would be the richest woman in the world bahhahaha.

I would be able to do the following---

"I want this, this and this." I told a sales person. I opened my wallets which was full of premier bank cards, looking at them and trying to pick one to use. I gave up as I pulled out a random one, handing the card to the sales person, I ordered, "Just put all the payments under this card."

With that, I would walk out of the expensive store, with three muscular men following behind me as they carried the stuff which I've bought.

Since I can use his money, I would also buy lots and lots of properties and had all of them under my name. Therefore, I would be the owner of everything he has while he was slaving off, trying to make more money for me to spend.

It seemed that I'd find myself a perfect slave.

Just thinking about these made me want to laugh.

And that was what I did.

Seto looked at me as if I were going insane as the car rolled to a stop. He got off the car the car, popping the trunk and taking out my LV bag. I got out and slammed the door behind me. I hooked my arm around his other arm as we walked toward his mansion.

Mokuba opened the door and gave us a wave. With my other free hand, I waved in return.

I didn't how the future would turn out for both of us.

We might've known each other for a short time. Yet in this fast-paced society, anything could happen.

After all, people could have sex after knowing each other for only a few hours, having one night stands. Instant noodles were ready after three minutes. An event, after a minute, would be history. So why couldn't Seto and I have an ever-lasing marriage after knowing each other for three days?

Right now, time was no longer an issue.

I was only a woman who was about to get married by the end of the year. I deserved some blessings, don't you think?