Sinking into Pools of Mocha 5 (epilogue)


Makoto hugged her chest tightly while she sat against the wall.  Her body felt so exhausted from being touched in nearly every place.  She didn't think this moment would feel like it had passed in a blink of an eye.  How long had she and Crawford been doing their thing for anyway? Prior to more secret pondering, Makoto heard a pair of running footsteps suddenly came towards her and she thought it would have been Crawford coming back to fight her again.  However it wasn't the coffee man at all.  It was Tai…and he looked worried. 

"There you are," He said.  Makoto seemed to have lost her voice once more and all that came as a response was a simple stare.  "Hey are you alright? You look…cold."

"Sorry I wasn't at my shift.  I just thought I saw someone having a fight here, ok?" She explained, rubbing her palms together. "And yeah I am cold."

"No need to get all apologetic, Makoto." He helped her onto her feet. "Come on, you can do the rest of the hour, can't you? You're fine, right?"

"Yeah I'm okay now," She said, faking a smile as she walked away from the alleyway and back to the bar.  Deep inside of her, she didn't know whether she was alright or not.  And she wasn't cold at all.  Not from what went on tonight.  Tai was merely being deceived by her small lies.  It was the only way to throw him off guard and wipe off the suspiciousness brewing all over his face.  What went on tonight wasn't his problem.  It was Makoto's.  She slapped her cheeks to force herself into being serious for the rest of the night.  Damn, that Crawford.  How did he know how to make her feel so weak? She didn't understand him one bit.


*The following morning*

Crawford saw her walking down the street alone.  Schwarz's departure was nearly reaching its peak and what the leader needed today was a few minutes to make things clear with the Japanese girl he fought against last night.  He smiled at the word he just printed out.  Yes it was a *fight* all right but it was one with various features.  Indeed blows were exchanged and deflected with easy defence.  However that wasn't where the mere effect of their aggressive sides came out. 

They were both like animals, taking in one another's strength and throwing it back at them.  Makoto had tried hard to surpass Crawford's power but was mostly unsuccessful.  This was no surprise since she was the evident prey in last night's charade of who was stronger.  Crawford was undoubtedly the predator, luring the prey into a trap with small treats to please her.  He enjoyed seeing her suffer under his dominance.  He could sense her giving in to the sensual gestures and she was taking it well, which proved there was some satisfaction growing within this girl.  She hadn't been touched in such a way before, had she? Unless she did then it looked like she must have been unlucky with her previous partner for obvious reasons.

"Did you leave her begging for more last night?" Schuldig asked; interrupting the American's quiet musing as the entire Schwarz team sat in the car. 

"I can leave that to your imagination, can't I?" Crawford could tell the telepath was being sarcastic in that German tone of his.  Since this morning all the orange haired man did was jeer or pester with the same question on how things went.  Naturally this was down to his curiosity and Hentai-related thoughts was something that Schuldig sometimes liked to bring out into the open, especially when it came down to Crawford.  So what if he was a cold distant bastard.  Schuldig knew his leader had kept his desires for the cute brunette a secret before meeting her last night.

Just like Makoto was told, Crawford's sudden infatuation from five years ago had crept back into him.  It wasn't expected.  His body simply acted spontaneously to the sight of seeing an old face.  His mind admitted she was attractive and that was down to the pain of suffering lust.  He wanted to see what she was like inside and out and granted his wish during the nightly fight.  Now the satisfied lust was over, it seemed.  Or is it still going? Schuldig wondered as he observed Crawford looking out of the car window.  Farfarello and Nagi sat silently in the back, doing something to keep them occupied.  Nagi was on his laptop and Farfarello was playing with his knife, making sure it was sharp as ever.

"You know, I wouldn't mind having *fun* with her myself," Schuldig whispered to Crawford, repressing a giggle. "That's if you give me permission, of course.  Don't forget you have me to thank for getting you all warmed up for your game so I deserve something too." Crawford snorted at Schuldig's words.  It was his turn to mock the German.  There were some things not worth sharing when it came to playing.  This particular prey was his – and HIS only.  Not Schuldig's or anyone else's.  When something was under his control and order, Crawford made sure it stayed that way.  If someone was suffering like hell under his command the precognitive kept his eye on his victim to read into his soul and see whether he really was taking the pain well or not.

"I'm sure you'd enjoy your time with her, Schuldig but…" Crawford stepped out of the driver's seat to exit the car. "…she may not let you touch her after what I did last night.  I think she'd be too infuriated." As the door slammed, Schuldig leaned back against the head rest.  Any confidantes who met Crawford for business normally said the same thing about the Schwarz leader.  He was a man of control and didn't want anyone or anything to get in the way of his work. 

"Crawford, you just don't want me to touch your toy.  You think she's better off suffering from your games than mine…tch! That guy thinks he's so tough," Schuldig sighed. "Oh well I'll get my chance next time, ja?" With that encouraging thought in mind, he laughed - but it wasn't only from a future possibility of getting his way with that girl.  He was also laughing from catching Makoto's reaction to seeing Crawford startle her in the middle of the street.   


"You have a lot of nerve to do what you did last night," Makoto said.  Her fingers tightened around the folds of Crawford's blazer, which happened to be the all too familiar cream coloured one she saw two nights ago.  Startling her out of nowhere only made her aggression expand by a higher level.  Crawford could feel her inner rage spread all over her while he stared at her gripped fingers.  Those slender hands may look nice on the outside but he knew they were deadly weapons when put into a fight.  He found that out the simple way.    

"I didn't predict this, Makoto," Crawford said.  Was he trying to be innocent and in denial with what he did to her the previous night? Well if he was attempting to hide the teasing smile behind that emotionless façade Makoto would be more annoyed and have more than just the intention of punching him in the face.  She would beat him till he was looking like shit.  Much like how he left her after the 'fight' ended; if you could call it a fight that is.     

There was no harm in Makoto starting another punch-up with him now.  Besides, she had taken them both somewhere private and away from the public.  They ended up being in the same alleyway as last night.  Despite the discomforting memories from before, Makoto thought this place was better for nothing if she wanted some privacy with Crawford.  Should any violence go on then nobody was going to see it.  Once Makoto's revenge was out of the way then she'd get the police to arrest Crawford and his buddies, who were likely to be nearby. 

"Do you think I'm just going to let you go without a rematch?" Makoto asked. "You made me feel like a pile of crap after walking away.  I don't let men get away with doing things like that." As she spoke each word, her head seemed to be moving closer to Crawford.  Did she realise she was doing this? Crawford doubted it.  Her emerald eyes were set on staring into his own, showing she was not here to mess around with him. 

The so-called defeat to their brawl was not satisfying enough.  She couldn't believe she lost to him…through such actions.  Even he couldn't understand why he let himself get too deep within the power of lust.  It was a mistake, true, but at least he had made his desires happy last night.  He felt refreshed.  His suppressed yearning for Makoto was gone and he was ready to move on in his job as the Schwarz leader.  There were other missions to do once leaving Juuban. 

"Makoto, you can't beat me," Crawford stated. 

"What?" She exclaimed, furious by his remark.  Perhaps there was a way to show her what he meant rather than repeat his sentence verbally.  Her eyes were too occupied with expecting an answer when Crawford's arms suddenly wrapped around her hips into a bear hug, causing her to release her fingers off his blazer.  The forceful squeezing was too difficult to take and Makoto saw she wasn't able to break out of this painful hold.  Her body then clashed against the hard concrete wall in less than a second, which suddenly triggered a bad case of déjà vu.  This was the same position she was in last night, which meant another thing.  Oh no!  Please don't tell me… Makoto thought worriedly on what would happen next.  Crawford smiled at her, as though he was aware of the forthcoming event. 

Breathing irregularly, Makoto's fear was disappearing slowly as Crawford's lips gently trailed across hers for one minute before taking the tough approach and clasping her mouth into a hard kiss.  Why was this happening again? Her mind thought in one rush.  She was unable to think logically while her arms acted in their own accord and stroked Crawford's hair and shoulders to respond to the sensual actions being thrown at her.  Her mouth could taste his tongue travelling inside as their lips fought each other.  The word 'stop' constantly flashed in front of both their eyes.  They knew it was wrong.  But Crawford was the one who started it, right?

Thankfully the dominant one between the two was smart enough to see that this molesting act had to end right this instant and immediately pulled Makoto away from his dynamic press against her body.  Again he couldn't help liking how weak she appeared after enduring his power of control over her but knew this had to be ignored permanently once he got back to the rest of his team.  Makoto couldn't believe she was aching in the same way as before.  Every part of her felt like it had lost so much energy.  And her mouth felt hot on the outside.

"Now do you see?" Crawford queried.  "All I did was show you who the loser would be in a fight.  This is what I'm capable of, Makoto."

Looking away in embarrassment, she wiped her mouth clean from the leftover taste that remained on her lips.  She had to admit he was probably right.  It hurt like hell to agree on something with someone like you disliked.  Nevertheless this was a lesson she had had to learn these last two nights.  Makoto would end up vulnerable around guys like Crawford if she wasn't careful enough.  Should she come across him again, who knows what would happen between them? It could end up like just now, couldn't it? And she knew it was wrong, as did he.

"You are such a bastard," Makoto said when she met his gaze. "We shouldn't even be near each other at all."

"Yes.  It should stay that way," Crawford agreed, tidying his suit and hair and making sure he looked presentable.

"You know the police will find you wherever you go." Makoto warned.  However, to her surprise, he laughed after she said that.  What was so funny about mentioning the police? They were supposed to be looking for them.

"The police won't be finding us in a hurry," Crawford said, resisting another filthy smirk. "We dealt with them two days ago.  They are not aware of Schwarz's presence in Juuban anymore."  

Makoto was speechless.  This group of freaks was unbelievable.  How did they…? Oh she seemed to have an idea.  Schwarz were mainly psychics, weren't they? They could do what they wanted with an innocent human's mind.  Someone among them must have made them think of something other than Schwarz.  No doubt it was that Schuldig dude.  The bastard who had an unusual taste in fashion.  Her scowl dramatically transformed into a gasp when Makoto felt a hand fondle her chin and then her cheeks.

"It was nice to see you again, Makoto," Crawford murmured, his hand instantly pulling away from their caresses on her face.

"Yeah nice to see you too," She answered back in a low voice while keeping her eye on the man as he commenced his departure towards the brighter side of the alleyway, which lead back to the main part of the town.  But Makoto wasn't finished with talking to him yet.

"Crawford!" The loudness in her beckoning was certainly an act of determination to get him to listen.  She wasn't done talking to him and her shouting was a last minute effort to exchange some final words. 

His mocha eyes looked over one shoulder to look at her. "Yes?"

"If you ever show your face in this town again I swear it's going to get rougher than ever between us," Makoto stated, her teeth gritting together with bitterness. "I mean it."

"I'm sure we would get to 'business' if we meet again…but my return to this town is unlikely."  Turning on his heels and looking in the other direction, Crawford laughed sadistically prior to leaving the young girl who was left standing in fury and watching the man in the business suit walk away as though the day was normal.  Five minutes after he left, Makoto realised that she made a silly mistake in her threat.  There were two meanings to the part when she said things would get rougher than ever between them if they crossed paths again. 

One, it would mean more violence and two, it would mean…Oh shit Makoto gulped and slapped her face angrily.  The second meaning could mean something much more extreme than the lusty moments they had been pulling off just now and last night.   Damn, he must have got the same ideas as her.  How stupid could she be to say those things? She should have gone after him to stop this guy from causing more trouble to pure human lives.  But that was impossible.  No matter how encouraging her suggestion was, Makoto wouldn't be able to stop these guys from running off to another town to do some damage.  As Crawford said, she wasn't strong enough to take them on, namely this man himself.  He proved she was weaker than him.  And because of *that* demonstration, she prayed to God she would never see his face again.     


Before you even say the obvious, let me tell you straightaway that I don't intend to write a sequel on this.  I'm afraid it's finished.