By Miss P.

Summary: Miss Parker, Lyle and Jarod gets trapped on an island. And they're not alone.
What will happen? Well, I guess you just have to read it and find out!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Pretender characters in this story. And I'm not getting
paid for writing it!


Miss Parker sat in the Centre's private Jet. She glared at Lyle who had his gun pointed at Jarod's side. To make sure he wouldn't try anything. She didn't know how to feel. She felt sad and thrilled at the same time. They had finally managed to capture Jarod. The chasing was finally over. She could imagine the look on her fathers face when she brought Jarod into his office. Now she was free. She didn't have to stay at the Centre. But it was at the expense of Jarod's freedom. She wasn't even sure if she wanted to leave. Not when Jarod was there. And she didn't know if she could stand to see her father and Lyle torture him. She sighed. What was she going to do? Miss Parker leaned back in her seat. She saw Jarod look at her with sad eyes. She knew what he was thinking. She closed her eyes. Tried to get some sleep. She'd just fallen asleep when Lyle's voice woke her up.

"What!" She snapped.

Lyle opened his mouth to speak. But before he could say anything. The planes engines exploded with a loud bang. And the plane started to fall. Since Miss Parker had no seatbelt, she was thrown out of her seat and landed up right on top of Lyle. Which made him drop his gun.

"Hey! Watch it!.I told you to use your seatbelt." Lyle said as he helped her up.

"Yeah whatever." Miss Parker mumbled.

The plane continued to go down. Though Miss Parker didn't wanna admit it, she was terrified. She looked at Jarod and Lyle and saw the same fear in their eyes. She knew they were right above the sea. There was no place to land. What would happen when the plane crashed in the water? A few minutes later Miss Parker's fears came true. The plane cut through the surface of the water. Everything went black and water started to flow in.


A half an hour later, Miss Parker, Jarod, Lyle and their pilot Jack had managed to save themselves. As if by magic. The plane had crashed near by a small island. An old house, which looked like nobody had been there for years were located in the middle of the island. There was no electricity or running water in the house. But it was better than nothing. Miss Parker had curled up in a couch. She was still shocked at what happened. And she was chilled to the bone.

"Miss Parker take off those wet clothes before you'll catch a cold." Lyle said as he walked by her into another room. Miss Parker had just stared at him. There was no way she would be sitting there naked. Not with three men in the house. Lyle knew there was no idea to nag. She could be very stubborn. So instead he tried to get himself warm.

"Miss Parker, this will help you get warm" Jarod said as he walked up to her with a blanket he'd found in the bedroom. "And take off those wet clothes."

"Why don't you just leave me alone!" Miss Parker snapped.

"Yeah LabRat, leave her alone." Lyle said as he re-entered the room.

"At least I care about her!"

"And I don't!"

Miss Parker closed her eyes. To hear Lyle and Jarod scream at each other was to much for her. She was tired and her head hurt. She got up on her feet and headed towards the door. Suddenly she felt dizzy and her legs gave way under her. She fell to the floor. Lyle was by her side at a heartbeat.

"Are you okay Sis?" He asked.

It took a while before she answered. ""Yeah, everything's perfect. I'm trapped here in the middle of nowhere. With you. And I can't even stand on my own legs" Miss Parker said sarcastically. With a sigh, Lyle helped her up and carried her to the couch.

"Parker, the blanket." He said. For a second time she just stared at him.

"Fine!" Lyle exclaimed. "Do whatever you want! Freeze to death, I don't give a damn!" With those words he turned around and headed for the front door.

"Where are you going?" Jarod asked.

"I'm going to find a way to get off this damn island!" Lyle snapped.

Miss Parker couldn't control her emotions any longer. She broke down, sobbing. It was the first time in many, many years Jarod saw her like this. He felt sorry for her. He sat down next to her in the couch. Though he didn't thought she would let him comfort her. He took her in his arms and held her close. To his surprise, Miss Parker wrapped her trembling arms around him.

"It's okay, Lyle didn't mean what he said." Jarod said softly.

Miss Parker was confused. Why was he so nice to her? He should hate her. After everything she'd done. But she didn't want to ask. Not now. She wanted this moment to last forever. This was what she'd ever wanted. To feel safe. To be in the arms of the man she loved. But she knew it was only a one off event. Tomorrow, or the day after that. She would be chasing him. Or even worse, shoot him. Suddenly she heard footsteps. She looked up and saw Lyle staring at her. She wriggled out of Jarod's embrace.

"What!" She snapped at Lyle.

"I hate to interrupt whatever you and LabRat are doing. But he is.he's dead.."

"What the fuck are you talking? Who the hell is dead" Miss Parker asked annoyed.

"Jack, he has been shot. Which means we're not alone on this island."

"How smart of you to figure that out!"

"How can we be sure you're not the one who killed him?" Jarod asked.

"Why the hell would I do that!?"

"'Cause you're insane."

"SHUT UP! Both of you!" Miss Parker screamed. " Jarod, Lyle doesn't have his gun. It's in the plane. And mine is right here. So Lyle couldn't have shot him. Even if he wanted to." She said.

Jarod nodded.

"I don't like this. There's a murderer out there. And we're just sitting here! Miss Parker, give me your gun" Lyle said.

"Why? What are you going to do?"

"Shoot that bastard!"

Miss Parker didn't bother to respond. Instead she handed the gun over to Lyle.

"And you're coming with me!" Lyle said as he aimed at Jarod.

"You really are crazy. You're taking Miss Parker's gun and then you are going to leave her alone in here. When there's a killer on the island.!" Jarod said.

"Don't you think I can take care of myself! Just go" Miss Parker snapped.

"Yeah C'mon LabRat!" Lyle said.

Jarod hated the thought of leaving Miss Parker alone. She wouldn't be able to defend herself without her gun. Especially not now. Not when she was so weak, so vulnerable. He would never forgive himself if anything happened to her. But right now, he had no choice but to do as Lyle told him to. With a sigh, he walked out through the door. Followed by Lyle. Miss Parker grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around her cold body. She leaned back in the couch and closed her eyes. Suddenly she woke up with a start. How long had she been sleeping? And what had woken her up? She looked around, she didn't notice anything unusual. She'd just closed her eyes again when she heard footsteps. Though she thought it was Jarod and Lyle she didn't bother to look up.

"Did you find anyone?" She asked. Her eyes still closed. The person in the room laughed.

"Hello Miss Parker.Missed me?"

Miss Parker was puzzled. That was not, Jarod or Lyle. She opened her eyes and stared into some all too familiar eyes.

"Oh my god.Thomas?!"

She was shocked at what she saw. How could it be possible? He was dead. She knew that. She opened her mouth but was to shocked to speak. She closed her mouth and continued to stare.

"Honey. You look like you've seen a ghost." Thomas smiled.

Miss Parker started to feel dizzy again. This was definitely too much for her.

"C'mon. there's something I want to show you." Thomas said.

Miss Parker got up on her feet. Left the blanket on the couch and walked up to him. Suddenly everything went black before her eyes and she felt like she was going to faint. Thomas noticed what was going to happen. He took her in his arms to steady her.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"I don't know." Miss Parker mumbled. To feel Thomas arms around her brought up memories from before. Both happy and painful memories. She looked up at him. Looked into his eyes.

"How can you be alive?" She managed to ask.

"I don't wanna explain it here. Come with me and I'll show you." He put one arm around Miss Parker's shoulders. She shivered. She didn't know why. She liked his touch. Thomas smiled at her. "This is going to be fun." He said. Miss Parker smiled back. "Maybe not for you honey. But I'm gonna enjoy every minute" Thomas though to himself. With a smirk on his face he led Miss Parker out of the room.

About ten minutes after Thomas and Miss Parker left. Jarod and Lyle entered the room.

"We didn't find.." Lyle stopped and stared at the empty couch.

"Hey Sis! Where are you?" He called out. No answer. Lyle started to get worried. What if Jarod was right? What if the person who killed Jack had been there couldn't be. Miss Parker would be able to defend herself. While Lyle was standing there. Jarod searched through the house in hope of finding Miss Parker. But he didn't.

"I told you we shouldn't have left her here. You idiot!" Jarod said.

"Shut up and let me think!" Lyle snarled.

********* Meanwhile.


Miss Parker started to get scared. Thomas had taken her to a cave on the north side of the island. First it had looked nice. Almost like a home. But when he had taken her deeper into the cave. The nice atmosphere had turned into something which looked like it was taken from a horror movie. The ceiling height was low and there was spider web everywhere. Miss Parker shivered. Both with cold and fear.

"Tommy, why are.." She was interrupted by his laugh. He smiled evilly.

"Now, I'm tired of this act.if you don't do exactly as I say." He started as he took up his gun and loaded it. " I'm gonna blow your head off." He finished.

Miss Parker was shocked. Why would Tommy do something like this to her?. Didn't he love her?

"Honey, don't be afraid. I'm not going to kill you.I hope.I'm just going to make you suffer." He said with a grin. He took her to the other side of the room and handcuffed her in a pipe in the ceiling. He put his gun back in its holster. He brought his hand in front of Miss Parker's face and flicked open a switchblade knife.

"You wanna play.Miss P?"

"Fuck you.."

Thomas hit her face hard. "Don't talk to me like that." He snarled. "Now listen carefully.. I'm gonna ask you questions. And you are not allowed to say you understand?"


"Good, first question. Does anybody know you're in here?" Thomas drew the knife lightly along Miss Parker's neck. Leaving a thin trail of blood in its wake. He raised his knife and let it slide across her right cheek.

"No, how the hell." Miss Parker gasped with pain as the knife cut through her skin.

"I hate to mar that gorgeous face.." Thomas said.

Miss Parker looked straight into his eyes. "Why are you doing this?" She asked.

"I'm the one who asks questions!!" Thomas lowered the knife from her face. Miss Parker let out a cry of pain as the blade ripped across her side. An evil smile sprang to Thomas lips.

"The ice queen does feel pain. Now I'm going to start enjoying myself" He said.

A second cut tore into Miss Parker's side. This time she steeled herself from the suffering. She bit her lower lip to hold back a scream. A third cut ripped across her ribs and she closed her eyes in the effort of bearing the growing agony.

"So Miss P. do you love me?"

Miss Parker swallowed hard. Tried to be strong. To not show her feelings. She slowly opened her eyes and met Thomas cold look.

"Yes.I did. Until you dragged me here and tortured me.. you bastard!"

Thomas hit her face a second time. "A Yes would have been enough" He snarled.

"Why don't you just kill me? Instead of torturing me. You're getting high on seeing me suffer?" Miss Parker asked. Tears brimming her eyes.

"What if I do?" Thomas laughed.

"I thought you loved me.." Miss Parker said. Struggling against the tears that threatened to fall.

"Sorry to disappoint you!" He snarled as he thrust the knife into Miss Parker's left side.

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!" Miss Parker screamed. Both with pain and fear.

"You don't get it right?! I'm not the real Thomas. I'm a fucking clone!" Thomas screamed as he twisted the knife. Miss Parker screamed in pain.

"Stop.please stop.." She cried. She couldn't longer control the pain and the fear she struggled to hold back. Thomas twisted the knife again. At the same time he thrust it harder into her flesh. Miss Parker screamed as a wave of pain went through her entire body.


Meanwhile in the Cabin.


"Dammit Lyle. We have to find her!" Jarod said.

"Shut the fuck up. I'm trying to think!" Lyle snapped. He hated the thought of Jarod being right. If they hadn't left Miss Parker alone, this wouldn't have happened. But he couldn't stand the thought of Jarod and his sister, hugging. He couldn't stand to see Jarod taking advantage of her weakness. And because of that. She might be dead. He didn't know what to do. He was about to give up when he suddenly saw a flash of Miss Parker. He saw what she was going through, and he felt her pain as it was he being tortured.

"NO!" He screamed.

His scream startled Jarod. Who had been absorbed in his own thoughts.

"What is it?" Jarod asked puzzled.

"Oh god.." Lyle gasped.


"I know where she is.C'mon we have to get there before it's too late." Lyle said as he turned around and ran out of the room before Jarod had a chance to ask. He was confused. How could Lyle know where Miss Parker was? And why did he act so strange? He just hoped Lyle knew what he was talking about. And he prayed they would be able to save Miss Parker.

About five minutes later, Lyle ran into the cave followed by Jarod. When they got to the deepest part of the cave there Miss Parker was trapped. Lyle draw his gun.

"BACK OFF! You bastard. If you touch her I'm gonna blow your head off.!" He said as he aimed at the person in front of his sister. The man turned around. Both Lyle and Jarod stared at him in shock.

"Thomas?" Jarod mumbled.

Thomas draw the knife out of Miss Parker's side. " me." Miss Parker cried.

"Thomas! You fucking bastard. What have you done to her?!" Lyle screamed as he ran forward to attack him.

Thomas quickly backed away. "Stay there you are! If you'll come any closer I'll drop the keys" He said as he held his arm over the edge of the precipice and let the key dangle on his finger. Lyle stopped for a second. Then he decided to ignore the warning. Thomas dropped the key. It fell onto one off the sharp cliffs it disappeared into the roaring water. He made a quick movement and draw his gun. Intended to shoot Lyle. But Lyle was faster. He placed three bullets in Thomas chest. He fell backwards over the edge. Jarod walked up to Miss Parker. His heart ached as he saw her. Thomas had made many deep cuts on her face and her body. The blood had formed a big pool on the floor and she was still bleeding. He couldn't imagine the pain she must be going through. Both physically and emotionally. And he couldn't understand how Thomas could be alive. Neither how he could do something like this to Miss Parker. He had loved her. She had been his everything. And he also had been Jarod's best friend. He wondered what made him change. How he could have been so cruel.

"Jarod." Miss Parker whispered.

Her voice brought Jarod back from his thoughts.

"It's okay. He's're safe now." He said as he warily brushed away a strand of Miss Parker's blood stained hair from her face.

"I'm so sorry. I should never have left you.I'm sorry"

"It's not your fault." Miss Parker said weakly. She didn't know how much longer she could stand. She felt her body getting weaker and weaker. She was dizzy. And she felt like the pain was about to kill her.

"Jarod, I can't." She mumbled before she passed out.

"Oh my god." Jarod caught her and held her. To prevent the handcuffs to hurt her bleeding wrists more than they already have.

"Lyle!! What are you doing? I need the key to the handcuffs.. NOW!!" Jarod said.

It took a while before Lyle answered. "There's no keys. Thomas threw them into the water."

"WHAT!!" Jarod exclaimed. "She's going to die here dammit! You have to do something!"

Lyle didn't know what to do. It was his fault. Everything was his fault. He looked at Miss Parker's lifeless body. He had to figure something out. And that's fast. He would never be able to forgive himself if Miss Parker died. And he couldn't help but feel jealous about Jarod and Miss Parker being so close. That Jarod was the one who comforted her. Who held her. Maybe this was his punishment for all evil he'd done. To see his precious Miss Parker, die in the arms of the man he despised more than anything.

"Lyle, you have the gun" He heard Jarod said. He looked at him. Confused. What did he mean? Then he realised. Jarod was talking about 'shooting the handcuffs'

"What if I miss? Do you trust me to not shoot you. Or her?" He said.

"I have to take a chance on that" Jarod said.

"Okay." Lyle walked up to them. Miss Parker had started to regain consciousness. She moaned. Since Jarod's hold of her made her body ached.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.."

"Jarod, back off. I'm gonna shoot." Lyle said.

"What? No.please.don't.."Miss Parker whispered. Jarod saw the fear in her eyes. He felt so sorry for her. Did she really think that her brother was going to shoot her. Poor Parker.

"Don't worry. Lyle's just going to free you from the handcuffs." He said softly. He let go of her and backed away. Miss Parker gasped in pain as the handcuffs cut deeper into her wrist. A gunshot went of. The handcuffs slammed against the pipe as they divided into two parts. Miss Parker felt her legs gave way under her. She collapsed against Jarod who waited with opened arms. The sound of the bulled hitting another pipe made Jarod and Miss Parker turn their heads to look. Just in time to see the bullet ricochet and hit Lyle. He staggered backwards.

"LYLE, NO!!" Miss Parker screamed.

"Watch out for the.." Jarod started. But it was to late. Lyle fell over the edge. They heard his screams, followed by a loud splash as he fell into the water.

"Oh" Miss Parker cried. Jarod held her closer to comfort her.

"I'm so sorry." He said.

"He can't be dead.he can't." Miss Parker said in tears.

"I.Ehh, I have to you think you can stand?"

Miss Parker nodded. But she wasn't sure if she ment it.

"Are you sure?"


Jarod slowly let go of her. And walked up to the edge there Lyle had disappeared. He looked down but couldn't see Lyle. The water had turned red by the blood. Suddenly he noticed Lyle's jacket by one of the cliffs.

"He's dead. He has to be."

"Jarod.." Miss Parker said almost inaudible. Jarod didn't hear her. She didn't have the strength to stand any longer. She looked around for something to lean on. But didn't find anything. Her whole body was trembling. She tried to sit down. As she bent down her stab wound sent waves of pain through her entire body. She tried to straighten, but than the pain was just too much. With a scream she fell to the ground. She clutched her side.

"MISS PARKER!!" Jarod was by her side in a heartbeat. He knelt by her.

"It hurts so much." Miss Parker gasped.

"I know.I'm so sorry. I should have realised you couldn't stand..we have to get back to the cabin. So I can take care of you." Jarod said. He carefully lifted her up in his arms. She moaned.

"Lyle?" She managed to ask.

"He's gone.."

"No...Oh" Miss Parker started to cry.


When they got out of the cave the darkness surprised them. Had they really been in there that long?

"DAMMIT! Now it's going to be a lot harder to take care of Miss Parker's wounds" Jarod thought to himself.


Back in the cabin. Jarod warily laid Miss Parker down at the bed.

"Miss Parker. I have to take off your clothes.." He said. Miss Parker was too tired to protest. Jarod smiled sadly as he started to unbutton her blouse.

One hour later, Miss Parker was sleeping on the bed. Jarod had taken care of her wounds as good as possible. Her cuts had stopped bleeding. But she'd already lost to much blood. Jarod was really worried about her. About the whole situation. If they didn't got off this island soon. He didn't know if Miss Parker would survive.

Next morning, Jarod awoke in the couch. First he didn't know where he was. Then he remembered. He got up on his feet. Headed towards the bedroom to check on Miss Parker. He cold hear her moaning.

"Miss Parker. How are you?" He asked as he sat down in a chair next to the bed.

"I don't know. It hurts so much. I don't know how much longer I can take it. I just want it to go away." Miss Parker said in a weak voice.

"I know.. I wish there was something I can do. I've searched every inch of this damn house. But there is so painkillers.don't give up Miss Parker. They will save us.."

"It doesn't matter. Jarod. What am I going to do? Nobody is ever going to love me again.." Miss Parker said as she struggled to hold back the tears.

"What do you mean?" Jarod asked puzzled.

"I'm going to have scars all over my face. How could anybody want to, even look at me?" She said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Oh Parker, your scars isn't going to change my love for you." Jarod said. The words slipped out of his mouth before he had a chance to stop them. Miss Parker looked at him. Puzzled. Did Jarod love her? That would explain why he was being so nice to her. She really didn't deserve his kindness. He should have left her to die in that cave. That would have been fair. After everything she'd done to him.

"Did you mean that? Do you love me? "She asked..

"Yes Miss Parker. I do" Jarod said.

Miss Parker didn't know how to respond. She wanted to say the same words to him. More than anything. She opened her mouth to speak but all of the sudden she felt dizzy and everything went black before her eyes..

"Jarod...I." She didn't have the strength to finish the sentence. She fell into unconsciousness again.

"Miss Parker?!" Jarod checked her pulse. It was there but it was very weak.

"Miss Parker, don't you dare die on me now!"