Dear Father

By X-Static Process

Dear Father,
All my life you've sought out for me
Trying to poison my heart
With your evil atmosphere

Dear Father,
You've haunted my dreams
My mind, my thoughts
My world

Dear Father,
You were never there
Never cared for me
Never showed me what love was

Dear Father,
I've kept my being blank
So you could never reach me
New emotions approach
You never taught me what they were

Dear Father,
I will never join the darkside
You cannot consume me
Now that I have people
Who care about me
I stand strong

Dear Father,
As I look in your evil, golden eyes
I feel fear no more
You cannot hold me down

Dear Father,
Burn in Hell
I don't need you
I'm stronger now
My heart is more pure

Dear Father,
I hate you
Leave my friends alone
Leave my family alone