A couple of days had passed since the wedding and Felicia was at
Enforcer Headquarters. She was heading at the garage to go out on patrol.
"Hey, Licia!," Felina called as she ran up to her. Felicia turned around
and waited for Felina to catch up to her. "I wanted to congratulate you.
Jake Clawson is very nice and will make a perfect husband," Felina said as
she smiled at Licia.
Felicia smiled and said, "Thanks, Felina."
"McFurry!!," a voice boomed behind them. Felicia turned around to
face Feral, she saluted him.
"Y-e-ss, sir," she said kind of shakily.
"Uncle, her name is Clawson now. She got married. Remember?,"
Felina said, noticing how scared Felicia was of Feral. Feral didn't
particularly like Felicia ever since he found out that she was Ricochet.
Felicia was surprised at the fact making the enforcers but her brother was
"I know, she got married," Feral said sternly. "But to who? Clawson.
That name sounds familiar." He tried to recall the name. He remembered where
the name came from and looked at Felicia in disbelief. "To Jake Clawson?!"
"Yes, sir. I did," said Felicia unsure of what the meaning of the
look that Feral had given her.
"To that hotshot pilot who now works in the salvage yard?," Feral
continued. "Geez, what were you thinking?" He laughed and turned around to
leave. He walked down the hallway laughing as hard as he could, leaving
Felicia growling.
"That jerk!!!," she said loudly to herself. But then her cheeks
became flushed when she remembered that his niece was standing right beside
her. "Oops. Sorry, Felina."
"Don't worry about it. My uncle can be an obnoxious jerk
sometimes.," Felina replied.
Felicia smiled reassured. "Well, I better go out on patrol duty. I
told Jake I would be home by midnight. Bye!," she said and ran off to her
enforcer cruiser.
Felicia was sitting in her enforcer cruiser on patrol duty on the
roadside. She was on the outskirts of the city so there were not many kats
around. She kept glancing at the clock. "I thought the enforcers were
supposed to be fun," she said and moaned with disgust. She slumped down in
her seat. "Nothing is going to happen out here." Suddenly an emergency
call was coming in on her radio.
"Attention all units. There is a break-in at the biochemical labs.
Suspect is driving towards Selinda on Route 22 in a red Dodge Viper," the
radio said.
"I am on Route 22 near Selinda!," Felicia said to herself. She picked
up her CB and said, "This is Lieutenant Clawson. I am on Route 22 near
Selinda looking for the suspect." Suddenly the red Dodge Viper passed her.
"Suspect confirmed. I am on it!" She turned on her sirens and started to
pursue the Viper. "I saw the license plate number when the suspect passed
me. It is T-O-R-T-R-E-U.," she said to the CB and put it down. "This is
hopeless!! An enforcer cruiser can't catch up with a Dodge Viper!! I am
going to take a shortcut," she said to herself and turned onto a side road.
She drove to where the Dodge Viper would be, but there was no sign of it.
"Crud!! Where'd they go?! I know for sure I beat them!" She picked up her
CB. "This is unit 502 to HQ," she said into it. "I have lost contact with
the Viper." She pulled over to the side of the road near a fence. Suddenly
she heard an engine revving up from the other side of the road where the
other half of the side road was. She looked over to see what it was.
Suddenly a bright flashed into her eyes as the driver turned on the car's
brights. Felicia covered her eyes up to protect them. Tired started to
squeal from the car and the Dodge Viper ram into Felicia's car from the side.
Felicia panicked and grabbed her CB. "HQ! I need back-up!!," she said.
Her car went through the fence and down the hill. It began to tumble down
the hill. Flipping over as it went. Felicia hit her head and became
unconscious. The Dodge Viper stopped at the side's edge. It's driver,
Vampeera stepped out of the car and walked down the hill to the wrecked
cruiser. She saw Felicia unconscious and took her out of the car and carried
her up the hill to her car. Vampeera got into her Viper and left the scene,
taking Felicia with her.
30 minutes later, the enforcers and paramedics arrived at the scene.
Felina had contacted Jake to tell him of the incident and he had just arrived
also. Jake ran down the hill but when he saw the wrecked enforcer cruiser
upside down, he began to feel sick to his stomach and fear grew inside of
him. "No! Felicia!!," he shouted as reality kicked in and he ran to the
car, pushing the enforcers out of the way. He looked inside of the car but
she was not there. "Where is she?!"
Felina ran up to him. "She wasn't in the car when we got here. We
think that whoever was at the labs took her. Jake--we found blood in the car
as well," she said softly. A wave of nausea passed over Jake when Felina
mentioned about the blood. "It could be hers....we don't know yet until we
have it examined."
Anger grew inside of Jake. "Who took her?," he said almost growling.
"We don't know that either. But pictures from the security camera
should be coming in a few minutes," said Felina.
An enforcer ran up to them. "Here are the pictures, Lieutenant
Feral," he said as he handed the package containing the pictures.
"Thanks," said Felina as she took out at the pictures. She and Jake
looked at them. "What the heck?"
"Who or what is it?," asked Jake.
"I don't know. But she looks like a vampire," said Felina.
"A vampire? Can't be. They don't have a reflection," Jake stated.
Jenson ran over to them. "Guys, I think you better come over to the
tent and listen to something," he said and ran back over to the tent. Jake
and Felina followed.
Inside the tent, enforcers are sitting around an intercom hooked up
to the phone. Vampeera had just called them to make her demands. "This is
Vampeera. As you enforcers may know, I have captured a Lieutenant Clawson.
I haven't done anything to her...yet. But she does have scratches and a bad
gash on her head from the wreck that may need some attention but I don't have
the equipment. And watching her suffer from the pain is fun for me,"
Vampeera said. Felina could hear Jake growling softly to himself. Vampeera
continued. "But torturing her is not what I want."
"Well, what do you want?," asked Felina taking the direct approach.
"I will trade her for the SWAT Kat, T-Bone," Vampeera stated. Jake's
eyes went wide because he knew that T-Bone was out of town visiting his
father and wouldn't be back for 2 more days.
"But I am not sure that he will," Felina said.
"I want him for her. You have 2 hours to bring him to me. I am at
the closed down Quality Inn on 13th Avenue," Vampeera said and disconnected.
"Okay. Now we need to contact the SWAT Kats and let them of the
situation. Colonel Jenson, you know them. Any possible way you can contact
them,? Felina asked.
"I can try," said Jenson.
"Good. Okay, Jake. You can go back now. We'll let you know if
anything happens," said Felina as she turned to Jake.
"Okay," Jake said sadly and started to make his way out to his car.
"Jake, wait up!," Jenson called and ran up to Jake. When he reached
him, he walked with Jake to his car. "Listen, we'll find her. Now all I
have to do is try to contact Razor or T-Bone."
A smile went across Jake's face when he realized that Jenson didn't
know he was Razor yet. "You already did. They know," he said.
Jenson's eyes grew wide. "What?!," he asked.
"I can't believe you don't know already," Jake said. He chuckled and
started to continue to walk to his car.
Jenson looked puzzled and ran to catch up. "Know what?"
Jake looked at him and shook his head. He open the car door and sat
in the driver's seat. "Let's just say that you told Razor."
Jenson's voice went to a whisper. "You...are....are....Ra-zor?"
"Yep," Jake said proudly.
Jenson looked amazed by what he just learned. "Whoa! So, you will
get T-Bone right,?" he asked.
"I will," Jake lied knowing that T-Bone was out of town. He closed
the car door, started his Eclipse and left. He drove back to the garage.
At the hotel, Vampeera was tieing Felicia to the bed. "The SWAT Kats
will find me, Vampeera. So you will not get T-Bone!," Felicia said as she
struggled to get free.
"Oh, please," Vampeera scoffed. "This is a hotel with over 500
rooms! I will catch them before they can find you." She put a gag in
Felicia's mouth. She laughed and walked out of her room, making sure that
the door was locked. She looked at the room number and remembered the number
514. Suddenly the sound of a jet landing made her notice that Turbokat had
just arrived. She ran to the elevator to go to the security room.
Razor landed the jet in the parking lot. He noticed how large the
hotel actually was. "Great!," he moaned. "It is going to take forever to
find her but I have to." Razor got out and walked inside. He turned the
corner which led to a hallway. The hallway contained a lot of rooms on both
sides going down as far as he could see. "Oh, crud!" Razor walked over and
tried to open the door but it was locked. "Great, the doors are locked too,"
he moaned. "Wait a minute!! I can't believe I'm that stupid!" He slapped
his face with his paw. "I have my kat scanner!" He took out his glovatrix
and put it on. He turned on the kat scanner, a tiny blip appeared on it.
"Bingo! She is on the fifth floor!" Razor ran to the elevator.
In the security room, Vampeera saw Razor looking around on the fifth
floor following his kat scanner. "What the-?!," she said. "It can't be!
He's going to find her! And that is not T-Bone!" She growled and ran out of
the room to the elevator to get Razor.
Razor reached room 514, the kat scanner indicated that was the room.
He stuck his ear to the door and listened in. "Felicia?," he asked. "You in
Felicia heard Razor and tried to tell him that she was in there but
all that came out were muffles. Razor heard the muffles. "Hang on, Licia.
I am going to get you out of there!," he said and started to ram against the
door. The door started to give in a little.
Vampeera ran up to Razor and aimed her gun at him. "Hold it right
there!," she ordered.
Razor stopped and turned around. He saw Vampeera holding a gun at
him and he held up his paws up. "Well, well. You must think that I am
stupid. Trying to sneak in here and rescue her. Plus where's T-Bone? Is he
somewhere else in the building?," Vampeera asked.
"T-Bone is out of town, Vampeera. Besides there's no way I would let
him give himself up to you," Razor growled.
"Well since you put it that way. I lose and you lose," she said as
she took out her room key and opened the door. "Go on in, Razor."
Razor walked in the room, Vampeera followed, aiming her gun at him.
He saw Felicia's wounds and became furious. Razor turned around and looked
at Vampeera, basically growling. "You did this to her!!," he growled.
"Oh, please," Vampeera scoffed. "I do not beat kats up just for the
fun of it. The car wreck did that to her. Now have a seat." Razor sat down
in a chair that was facing the bed. Vampeera, still having the gun pointing
at him, tied Razor to the chair. "I think I should teach you a lesson for
not listening, Razor," she said evilly. She walked over to a cabinet and
pulled out a clear plastic container filled with a clear liquid and a black
box. She set the container on a table and opens the black box. Vampeera
pulled out a shot that was in the box. Razor looked at the shot in fear.
"What are you going to do with that?," he said as he gulped.
"You'll see," Vampeera said. She stuck the shot into the container
and let it fill up with the liquid. Then she walked over to Felicia.
Felicia began to struggle trying to get free. She began to cry from fear and
muffle protests.
"Vampeera, don't!!!," Razor shouted.
Vampeera gave him an evil smile and injected Felicia with the liquid.
Razor became angry and said," What did you do to her?!"
Vampeera smiled again. "I injected her with a chemical that gives her
8 hours to live without the antidote. You have 8 hours to bring back T-Bone
to me," she replied. She untied Razor and walked over to Felicia. This time
aiming her gun at Felicia's head. Her gun tip resting on Felicia's temple.
"Now leave if you don't want her to die sooner," she said.
Razor looked at Vampeera about to challenge her because he didn't
want to leave Felicia there. He looked at Felicia and saw the horror in her
eyes. "I will get T-Bone," Razor said, his voice filled with defeat. He
walked out of the hotel and got in the Turbokat and flew back to the hangar.
Razor returned to the hangar and got out of the Turbokat. He changed
back into his coveralls and then thought about what he just did. Anger built
up inside of him. He was angry at himself for trying to rescue her on his
own. He slammed his locker door and hit the door real hard with his fist.
"CRUD!! LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE NOW CLAWSON!!," he shouted. Jake walked
upstairs and flopped on the couch. Tears were rolling down his face, he
couldn't keep them in. He glanced over at the phone and put his paw on the
receiver. "I've go to call Chance," he said to himself. He picked up the
receiver and dialed Chance's father's phone number. "Come on, buddy. Please
be there."
At Chance's dad's house, Chance and his dad were sitting on the couch
watching Scaredy Kat. They heard the phone ring. "I'll get it," Chance said
and got up. He walked over to the phone and picked it up. "Hello?"
"Chance, this is Jake," Jake said.
"Hey, buddy!," Chance said glad to know that his buddy was doing
Jake's voice became softer and more serious. "I need you to come
back here, Chance."
Chance looked confused by this. "What is it, buddy?," he asked.
Jake's voice began to break up. "Chance---It's Felicia."
Chance began to understand how important it was for him to come back.
"I'm on my way, buddy.," he said and hung up. Jake hung up also. Chance
turned to his father. "Sorry, dad. But I have to leave. Jake needs me," he
said. He was praying to himself that nothing had happen to Felicia now.
Later on the evening at the garage, Chance had just arrived. Chance
and Jake were both sitting on the couch. Jake was going to tell him what was
wrong. "So, buddy, what's wrong?," Chance inquired.
Jake sighed and closed his eyes. He wished that what just happened
wasn't true. He reopened them to look at Chance. His brown eyes locking
with Chance's green eyes. "Felicia...,"he started and then paused to gather
more strength up so he wouldn't break down. "She got kidnapped by someone
named Vampeera."
"Well we have to go get her, buddy," said Chance as he got up not
really seeing why Jake was so upset by that.
"Chance, there's more," Jake said which made Chance sit back down.
"I tried to rescue Licia and failed so Vampeera injected her with some kind
of chemical which will give her 8 hours to live. Vampeera told me that she
will only cure Felicia if you trade places with her."
"Jake, I would trade places with her," Chance said softly. "Why
didn't you contact me? It was stupid in trying to rescue her on your own."
Jake sighed because he knew that Chance was right and it hurt so much
inside for trying. "I know, I just didn't want to lose you or her. I sure
screwed up now."
Chance shook his head and put his paw on Jake's shoulder. "Buddy, it
isn't over yet. She still has time," he said. He took his paw off to look
at his watch. "About 6 hours to be exact."
Jake got up. "Are you sure you want to do this?," he asked. "I wish
you wouldn't."
Chance got up and nodded. "Yes, buddy. Let's hit it!," he said as he
gave Jake one of his trademark smiles.
Jake smiled back. "Yeah!," he said enthusiastically. Both of them
ran off to change.
The SWAT Kats arrived at the hotel and walked inside of the lobby.
Vampeera was standing there, waiting for them, she held at gun at them.
"Welcome," she said. "I am glad that you brought your partner this time."
She looked over at T-Bone.
"Okay, Vampeera, you win. I'll trade myself for Felicia," T-Bone
"Yeah, so gives us the antidote too," Razor stated trying his best
not to lose his temper.
"All in due time," Vampeera said. She motioned them towards the
elevator. "Go to the elevator and we shall see her." They got in the
elevator, Vampeera with them.
Once they reached the 5th floor, they went to Felicia's room and went
inside. Felicia was at the same spot: tied to the bed. Felicia saw Razor
and had joy in her eyes. She tried to call to him but there were only
muffles. Razor ran over to her and held her. "I am here, Licia. It's
alright now, he whispered softly to her.
T-Bone saw the joy that Razor had for having Licia back and smiled
slightly. "Okay, T-Bone. Sit down so I can get them out of here," said
Vampeera as she pointed to the same chair in which she tied Razor to. T-Bone
sat down and Vampeera began to tie him up.
"What exactly are you going to do with me?," T-Bone inquired.
"Do to you what I like best: torture," Vampeera said as she finished
"Great," T-Bone moaned.
Vampeera looked over at Razor. "Okay, Razor. You can untie her
now," she said.
Razor untied Felicia and helped her up. "Hang on. I need the
antidote for her," Razor said.
"Antidote? What do you mean?," Vampeera asked innocently.
"For the chemical you injected her with," Razor replied.
"Oh, you mean this," Vampeera picked up the same container that had
the chemical that she injected Felicia with. She turned it around so Razor
can read the label. It read water.
Razor's eyes grew wide with surprise. "Wa-water? Water?!," he said
not growling. "You mean you just injected her with that?"
"Yep. I don't have any chemicals which could kill someone. But I
wanted to make sure that you would give me T-Bone so that was the only way
for me to have some insurance," Vampeera said.
Razor growled and started to make his way to Vampeera. " Wait," said
Vampeera and pointed her gun at T-Bone which made Razor stop dead in his
tracks. "Don't go back on our deal. Now take Felicia and leave," she said.
Razor looked at T-Bone not wanting to lose him. T-Bone looked back at him.
"Go on, Razor," T-Bone said. Razor lowered his head and turned
around to pick up Felicia. Once he picked her up he turned back around to
face Vampeera.
"Leave," Vampeera ordered.
Suddenly the door broke down and in poured a squad of enforcers with
the leader Felina. T-Bone looked at Felina. "Felina?," he asked.
"Hands up, Vampeera. You're under arrest!," Felina commanded.
Vampeera began to panic, she aimed her gun at T-Bone. "Throw down
your weapons or I'll shoot the SWAT Kat!," she screamed.
"Gangway!!!," a voice shouted and the sound of glass breaking came
behind them. They turned around to see Jenson swing in through the window
from a grappling. Jenson landed on his feet and aimed his Dostovei at
Vampeera and fired. The shot hit her gun which knocked it away from her.
Vampeera screamed in terror not knowing what the bullet would hit. Once the
gun was away, Felina and the enforcers captured Vampeera.
"No! No, no!!," Vampeera shouted in protest.
"Get her out of here!," Jenson ordered. The enforcers led her away.
Felina saw Felicia's wounds and shouted, "I need a paramedic in here!"
Razor laid her down on the bed so the paramedics could attend to her
wounds. Razor walked over at Jenson. "Thanks for the back-up," he said.
"Thanks for getting my sister back," Jenson said.
"Ok, I need someone to phone Jake Clawson and tell him that his wife
is okay," Felina said.
"I will," said Jenson and looked over at Razor and smiled.

To be continued....

By: Felicia McFurry and Rebecca