Hello! I'm already in love with The OC (especially Seth!!!), and I love writing fanfiction as well. This is my first OC fanfic. Of course, I don't own The OC, FOX does. Please let me know what you think of my story (so far)!

Jolting up in bed, Ryan realized that he was panting, bathed in a cold sweat and moonlight. He looked over at the digital clock next to his new bed in the poolhouse. 11:52. How could it be almost midnight already? Damn, Ryan thought. Longer nap than expected.

Ryan had been dreaming of his mother again. He felt conflicted about the whole situation, really. He was grateful for his incredible luck with finding the Cohens (or, rather, the Cohens finding him), and at the same time, he felt almost like he had betrayed her.

But this is what she wanted for me, Ryan reminded himself as he got up and stretched. He rubbed his eyes, and wandered over to the window of the poolhouse, looking out into the beautiful night. It was a full moon, so his surroundings were illuminated silhouettes. Involuntarily, his eyes shifted to Marissa's house. Much to his surprise, Ryan saw someone.

From his place on the floor, Ryan couldn't make out exactly who. Wondering if it might be an intruder, Ryan pulled the chair from his desk over to the window and stood on it to get a better view. The fact that the Cooper mansion was just as deadlocked by security systems as the Cohen's never occurred to him. Peering across the lawn, Ryan could now see that there were two people, and the garish yellow light from the moon left them naked of any discretion -- it was Marissa and Seth.

What the..? Ryan thought. He stood silently on the chair, watching them. They were talking, it seemed. They were standing closer than Ryan had ever seen them stand together in the couple weeks since he'd been there, which surprised him almost as much as seeing the two of them together. But what he saw next made him lose his footing and tumble from the chair.

Okay, Ryan whispered to himself. Reality check. He righted the chair, and quickly perched on it again. Sure enough, he had seen it. Luckily, it was over now, and Seth was walking away, right back towards his house. It was real. Marissa and Seth, standing in her driveway in the middle of the night, had kissed.

Ryan brushed his hair off his forehead, dazed, and sat back down on his bed. He smacked himself on the cheek, and much to his dismay, felt a stinging pang.
Oh my God..Ryan thought to himself. What was going on? His mind was positively reeling. Seth liked Summer. Seth was kissing Marissa. Marissa was dating Luke. Welcome to the OC, bitch.

Now what? Ryan wondered. Talk to Seth? Marissa? Neither? Keep spying on them to find out what is really going on? He didn't know what the hell to do. Except go back to sleep.

..Well? Did you guys like it? Are you interested? Should I continue? Would you keep reading if I did? Let me know! Thanks for reading.